Saturday, 5 May 2012

New Home Fragrancing from Jo Malone

Jo Malone have recently added some new products to their Home Collection. The Scent Surround Diffusers (£45) and Room Sprays (£34) are both permanent additions to the collection and come in the fragrances Pomegranate Noir, Red Roses and Lime, Basil & Mandarin.



I have been using the Red Roses Diffuser for a couple of weeks now. I have it positioned high on top of a book shelf in my living room away from curious hands. Although it is up high, it still scents the downstairs rooms nicely. My living area is quite open plan and often suffers from cooking smells drifting in from the kitchen (and also from the next door neighbour's for some inexplicable reason!). The diffuser has done an excellent job of masking those lingering smells.

The Red Roses fragrance from the diffuser is quite strong and very much a true perfume scent. I initially thought it might be too pungent for the living area but both myself and my husband have become accustomed to it now. I look forward to coming downstairs to have the smell greet me in the morning. I'm actually considering getting a more citrussy scent for downstairs, I think the Lime, Basil & Mandarin would work well, and moving Red Roses to my bedroom. I live in a house where I am outnumbered by the male of the species and I suspect the rose scent is touch feminine in the circumstances. However, as no one has mentioned it, I should probably carry on regardless!

Draw Liners+Sachets

The Scent Surround Drawer Liners (£20) and Sachets (£30) are both limited edition items and come in the Lime, Basil & Mandarin fragrance. I rather like the old fashioned appeal of both of these items, I imagine it is a real treat to open a draw or wardrobe door and be greeted with a beautiful scent. I'm tempted to take Lipglossiping's advice and buy some for my suitcases and storage boxes, I'd never have thought of it myself but I think it's a great idea.


The signature Jo Malone black and cream colour scheme has been reversed for the Home Collection packaging and it looks rather stylish. I always think the presentation of the Jo Malone products with pretty bows and tissue paper makes them ideal presents. Even if they're just presents to yourself! 

The new Home Cragrance products are available from Jo Malone stores and online from

Disclosure: PR Sample


  1. So gorgeous - but wow, the price. Having said that, I've just spent a tenner on one from M&S that smells of absolutely nothing, so that's gone well.

  2. These look absolutely beautiful!

    Nic x


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