Monday, 22 August 2011

Sneak Preview

I've been sitting on this one for the longest time and because I can contain myself no longer, here's a sneaky peak of what's coming in tomorrow's post.

Mystery palette1

Mystery palette5

Mystery palette3

Mystery palette2

Mystery palette4

Anyone want to have a guess at what it is? There are no prizes I'm afraid, just a tremendous feeling of satisfaction if you get it right.

So, can you tell what it is yet?


  1. Ooohhh is it the new BECCA Fall palette?!

  2. Becca Lost Weekend palette, right? I'm excited for the review!

  3. I'll be nabbing this when Zuneta get it on their site, I'm sure I'll get some of the nail varnish as well. Looking forward to your review x

  4. Becca's Lost Weekend--when will it ever come to the US??? anxiously waiting for review because I've just seen it on the brown-eyed models....

  5. I can't wait! I hope it's half as beautiful as Enigma.

  6. Becca!! Can't wait for your pix and review.

  7. Becca's Lost Weekend?? i cant wait to see this!

  8. Between this and Tom Ford and Guerlain and Chanel I not only need a top job, but probably also a new (filthy rich)
    Nina x

  9. Ah Jane, you love your taupes! Lovely palette x

  10. Looks like a Becca palette and a nice one at that! Looking forward to the post x

  11. You're all very eagle-eyed! Yes, it's the BECCA Lost Weekend palette. I've posted the swatches and comparison to Enigma now and I hope the post is useful.

    @Barbara: A friend in the US has passed on that it is due out September. No date unfortunately. I hope you're not waiting long!

    @Nina: LOL, can we arrange a time-share with the new husband?!

    @Claire: There's no denying it! :D

    Jane x

  12. AHHHH This looks awesome! The brush looks beautifully soft and lovely!

    I think I need to invest in this!

    Katie x


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