Wednesday, 29 December 2010

My Favourites of 2010

Irreverence - Rouge Bunny Rouge

Rouge Bunny Rouge Irreverence
I've waxed lyrical about this enough already, so I'm sure it's no surprise this is on my favourites list. The Rouge Bunny Rouge lipsticks have a beautiful moisturising texture and this particular shade is a perfect rosy everyday colour on me.


Rouge Bunny Rouge Raven Glaze Lacquer Liner
 This was a surprisingly great purchase for me this year.  It's got a fine and non-scratchy tip and I find it very easy to draw a fine line with it. It's also great for getting liner right up close to the lashes so that I don't end up with that tell tale gap at the roots.

Hourglass Film Noir mascara
I was sent this for review and it rapidly became a tremendous favourite. I've never really used expensive mascaras before and I was convinced there wouldn't be any difference. I had to eat my words though, as this is pretty much HG territory for me.  It makes my lashes really black and more obvious, it feels soft and it never smudges or flakes. I particularly like the effect of this with the RBR Lacquer liner as it gives the illusion of much thicker lashes.

MAC Hug Me
This is similar to Irreverence for me. It's a pretty, everyday colour that just gives a slightly more polished look to the lips. If I'm ever unsure what colour to wear, I'll reach for this.


Lilac Allure Anniversary set

Guerlain Rue de Passy and Suqqu EX-07 Blend Eyeshadow palettes
I really wanted to include one of these palettes and couldn't decide which one. So I gave up and thought I'd mention both! I'll often pick these out when I need a quick but sophisticated look. The Suqqu in particular has been on the train with me a few times. It may be surprising to see Rue de Passy on here after my initial disappointment. It maybe isn't as versatile as I'd hoped it would be but I really like the colours and that fact that I can create a simple no fuss eye look very quickly.


Edward Bess After Sunset Compact Rouge
The texture of the compact rouge blushers is amazing. Creamy, light and without even a hint of greasiness. This colour maybe isn't instantly appealing in the pan but I love it for the definition it gives my cheeks. It's another one that's really handy for travel. I'm rather keen on the fig scent too.


RMK Concealer
This has been a good under-eye concealer for me. It provides decent coverage and doesn't move around too much. It also has the added benefit of being pigmented enough to conceal blemishes so I like to keep this in my handbag. It's quite yellow based so I'm not sure this would suit everyone but it has peaked my interest in trying more RMK products.

Illamasqua Unrequited and Beg Blushers

Illamasqua Unrequited blusher
This blusher looks candy pink in the pan but isn't the least bit frightening on my cheeks. It just gives me a nice, healthy glow. Illamasqua blushers are lovely to use, they're pigmented, finely milled and long wearing. I've reached for this all year round and I find it goes with a variety of looks. After success with this, my first pink blusher, I went on to get quite a few more but I most often come back to this one.

Which items have been your favourites of 2010? Have you found any holy grail items this year?


  1. Some really interesting picks, I like the sound of the RBR lipstick and the RMK concealer, and the Hourglass Mascara - well everything really!I'm going to try and be very good this year though and set myself a monthly budget for beauty so it may be a while before I can try these lovely things X

  2. I love reading the favourite round up posts of the year :)

    Guerlain shadows and Illamasqua blushes are on my list of things to try in the new year :D

    As for my favourites of 2010 I'd have to say

    * Covergirl Lashblast
    * Illamasqua Wanton lipstick
    * Estee Lauder Crystal Baby lipstick
    * Urban Decay Naked Palette quickly made it in time :D

  3. Hi Jennifer, I hope you are more successful than me at sticking to your budgetting plan. I always aim to be good but it doesn't always work out that well ;). I need everyone to stop bringing out new collections so that I can catch up with myself!

    Hi Jadegrrrl! I love your list, I wore Wanton the other day. It's a great colour. You're still tempting me with Naked too. I have a feeling I would get a lot of use from it.

    Jane x

  4. Hey:) I love the look of the RBR lipstick irrerevence, but can't decide if maybe I should go for Know what lies are for instead.. It's really hard buying make up you can swatch in real life hmm!!

  5. Great picks. I love the look of RBR Irrelevance on you.
    Whenever I read your blog I see things I'd love to have in the US.

  6. I agree with your pick of Guerlain's Rue de passy. I didn't think I would like it that much, but as you mention it's so easy to get a great look! I'm going to get another soon - I just have to decide which!

  7. Great collection Jane! I'm going to bookmark this page and return to it in 2011 :)

  8. Hi CB! It is tricky when you can't just nip to a counter to compare. It depends on what you like most, Irreverence is more rosy and my lips but better whereas Know What Lies Are For is more of a dark nude. You can see them together swatched here and the lipstick themselves here on Replica's blog. Just to confuse things a bit more, I wonder whether you might actually prefer Prey of Lust of Nothing Unknown?

    Hi Marcia! I'm glad you enjoyed the post. I do know how frustrating it is when something isn't available though. I think my greatest wish would be to have a Rouge Bunny Rouge counter somewhere in the UK. I don't think my bank balance would be as happy though!

    Hi Joolz, I'd like to get another of the Guerlain palettes. I was hoping they might go on sale but no such luck. I like both Place Vendome and Rue de Sevres.

    Hi Dempeaux, I hope it helps with some shopping decisions in the future! ;)

    Jane x

  9. Wonderful list.... that will most certainly be causing more pain to my credit card! lol

    I'm now after those RBR pretties (that liner looks SO amazing!).

    I'm trying to narrow down my *list* but it's SO hard!

    Cheers and Happy New Year, Lovely! x jeanie

  10. Love reading this post as I don't tend to spend alot on high end products but this post has actually convinced me abit!

    Really think I may invest in the RMK concealer as I do love pen style concealers and have been without YSL Touche Eclat for afew months now!

    I do love high end mascaras though and the Hourglass mascara looks worth it!

    Fee x

  11. Hi Jeanie, it was definitely hard keeping the list down. I realised afterwards that I missed a few obvious things. The RBR liner is lovely and I reach for it a lot. Happy New Year to you too. I'm sure we'll both be causing each other lots of lemmings in the coming year ;) x

    Hi Fee! I'm pleased you enjoyed the post. I really like the RMK. It's much more opaque than the YSL. It's worth having a look next time ASOS have a good offer on. I also have a Lancome Eclat Miracle pen which is more similar to the YSL and I like that for days when the dark circles don't look quite so bad!

    Jane x

  12. Wow, truly impressive selection of products you got there! I *must* get Hug Me lipstick, looks so pretty!
    The palettes look lovely as well! :)


  13. That "hug me" is lovely!!! x


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