Sunday, 12 December 2010

China Glaze Sugar Plums

It's taken me a while to get round to posting this. I got this nail polish a couple of weeks ago during my first visit to Sally's. I love the colour, really love the colour. It's a deep plummy shade with lots of twinkling glitter. However, the amount of glitter means I can't get a smooth finish. In some of the photos you will see it has quite a bumpy, sandpaper-like texture even with a topcoat. I applied the nail varnish in the evening and these photos were taken the next morning. As you can see there is already wear showing. I suspect this is probably because of the finish.

Edit: After a few comments I realise I didn't include my usual disclaimer. My nails are awful. I struggle as I don't have a good base to apply to. The wear I get from a polish is not a good indicator for how this will wear on most people.

Despite it's faults, I'll be wearing it again. Nothing lasts very long on my nails so I'll probably use this just for for evenings out. Are there any tips for achieving a smooth finish with this sort of polish?

I hope you've all had a lovely festive weekend. This weekend I've had a trip on Thomas The Tank Engine with Santa as a guest star, lots of Christmas shopping and our tree has gone up. I'm definitely getting in the mood!


  1. I love this polish. I find it really long wearing. I've had it on three days and have been cleaning, shopping, tree decorating and pastry making and it isn't showing any wear at all.

    What top and base coat do you use?

  2. I have Nail Envy on as a base coat. I realise it's not a good base coat but it's to try and pep up my nails. Top coat is Seche Vite.

    My nails are terrible and nothing lasts long on me. It's just how it wears on my nails unfortunately.

  3. Wow, I got much better wear from it. It is a lovely colour tho!

  4. I freakin love it. Gorgeous colour! x

  5. Beautiful colour, but such a shame about the wear.
    I'm really surprised that even with SV you don't get a smooth finish, because it is self-levelling I find it gives a smooth surface to the most unevenly textured polishes.
    Maybe try an extra thick layer of the SV? xx

  6. @Gaby: It's really pretty, definitely a cold weather colour.

    @Charlie: I've edited my post now. My nails always peel at the tip so it means any polish goes on over a fairly uneven surface. Nothing wears very well but I think finishes like this really suffer. It is a pretty colour though and hopefully I can find a way to make it last longer on my nails.

    @Leanne: It's a lovely colour. I've just put Ruby Pumps on and I love it too :)

    @WBB: My SV is going a little thick so I think it was quite a thick layer. I was really surprised too, I thought the SV would leave it smooth. I may try thicker next time.

    Thanks for your comments,
    Jane x

  7. Wow!!This one is gorgeous for holidays and love your nails!!So well shaped!!you rock always!!!

  8. I don't think you needed to edit, you did blame your nails in the post xxx

  9. I have this one too and LOVE the color but had the same problem with the odd, rough texture. I used an extra thick layer of Poshe topcoat--helped a bit, but not much.

  10. Great colour! I haven't been painting my nails much lately because I'm trying to get them back into shape. I love your disclaimer! I should have one like that too!

  11. That is a pretty color and it looks nice on your nails. I saw that at Sally's but passed.... I figured I had something in the stash that would be close. With my luck, I will go back to look for it and it will be sold out- lol.

    I change my base coats all the time- one of my favorites is Stickey by Creative Nail. That reminds me I need a new bottle.

    A few others that I like are: Zoya's Anchor, Nail bandage by Nail Aid and OPI's base (clear pink tint).

    Lots of nail vibes, mine have been rubbish lately- between the weather, forced heat and the pool I'm tempted to get one of those paraffin dippers to help with the moisture.
    x jeanie

  12. @Blushingloves: Thank you so much lovely! I always feel a bit embarrassed about the state of my nails so it’s nice to know they look ok shape wise :)

    @Charlie: Thanks for the reassurance. I just wanted to make it extra clear that it’s my nails and not the polish. I’ve had the same problem with Ruby Pumps today. It’s gorgeous but my tips are already messed up :(

    @Makeup Magpie: Thanks, it’s useful to know it’s not just me. I think I really need to work on both my base and top coat!

    @dempss01: Glad you like the disclaimer. My nails are terrible so I feel obliged! Are you having any success at improving your nails? Any tips gratefully received.

    @Jeanie: Thanks for the great suggestions. I’ve been nervous of trying new things in case it makes it worse. I had some Nailtiques nail foundation and that seemed to make things much worse as well as making everything matte! I’ll investigate your suggestions. I’ve been wearing cotton gloves to bed with moisturiser slathered on and I must remember to add cuticle oil too. I really hope it helps!

    I’m also considering one of the gel manicures. It would be lovely not to have shabby nails for Christmas!

    Thanks for your comments,
    Jane x

  13. I really recommend the Nails Inc caviar base and 45 second top coat which is miles better than Seche Vite. Seche Vite peels from my nails in less than a day.

    I hate Nails Inc products except the two I've mentioned which I think are outstanding.

  14. Why don't you use Seche Vite's UV gel top coat on your polish. You do need a UV Lamp to do this, but it gives a really hard wearing top coat to any polish. I can get 7-10 days. I have horses too! Its important that you make sure you polish is very dry, and remove the tacky layer after curing with a cotton pad soaked in Isopropyl Alcohol to remove tacky layer. YOU MUST do this step. But it gives you a good smack proof nail. TBH I am like you quite hard wearing on my nails and I have been home UV gel'ing for a while, after care is really important as well. remember nails are jewels not tools. hot water, chlorine, heat, dehydrated nails. Will all contribute to polishes not lasting. So wear gloves when cleaning, and moisturise and oil your cuticles every day! :)


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