Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A Solution for the Frizzies: Cutler Fly Away Control Stick

I was in a frantic rush to get everyone out of the house this morning and as a result, I went out without a scrap of makeup on and a cursory brush through my hair. I'm not generally that bothered about being seen without makeup but I regretted it on this occasion when I caught my reflection in a mirror at school. No makeup is one thing but no makeup and frizzy hair is quite another!

I don't know about you but all this rain is reeking havoc with my hair. I considered using my straighteners when I returned home, instead I put my hair in a pony tail and used my secret weapon on all the frizzy hair sticking up on top.


I received the Cutler Fly Away Control Stick in a goody bag a very long time ago. I was probably too busy swooning over Edward Bess to realise what a little gem this was. The stick looks similar to one of those solid roll-on deodorants. The product is solid and quite thick so you only need a tiny bit to work. You can either apply directly to the hair or rub some on to your hands and smooth through that way. As I only use a small amount each time, this huge stick is likely to last me forever.

It's marvellous at taming new hair growth on the top of your head to create smooth roots or a sleek ponytail. It was particularly good at helping with that awkward post baby hair re-growth. This is one of those strange side-effects of having children that others fail to mention until you're pregnant!


I would definitely recommend this if you're struggling to tame your hair in this frizz-inducing weather. Cutler hair products are available from Zuneta and this Fly Away Control Stick costs £16.

Disclosure: I received this in an event bag without charge...nearly two years ago. It's true what they say about pregnancy rotting your brains ;)


  1. I absolutely need this!
    It has been raining in stop in Italy for the past four days

    1. Oh no, it sounds like you've had very similar weather to use!

  2. That looks handy, I could do with something like that at the moment, I had a knot in my hair so instead of being careful I went a bit berzerker with the brush (I have a very calm disposition...) and have given myself lots of broken hairs at the root which seem to stick right up xx

    1. Oh heck! It's great for sorting out the rogue hairs but you have to be careful not to put too much on. I was really interested to see that they have added more products to their line up when I searched for the link xx

  3. Ooh this sounds interesting, might be good for keeping flyaway hair in place on shoots x

  4. I was searching something like that!!!
    I tried to buy it on amazon but the seller don't send it to spain :(:(
    Do you know where can I buy it?



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