Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Accidental Smoky Eye

I mentioned this "accidental" eye look in my recent Colorburst Plum post. I wanted to share it as I was really pleased with it, even though it wasn't right with the lipstick. In fact, I wore a slightly muted version of it again today.

The reason I refer to it as accidental is because it came about from correcting a mistake. I wanted to use my Avon Supershock eyeliner to just create a simple lined eye to wear with the dark lipstick. I struggle to use this eyeliner neatly though and I ended up with really thick, punky lined eyes. I tried to tidy it up with an eyeliner brush. Still no good. I tried to smudge it out. Even worse! So, my only option (other than taking it off of course) was to use eyeshadow to tone it down.

I opted for my Les Gris L'Wren palette as I thought a smoky eye would work well with the liner. I pressed the darker of the two greys on to the mobile lid, over the top of the smudged liner and I softened the outer edges with the lightest shimmery shade from the palette. I was really pleased with how well it softened the stark black of the liner.

Les Gris L'Wren palette

My apologies for all of the photographs but I was pleased with how it looked. It was very quick to repeat again today and with a light gloss on the lips, I felt much happier wearing it out in the day.


  1. This looks gorgeous! Much darker and more dramatic than the looks you usually go for but still looks stunning and suits you perfectly :)

    I generally veer away from dark liners and shadows but every now n then I'll go back to them cos I love how they make the whites of your eyes look extra bright and you can get away with keeping the rest of your makeup super simple ♥

  2. This was a very good mistake! I seem to have a lack of a grey eyeshadow quad but I hear Dior's Spring Quint will be grey based and might be just the thing to recreate this. Unfortunately, my eye makeup mistake this morning did not turn out so well so I had to resort to the remover! X

  3. This compliments your eyes really well and makes your natural colouring stand out. I don't often use black pencil liners but I like the look of that Avon one.

  4. Great look! It seems to make your eyes look particularly beautiful!

  5. It really does make your eye colour look very striking, almost piercing.

    Love the look!

  6. That is a gorgeous look on you Jane, I still have not got round to getting that palette, Dior have one comnig out for their spring collection which looks similar so If I can't get the Lancome one might get that.
    I did not get anything from the Zuneta sale in the end, did you? Have you seem all the posts of the Chanel spring collection, looks so pretty! x

  7. @All Made Up: Thank you, every now and again it’s nice to be a little different. I do wear dark liner a lot with my glasses but I try and make the line quite thin. I just can’t work out how to do this with the Avon liner. I’m glad of the mistake though!

    @Jennifer: I’m sorry your mistake wasn’t a fortuitous one! I like the sound of the Dior Quint. I will look out for that.

    @Meeta: Thank you! I use black liner a lot but I’m struggling to achieve the fine line I do with say my pen liner or with pot gel and a brush. Having said that the Avon liner is quite an interesting texture. Katy (makeup by katy has offered to give some tips in her review which I’m really looking forward to).

    @Dempeaux: Thank you so much!

    @Jen W: Thank you. I think the dark really seems to accentuate the fact that my eyes are light in colour.

    @Replica: Both you and Jennifer are peaking my interest in this Dior quint! The Chanel spring collection looks great doesn’t it? Do you know when we are due to get it? It seems so wrong to be thinking about Spring right now though! I didn’t pick up anything in the Zuneta sale either. In fact, I have done no sales shopping at all. I’m just trying to decide which of the items on my regular wishlist to get. Hopefully I can make my mind up before the VAT increase!

    Thank you for the lovely comments,
    Jane x

  8. No sales shopping, thats rather controlled, I thought you would go for some of the Guerlain stuff, I ordered the rouge G in bee as it was half price.
    The Chanel will be out 28th January, so far I am thinking the two eye palettes, the dark nail varnish and blusher (once I can find out the ingredients). I really wish there was less nice things coming out, I have so much stuff now I need another face to put it all on! x

  9. You're right, I did make bee-line ;), for the Guerlain. I would have been in seventh heaven if the palettes had appeared in sale. I looked at the Rouge G's but wasn't sure about any of the colours. I have pondered the quad that was on sale too. I held out for the Zuneta sale though. Having prepared myself for a possible body shock, getting nothing has left me very confused! I still have money on my Debenhams and SpaceNK cards so all is not lost. I just need to find an excuse to go to the shops...

    Maybe you need to start doing some Oscar style look changes during the day? You could do a morning, afternoon and an evening look?
    Jane x


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