Monday, 24 May 2010

Applying make up with 3 small children is not easy!

Sheesh! These days trying to do my face for the day seems like a major endeavor. Occasionally I think I ought to just do without but frankly, I'm too vain to do that.

I have three children, two boys aged 4 and 2 and a baby girl of 4 months. Getting a moment to myself is quite a feat. I used to manage it during baby's nap time in my old house as I was never too far away from the boys. In the new house it's an entirely different matter. So, currently I either have to slap it on whilst holding the baby in one arm or put it on with an audience of two small boys using a tiny mirror!

Of course, putting it on in front of my little boys and using my brushes leads to cries of "can I have some make up on Mummy?" and "can I have a turn with your paint brushes?". Erm, no and don't even think about using them as paint brushes! My eldest is currently sporting a set of blue toe nails (OPI Suzi says Feng Shui) as a concession to their pleas for make up. They were pink last week but I thought blue would butch it up a little.

I've started putting a few bits together in a make up bag so I can put it in on whenever and wherever I can. Are you all too young to remember the 'Any time, any place anywhere' ads? However, I like to vary my make up quite a lot so I find planning what I'm going to need a bit of a chore. I'm also considering sticking mirrors on the backs of any available cupboard doors. Eyeshadow application in the kitchen whilst making porridge? I'm sure I'm painting such a sophisticated image of myself. You have to pity the postman, if he catches me with only half my face done he may never recover!

I suppose I need to learn to be a minimal kind of girl and perfect a 5 minute quickie in the bathroom. It's that or teach the children to do it for me.


  1. Loved this post! :) My 3 year old nephew wanted to draw a pink piggy with my pink crayon...the crayon in question was my MAC Viva Glam Gaga! NOOOOOOOOOOO! Step away from the make up bag little bunter!l ol

    I'm planning having a little Wedgie bambino in the next couple of years...I will start developing one armed make up application techniques now! :)

  2. God, don't know how you manage it with 3 kids under 5 hunny. You deserve a bloody medal! haha. Got 2 myself but I have a huge gap, Antons 9 and Harveys 18 months.

    I have Harvey in my room with me while I do my face and thats enough. This morning, he had all my clothes out of every drawer he could find, then the dvd player was knocked off, then he had a root in one of my bags and found an eyeliner and decided to draw on my wooden floor with it. So yeah... I feel your pain darlin'.


  3. Love this post! Mine come in and out of the bathroom whilst I do my face. Lots of questions. They've gotten used to it I think. LOL.

    On weekdays I'm up at the crack of dawn to get ready for work so they aren't awake.

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments, I'm glad you enjoyed reading.

    @Ms. Wedgie lol at your nephew's designs on your Viva Glam. I'm sure Gaga would make a gorgeous picture but it doesn't bear thinking about!

    @Jo, you definitely do know what I'm talking about! Did you manage to get the eyeliner off the floor? I remember one occasion when my 2 year old went quiet (always a bad sign) after I'd passed him a mascara to hold. He'd managed to open it and was applying liberally to the carpet.

    @Lipstick Rules, I bet your girls are going to be experts at applying make up with such a gorgeous Mummy. When I saw your contest, I wondered how the boys would make me look if I let them loose on my face. I don't think I dare though!

  5. Letting the boys loose on your face could make an interesting blog post if you're ever short of ideas though!

  6. Primp and Preen - you're right, I ought to do it one day. I'm sure the results would be hilarious. I'm not letting them get hold of the expensive bits mind!
    Jane x

  7. LOL at the butch blue toenails :D

    Kids do teach you how to multi-task, don't they?

  8. Hi Grace,
    Yes, manly polish indeed!

    Multi-tasking is my forte these days. I did once work for someone who recognised the work potential of a woman with children!
    Jane x

  9. Lol just read this, I feel your pain..
    My 4 yearold is used to it now, he never even bothers looking at or touching my makeup- but I predict as my baby grows, illhave a few yrs of going through the whole :eyeliners on the Walls, brushes being used for paint, lipsticks turned all up and lids put back on hence a squashed lippie etc..
    How you manage 3 ai smal, I dont know-u star!!


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