Monday, 21 June 2010

Colour unco-ordinated!

I really wish I had a natural flair for putting colours together. It seems I'm always getting one element of my make up wrong. Whether it's a clashing lipstick or a poor choice of blush, it certainly seems to be a common occurrence. I read about how to pair colours and how to work out what undertone you are but I'm still prone to mistakes.

I have got a lot better at choosing things that suit my colouring. Through a process of trial and (a lot) of error I know that I can wear ashy tones but that warm, red based shades are a total no, no! I've tried a lot of eyeshadows for blue eyes which promised to make my eyes pop but I can assure you just made me look ill. Some memorable errors were Woodwinked, Cranberry and Rubenesque paint pot (from my MAC only era). All lovely colours just no good on me. I don't seem to make as many errors with lipstick but it has happened. Angel was the biggest disappointment. This is so popular and I really like the colour but on my lips? A definite fail!

So, now even though I have purged my collection of the colours that don't suit me I still manage to mess it up by choosing lipstick, blush and eyeshadows that don't compliment each other. I can see the mistakes once it's on my face though. I recently read a post by Confessions of a Makeupholic about how to match your blush with your eyeshadow, I still haven't quite got it though so I think more research is required. Though maybe it will be another case of learning as I go along.

I'd love to hear about how you select colours. Is it something you're able to do by instinct or have you taught yourself some rules? Or do you make the odd mistake like me? Did it take you long to work out what suits you or are you bold enough to make anything work?

Jane x


  1. Well you know I get it wrong sometimes!!

    I think make-up is often about trial and error and I guess it's the experimentation that I love. You gradually develop a few tried and tested combinations that you know will always work well for you.

    I think I have an idea of what colours will suit me but I can still make the odd mistake here and there. Also it can change can't it, for example having a tan in summer means you can wear different colours. Also, if my skin is less than great then there are certain shades I'll avoid on the eyes/lips as they excentuate any redness in my skin.

    Great post lovely. You have a fabulous blog!


  2. Oh gosh! This post makes me remember trial and error make-up when I was learning. I have warm medium tan skin so suit warm, rich colours the best, but recall frosty cool blues and cool greens at the start.

    Little 'rules' I tend to follow - rich jewel colours suit practically everyone on the eyes. Gold also tends to suit everyone, but the darker the skin the bolder the finish should be. Keep earthy (teracotta, rose, rust etc) separate from synthetic colours (rich red, bubble gum pink, sky blue etc).

    There's a heap more, but it's all about what you're most comfortable with!

  3. Ah, this is a nice post!

    I don't profess to be much good at applying makeup at all, but I think I am usually OK at choosing colours. I actually studied to be a graphic designer at university so colour theory is second nature, though since I work in a non-design-related job, makeup is really the only time I get to use it! :-)

    When it comes to matching eyes with cheeks, I generally match cool with cool, and warm with warm. Today for instance I wore bronze eyeshadow (MAC Romp) with peachy cheeks (MAC Peaches). A favorite cool-toned look is purple eyes (Dior Petal Shine quint) with cool pink cheeks (MAC Dame). In the end though, there are no rules, so just have fun experimenting.

  4. Great post. I don't suit warm tones at all and I'm pretty good at avoiding them, but I do tend to buy the same stuff (that suits me) over and over so I end up with a stash that looks good but is a bit samey. If I think something might work but I'm not sure then I'll get a cheap version from Rimmel or 17 and upgrade if it looks good.

  5. I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your comments and thoughts on this. :)

    Loveaudrey – I think it was your mention of the lipstick that planted the seed for this post. I think as I’ve been a bit of a late bloomer where make ups concerned, I’m still learning about what works for me. I agree that what I can wear does change over the year. I have a tan at the moment and I’m finding at little easier to wear more colour.

    Beauty’s Bad Habit – Thank you so much for sharing your ‘rules’. I remember my a friend had one of those Colour Me Beautiful consultation and the lady said that teal and deep purple were universal colours for clothes. I guess this is similar to the jewel colours.

    Star_violet – how are you? Did you make a (time limited) trip to BV yet? It’s great you use make up as your artistic outlet. I think that’s the mistake I make with the eyes and blusher not keeping everything cool or warm. A couple of times I’ve put blusher on and it’s looked too warm against everything else.

    Primp and Preen – I’m with you on that, I’m sure this is why I have so many taupes and purples! That’s a really good idea about experimenting with cheaper lines. I keep meaning to do this with pink lipsticks. I love the look of snob but have a feeling it could be a mistake, I hear there is a Revlon dupe which I must try (yeah, because I do really need more ;) )


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