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Enrapture Encode Totem Stylers

I don't think I have ever featured hair styling products before and I have to admit there's probably a good reason for this. When it comes to hair styling, I am a total muppet. I mostly leave my hair to it's own devices with the occasional tussle with the hairdryer and GHDs. So, I was a little nervous when faced with three Enrapture stylers. I've finally tried each in turn. They each give a different look and have their own pros and cons for a styling muppet like me. Today, I want to talk about the Encode Totem Styler.


Of the three Enrapture styling tools, I think the Totem Styler is the ones that presents the biggest challenge to me. Reading the instructions, it can be used as both tongs and a wand. I confess, I don't really understand how to use it as a wand. Well, not without burning myself anyway. Then again, I can't curl my hair with GHDs. Have I already mentioned my ineptitude?

The wand is divided into three separate section which can be heated independently of each other. There are three different temperature settings for each third labelled 1 to 3, where 1 is the coolest setting and 3 is the hottest. You can set each section to the same temperature or vary the temperature along the length to alter the shape of the curl.


I used the Totem as tongs as I wanted to grip the hair. The clamp or flipper as they refer to it in the instructions is very short as you can see from the picture above. You clamp the end of the hair and then twist it along the length of the tong. It took me a while to get the hang of doing this properly. I kept wrapping it only along a single point of the wand which rather defeats the object of having the different heat settings. I suspect you need longer hair than mine to really make the most of this feature.


I set the wand to the highest setting on all three points to produce a tight curl. I also found that I produced the best results by only curling a small section of hair at a time. My major error though was in not sectioning my hair off at the start as it would have been better to do the underside first for a more uniform look. The back was a little tricky to curl but the fact that the power cable rotates freely prevented me from getting in a tangle.

Enrapture+Totem Styler1

Enrapture+Totem Styler2

Although I had it set to produce tight curls, I found that they dropped quite quickly. It did drop into a lovely soft wave though which I was very pleased with. I'm not sure if setting spray would have helped to maintain the curls. I think more practice is really required for me to make the most of the Totem!
I know packaging isn't important to everyone but the Enrapture packaging is worthy of a mention. The box the styler comes in is sturdy and useful for storage, although there is also a storage pouch that doubles as a heat resistant mat which is handy for those short on space. There were a couple of booklets supplied in the box which explain how to use the styler and includes the style guides that you can find on the website.

The Enrapture styling tools are on sale now from Debenhams, Argos and Boots. The Encode Totem stylers cost £74.99.

Disclosure: I won the Enrapture stylers in a competition. 


  1. it looks nice and natural :)

    I prefer to curl without intense heat so I wash my hair, use some mousse & blow dry and while its still a little bit damp I'll put it up in a bun with goody spin pins. Once its fully dry I remove the pins and the curls stay even if I wear my hair up after the first day etc!

  2. Definitely agree with everything you said here! Only if the clamp was longer, this would be perfect.


  3. been eyeing tongs for a while, i actually want loose but sleek curls so these could be good. I can NOT curl my hair with GHDS, im just terrible at hair styling!

  4. I love a soft wave/curl to your hair, really flattering on you!
    I can't curl my hair with GHD's either and I have tried many a time.
    I'll look forward to your other styler reviews as I think my hair needs something at the moment to give it a bit of movement. x

  5. @EJ: Thanks, I like the sound of your method too.

    @Shifa: It is a bit tricky to get used to. I think I gave a rather quizzical look the first time I saw it!

    @A Certain Vintage: I find doing it with GHDs impossible. I just end up cooking my hair! These are good tongs the long cable is quite handy too.

    @Replica: I must get on and post the next review. Which would be most useful, the rollers or jumbo waver? I’m guessing the rollers?

    Jane x

  6. I look forward to both reviews, to my mind the rollers would be more fiddly, but then I might be thinking more the old style ones x


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