Friday, 3 December 2010

Cupcake Couture's Friday Confessions

This week it's the turn of Rani from Cupcake Couture. Rani has the most amazing red hair, you just wait to hear what she does with it though. Aunty Brown's going to be tutting well in to next week.......

Confession is good for the soul, go ahead and unburden yourself! I promise I won’t judge.

I am Rani from Cupcake Couture, I'm almost 21 and by now you’d think I would have got the gist of what’s naughty and what’s not! Number one, Aunty Brown, I am terrible at taking off my make up, I wake up looking like Scream, its a wonder I actually have a boyfriend. Number 2, My hair, I'm known for my red red hair but I hate brushing my hair, because it makes it giant and scary, I dye it far far too much, to keep it bright, and I'm pretty scared of hairdressers so I rarely get it chopped because of these three things my hair is in a pretty bad way. I’m sorry Hair. Number 3, I could really really do with a pedicure Aunty Brown, but I hate people touching my feet, however I'm on my feet all day at work, so they are in a pretty bad way, but its winter right?

What do you mean you meant brush not bush?

There, don’t you feel better now?
A little bit, my hair doesn’t though!

Aunty Brown has a few more questions though; it’s true that I’m the nosy type.

When was the last time you visited the hairdresser?
Hmm September?

You have a choice: bad hair or bad nails?
God, neither! But at a push... bad nails? Although bad hair can be hidden well, God its hard, can't we all just be perfect?

What is the oldest item of make up in your collection?
Hmm I try not keep things too long, unless its powders, so I would go for a MAC msf I’ve had for about 3 years?

Which trend still makes you cringe?
Neon’s. I hate neon’s, and coloured mascara I’ve got quite a thing about that too.  Also Black or Blue lipstick looks great on the runway, but not so much down at the Spar.


If you would like to take a turn and unburden yourself in the Friday Confessional you can email me at It's open to everyone: if you have something to confess, I'm happy to hear it!

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