Monday, 31 May 2010

May Favourites and a bit of a ramble

It's been a bit of a busy month in the Modesty household. We got the keys to our new house at the end of April and spent a week or so moving everything over. I still haven't got everything sorted in the new house, I was certainly more industrious during the two weeks without internet access. Whoops!

Some of my favourites this month really have to be recent purchases from Zuneta. I have worn Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadow in Delicate Hummingbird a lot and also the lipstick in Irreverence. I've loved wearing Hourgloss lipgloss in Origami, it's such a nice colour and the texture of these lipglosses is so moisturising and luxurious. A real winner for me.


I've been reaching for Unrequited blush by Illamasqua a lot as well as my trusty Laguna bronzer. A rather surprising favourite has been MAC's pearlglide eyeliner in petrol blue. It's such a pretty, sparkly blue and I've had compliments when I've paired it with Cancan eyeshadow on the lid and Fig.1 in the crease. Another lipstick I've been wearing a lot is Test by Illamasqua. It's been a great replacement for MAC Modesty and as it last so long with lipgloss on top it's a great choice for when I'm out a lot.

Skincare wise, I've been loving Olay's Complete Care Multi-Radiance daily illuminating moisturiser. It's not something I would have picked myself but it was part of my Mother's Day gift set. It feels really nice and the light reflecting particles do leave a nice sheen.

I also discovered this Skin Wisdom Firm and Lift V Zone serum from Tesco's. I was recommended the line by a friend who had been using the anti-wrinkle serum. The serum feels lovely on the skin and the smell is divine. I'm not sure if it's improving the appearance of my neck and decolletage but I know at my age it's not wise to ignore this area. I can maybe review it properly in a month or so if anyone is interested?

Now for the ramble! I went to Bicester Village to pay a visit to the Cosmetics Company Store. I was thrilled to find a 187 brush in there, I'd called up earlier in the week and was told they didn't have any. I've passed it up before when I've seen it in there and kicked myself. Another surprise was finding the MAC Spiced Chocolate quad in there. I know this is quite popular and hard to come by. I have admired it myself as they are really stunning colours but I know I really can't pull these sorts of warm shades off.

As ever when I don't have money to spend, I spotted loads of things I wanted. They had paintpots in Soft Ochre and Groundwork both of which I've wanted for a while. They also had a huge stand of Bobbi Brown items. Normally they have a tiny selection. My biggest disappointment was having to miss out on the Moisture Rich Foundation in Warm Ivory. I'm sure this would be the right shade for me and I've wanted to try a Bobbi Brown foundation for a long time. Please someone tell me it's rubbish as otherwise I'll be crying in to my cornflakes. There's such a quick turnover of stock in these shops that I'm unlikely to find it by the time I have cash to spend. I'm sure I'll forget all about it when my Suqqu and Shu Uemura parcel arrives!

Jane x


  1. Moving house at the end of July and dreading that unknown amount of could be afew days or at worse it could be 2 weeks! ha
    But like say atleast it makes you more pro-active!

    As for your May favourites - I saw the lipglosses in a haul type post and loved the look of them then.

    Lovely post as usual.

    Fee xx

  2. we moved to our new house 3 years ago and get this -- I only finally finished unpacking last month! LOL. I just threw a box into my son's closet and never got around to unpacking it till April.

    I love these types of lists! I should get around to doing it someday :-)


  3. Hi Fee,
    Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed reading. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that the internet break is minimal. I was offline for 2 weeks and in desperation went to the cafe with free WiFi, laptop and children in tow!

    Hi Michelle,
    LOL, I won't feel so bad about my boxes now! It's hard to juggle the day to day 'stuff' with unpacking and still have a little time to myself.

    I'd love to read a favourites post from you. You know I love looking at your make up. I wonder if Penny Lane will be one of your faves for June? ;)

    Jane x

  4. Hope you're enjoying your new home!

    I know what you mean about Bicester Village - I only ever seem to find things I like there when I really shouldn't be buying. I was lemming Soft Ochre for a year and was hoping it would turn up in BV, of course now that I just bought from the counter they finally stock it!

    Just wondering - where do you buy your Hourglass products from? I've heard lots of good things about it, but never seen it sold anywhere in the UK so I'm curious!

  5. Hi Star_violet!
    The new house is lovely thanks :)

    I could have cried when I saw all the stuff in there. I'd just resolved to pay and walked away from the MAC only to spot the Bobbi Brown. It was 2 three tiered shelves and a bit more. They even had a bucket full of BB brushes. I've never seen that much Bobbi Brown in there and I'be been going in there for years! Gah! How do you like the Soft Ochre by the way? I think it would be much better than painterly for me, so I'm interested to know how you find it.

    I got the Hourglass products from I'm not sure if there is a counter anywhere though. Zuneta is well worth a browse :)
    Jane x

  6. Ah, thanks for the link!! I'm checking it out now :D

    I'm tempted to stop in at BV as I've discovered that Bobbi foundation shades match me wonderfully. I will try and put it off for a bit though, since I inevitably end up buying clothes there as well. Too much temptation in one place!

    I like Soft Ochre, it's like a yellower version of Painterly. Not sure it'd be worth owning both, but it's nice. I'm NC30 and it's pretty much a slightly lighter version of my skintone.

    - Anita

  7. You should do what I do and go with only an hour remaining of shopping so it impossible to go bonkers! If you get on well with Bobbi Brown foundation it's definitely good time to visit. I noticed several different formulations and they even had some of the pan versions of the foundation stick.

    Thanks for the help with Soft Ochre. I think I'll wait until I've finished Painterly and then replace it with Soft Ochre. I feel a bit better now having missed out :)
    Jane x

  8. Re Bicester - LOL, that's a great idea! I'm so going to do that :) Yes, you're definitely not missing anything. Plus, paint pots tend to dry out if not used up in a year or two - I've resolved not to buy any more myself now till I actually finish one!


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