Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Weekend Catch-up including Beauty Spotlight

It's been a bit of a bad week at MB HQ. We had an abrupt end to the relaxing long weekend when Mr MB had a bump in his car on Tuesday morning. No one was hurt but the car took the brunt of it. Our insurance company are dithering over a decision and consequently we're totally without transport. I have a feeling that new car hunting is on the cards.

Exam season starts next week so I will be doing my annual switch from stay at home mum to busy exam invigilator. I always get a little nervous in the lead up but I have been trying hard to ignore the nerves and enjoy my last moments of freedom. One of my favourite methods of relaxing is plotting makeup purchases (it beats shopping for cars) and I've had plenty of inspiration from the Beauty Spotlight team this week!

Nest Of Plenty
The colours Trumpeter Koel and Lilac Reef Currasow used in this visual were reviewed by Visionary Beauty this week.

Are you a beauty sample junkie? Enter to win a Total Beauty Collection beauty sample box at Pammy Blogs Beauty!

Pink Sith’s tiny brain convinced her to get ANOTHER bronzer! At least it knew well enough to make it CHANEL!

Afraid of color? Prime Beauty helps ease you from black and white into Technicolor with six new pastel eye shadows shades from Make Up For Ever with tips on how to wear them!

Marcia from Beauty Info Zone is at it again trying to tempt you with her Sunday Riley eyeshadow posts. Will she sway you this time?

Looking for an effortless cool smoky eye look..look no further than the new eye shadows from Rouge Bunny Rouge, Visionary Beauty shows us the shades in Trumpeter Koel and Lilac Reef Curassow

Modesty Brown decides that depotting those neglected single eyeshadows is the way forward. Ever considered depotting your Rouge Bunny Rouge collection? Read this before putting knife to pan!

Lisamarie from Beauty Crazed is bitten by the Giorgio Armani Rouge D’Armani Sheers bug - check out her swatch and see if you think it might be contagious!

Perilously Pale finally finds out what all the buzz is about with the Armani Eyes to Kill Intense Eyeshadows from their Summer 2012 collection when she reviews Madra Perla. Now she can't wait for the rest of her Armani summer goodies to arrive!

At Everyday Beauty, Zuzu*s Petals felt a new wave of frustration over print ads, not because extremely young models were advertising anti-aging products but because over-40 models now look like they are under 30. What do you think about this new trend?

15 Minute Beauty Fanatic takes a closer look at deep cleansing brushes. What are the differences amongst the Clarisonic, Olay, Neutrogena and Proactiv products?

London Makeup Girl is celebrating Spring with a...grey nail polish. Well, it has been raining in London for the last month or so! Have a look at RGB Cosmetics nail polish in Dove.

Shannon at Lipstick Musings has fallen for the glimmer and gleam of YSL's new Dessin du Regard Waterproof Eyeliner in Luminescent Gold . See if you agree that this is one of the loveliest eyeliners ever!

Here are are a few of my other favourite reads from the week:

Best Things in Beauty shows us the new Chantecaille Cheek Cremes, something tells me they will have the most amazing texture.

The Non-Blonde has rekindled my interest in the Tom Ford collection with pretty swatches of Love Lust Cheek Color. 

If you're interested in the Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Lipstick you need to check Drivol about the Frivol's amazing swatches

I know I shouldn't be looking at eyeshadows but a girl has to keep abreast of current news. Planet Martha shares her thoughts on the Chanel Sable Emouvant Duo.

Makeup Magpie has been talking about NARS Summer 2012 this week. It's not a collection that particularly grabbed me but Makeup Magpie's eye look using the Ramtuelle trio and Calabria pencil is stunning.

The Beauty Look Book gives us a first look at the Burberry Iconic Nudes Collection. I think one of the new Lip Mists is likely to be my first venture into Burberry Cosmetics.

The next few weeks are going to involve a lot of early starts and Get Lippie has been inspiring me with how to look groomed quickly with her Five Minute Face Favourites.

Strictly speaking this isn't a post from this week but I thought we needed one more look at those TF Cream Colours for Eyes. Miss Chew took some very tempting pictures and made me long for my buying ban to be over!


  1. Agh - sorry to hear about the car and hope it does not impact the beauty budget too badly!

  2. Glad no one was hurt, but sorry to hear about the car. :(

  3. Car accidents are always so frustrating! :( Glad everyone is OK though.
    Thanks so much for the link xx


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