Monday, 28 June 2010

A Nostalgic Moment

On the run to nursery to the other day I caught a waft something that took me back a thousand years. Well, more like the late 80's and early 90's but you know what I mean. The smell was Fidji by Guy Laroche.

I got this perfume in a miniature set, most likely for Christmas. The set also contained Paloma Picasso which I used to wear a lot, though I cannot recall now the exact scent smells I know it was a heavy perfume. Another favourite from the set was Trésor by Lancôme. I adore this perfume still but only after a bit of wear. I find the initial smell a little too strong.

The set also contained Lou Lou by Cacherel. If you are of a similar age to me you probably remember this perfume very well. To me this goes hand in hand with Coty's Exclamation to evoke memories of teenage girls dowsing themselves in the changing rooms post PE!

I managed to find this little set on I was very relieved to see they didn't actually refer to this one as vintage! I even spotted an Anais Anais gift set that I bought for my Mum many moons ago.

I went through a variety of perfume phases in my teens and early 20's. Some of the more memorable ones were Shalimar by Givenchy, Tendre Poison by Dior, Ysatis and Amarige de Givenchy and Tuscany per Donna by Aramis. I even went through a phase of wearing 4711 Eau de Cologne (which I see Zuneta have recently added) and Eau Sauvage for Men. I have a miniature of the Sauvage somewhere, I no longer wear it but I still love the scent.

My tastes have changed quite a lot over the years and I no longer wear such strong perfumes but I still lean towards the unusual rather than the popular. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect fragrance but it's nice to pick new scent memories along the way.

Are there any perfumes that instantly take you back to a particular time? Do you look back with mirth at the fragrances you wore as a teen? I'd love to hear about your perfume history.
Jane x


  1. My overrding memories are Monsoon perfume and Eden. I also have soft spots for Hugo Boss Deep Red and Cool Water because of the memories I attach to them. in the late 80's and early 90's I was mainly wearing perfume oils from hippy shops or body shop, with the odd spray of Opium xx

  2. God I used to love LouLou. Reminds me of a holiday in Italy when I was 17...

  3. Oh wow, I remember those little perfume sets. A couple of weeks ago I was shopping when somebody passed me wearing Eternity by Calvin Klein...I was immediately transported back to my angsty teenage years (and felt a little bit nauseous!). Thankfully, like you, my tastes have matured with me. :)

  4. I use to wear that Exclamation one when I was in secondary school, I think I mostly bought ones like that until I went to University and then I got Armani emporio which funnily enough I re-bought again recently, not as keen on it second time round, funny how tastes change x

  5. @Charlie, I remember the Monsoon perfume. Hippy oils and the smell of dewberry remind me of York and my many Saturday's hanging around there.

    @Mrs Hirons, I love that a smell that instantly remind of you of somewhere or something. I bet Italy was an amazing place to visit at that age.

    @MissisG, ah yes. Angsty teens, I'm glad those years are behind me!

    @Replica, Exclamation! or to give it's proper title Ex''tion! I've had the slogan in my head since I wrote this. 'Make a statement without saying a word'. So cheesy!

    Jane x

  6. Scent really is so powerful for evoking memories. CK One reminds me of teenage years generally, I love Dior Pure Poison as it was the perfume I was wearing when I met my fiance, but I can't stand the smell of Armani He as it smells of an ex, yuck!

  7. Hi Primp and Preen, I agree the smells can remind you of the good or the bad. I couldn't abide Chloe Narcisse for a long time as it reminded me of a friend that I had a massive falling out with.

  8. I used to be obsessed with Noa by Cacharel when I was about 16. I bought it in the duty free while on a family cruise and thought it was the classiest thing on the planet. My poor sister bought me a bottle of it last Christmas and I hadn't smelled it in years. Now I can't stand it! It smells of super strong granny style soap to me now. Weird lol x


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