Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Ilia Arabian Knights compared to RBR Murmurings


About a month ago I showed you Ilia Arabian Knights applied. I have worn this lipstick a lot since I purchased it. Ilia lipsticks have a nourishing balm texture which makes them very comfortable to wear. I'm also a fan of these sorts of sheer berry shades for easy wear so this was really the perfect choice for me. If you're a fan of the Clinique Almost Lipsticks you'll enjoy the sheer Ilia.


Swatch of Arabian Knights

Whilst on holiday, I wore Rouge Bunny Rouge Murmurings and Ilia Arabian Knights a lot. Murmurings is one of the Rouge Bunny Rouge's Succulence of Dew lipsticks, so like Arabian Knights, this has a sheer finish. By eye these quite similar colours but I didn't get round to swatching them side by side until I returned home (my apologies for failing to get the swatches in the same order in both lighting conditions).


Top - Murmurings, Bottom - Arabian Knights (direct sunlight)

Top - Arabian Knights, Bottom - Murmurings (overcast lighting)

I was relieved to see that the lipsticks are similar but not identical. Murmurings is more brown toned and plummy whereas Arabian Knights is a brighter, cooler berry. The colours look more similar on my lips than in the swatches because of the sheer quality but Arabian Knights still looks the brighter of the two. 

I cannot choose between these lipsticks, both are lovely in terms of colour and texture. It can be difficult to find really comfortable lipsticks and I would happily recommend either of these formulas. RBR Murmurings costs £21 is available from Zuneta. Ilia Arabian Knights costs £20 and is available from Content Beauty and Mise Beauty.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm glad you like them. They have such a nice balmy feel too.

  2. Arabian knights is so beautiful! This would look great with Nude shadow and lashings of mascara! Alas I have too many lippie I've started giving some away so i can buy more!

    1. That made me laugh Imo, space clearing so you can refill the space! I often wore this lippies with the taupey RBR cream eyeshadow, mascara and a bit of liner. Quick and easy makeup.

  3. Really gorgeous. Sigh. You are such an enabler :)

  4. Both are excellent sheer berries, and definitely different enough to justify both ;)

    1. Absolutely, I repeat this to myself regularly! :D

  5. Similar but no, most definitely not identical. For me, I prefer Murmurings. Arabian nights is a bit too berry for me.

    1. It's great that even though I can't decide between the two, someone else might be able to use the swatches to pick just one.

  6. I also love sheer berries and am a huge fan of Murmurings.


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