Thursday, 27 May 2010

A NYX and aroma question

This will be a quickie for me.

A little while ago, I ordered a Nyx round lipgloss. I got it in the shade Mauve. The swatch at the top is Mauve (the swatch at the bottom is L'oreal Glam Shine in Forever Nude).

I had been intrigued by the NYX line as it seems so popular, so after looking at a few swatches I thought I'd give this a go. The minute I opened this lipgloss though I knew it was a bad idea. There was a really strong smell of lemon toilet cleaner as I opened it, even more so as I applied it. Having spent the day cleaning my old house I wondered if it was me rather than the lipgloss. I put it to one side (read I ignored it) until last week. I opened it again and was hit immediately by the smell of toilet cleaner. So, it's definitely it and not me.

I have been wondering, is this typical of NYX lipglosses or in fact any of their lip products? The citrus aroma has completely put me off ordering any more of their products. Before I dismiss it altogether, I'd love to know if I got a dud.

Are you bothered by how cosmetics smell?


  1. Yes...unfortunately the NYX glosses have that weird lemony scent. The round lipsticks however do not.

  2. Thanks Makeup Zombie, it's useful to know. I won't invest in any more as the smell is too much for me. Especially that close to my nose! I'm pleased that the lipsticks aren't the same.
    Jane x


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