Friday, 3 December 2010

Face of the Night

Earlier in the week, I had a rare night out with a friend. I felt it was only right that I put a bit more slap on than normal. I still went for a taupe shade're not surprised are you? Anyway, I thought I'd share my face of the evening with you. Please excuse the moody face and the fact that the lipstick needs reapplying. I dealt with both I promise!

Oh deary me....

That's more like it!

Lancome Teint Miracle foundation in 02
RMK Super Basic Liquid Concealer
MAC Cubic blusher
Lancome Eclat Miracle as highlighter on top on cheek bones
MAC Omega on brows
ELF HD Powder

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Chanel Splash all over the mobile lid as a base
MAC Satin Taupe on top of Splash
MAC Smut to darken the crease
MAC Next to Nothing as brow and inner corner highlight
Avon Super Shock gel liner in black
Can't remember which mascara

MAC Hug Me lipstick
I added Hourglass lipgloss in Ignite before I went out

I was pleased with how it turned out. I did experience a bit of an issue with the Super Shock liner moving around. If you wear this I would recommend checking in the mirror every now and again for any accidental Robert Smith impressions!

Are you going anywhere special this weekend? What is your favourite "going out" look?


  1. You looked gorgeous! So envious of your eye colour ;)

    I get so overexcited if I get to go out in the evening.

  2. This is very pretty! I want to recreate this eye look :)

  3. The eyes look fantastic :D

    have you done a blush application tutorial somewhere? your blush looks so natural and pretty :)

  4. swit swoooo! You look beautiful xx

  5. Tghis is possibly the weirdest sentence I have ever typed but I really want your eyelids.

    In other news, your skin is so flawless!

  6. Your eyes look stunning! I have been thinking about trying both those MAC shades so next time I'm at the counter (if the snow ever disappears, have been stuck all week - no London for me today) I'll have a closer look. Hope you had a great night X

  7. The blush is just right for this look, it's perfect! If I wasn't at work right now I'd be reaching for Satin Taupe and Smut this very moment to try this combination on :)

  8. You look stunning. Definitely wear this look again! Ignite over Hug Me sounds fab as well :)

  9. Hi Grace! Why thank you! I do get very excited about going out. I thought about false lashes, then I remembered they hit the back of my specs so gave it a miss ;)

    Hi Dempeaux. Thank you, I’ve always been a fan of Satin Taupe and found it layered well over Splash.

    Hi Ki! Thank so much. I have never done any tutorials but this is blusher shade that never seems to fail me. I’ll definitely let Cubic take the credit here!

    Why thank you WBB *flutters lashes*. It was a lot of fun getting ready to go out on the razz!

    Hi Charlie, lol at your comment! I think the Lancome foundation is really good at making my skin look good. I highly recommend trying the Eclat Miracle. It’s like MAC Strobe cream but much more refined.

    Hello Jennifer! What a shame that your trip has been cancelled. Will it be rearranged? Had you decided on a makeup look for the occasion? Satin Taupe is definitely a favourite for me. I’ve actually been inspired to do a post of my favourite MAC eyeshadows.

    Hi gigidob, thank you! This was my first ever MAC blusher. It’s the colour that got me into wearing blushers regularly I think. I added more than I normally would but I think it just shows me I could be more generous in future!

    Hello pretty addicted! Thank you so much for the lovely comment. I wish I’d had a snap of Hug Me with Ignite. My camera battery had given up though. It did make a lovely combination. I love wearing the Hourglass lipglosses too as they feel so nice on.

    Thanks for all of your kind comments,
    Jane x

  10. That's a gorgeous eye look, and the blusher looks fab as well.

    It's made me want to apply eye shadow again, I have not applied eye shadow in what feels like a month or so? Just no time really Meh!

    Hope you had a great time:)

  11. Splash-Satin Taupe...genius! Why didn't I think of that????
    This look is lovely Jane! Makes me dream of the day (night rather) I will be going out again...being reduced to applying makeup just to stay in and study at the moment I'm afraid, so you're getting me inspired!
    I was a bit disappointed about the Avon liner, as I just ordered the black and bronze ones...we'll see I guess.
    Cheers! :-)))

  12. Thats a gorgeous look, Splash looks a lot better on you than me, you have given me the inspiration to dig out my MAC palette to try the ST and Splash combo x

  13. You look amazing doll!!!I love Satin Taupe!!!Gorgeous look for night!!

  14. I love your eye makeup. Taupe never gets old and it's always chic.

    When I go out I usually do a Taupe shimmery eye or a Bronze eye with black on the waterline.

  15. Hi Cheeky Beauty! Thank you, I had a lovely evening, it was so nice to go out. Will you get opportunity to play with makeup when you’re on holiday? I guess it might be too hot to bother. Not that I’m jealous or anything…….;)

    Hi Nina, they are quite similar and it made for a quick application. I really like both Splash and Satin Taupe. Sympathies on the studying, I am a terrible procrastinator so no doubt I would be getting very distracted each day, putting on makeup when I should be writing or revising. I’ve even washed all my brushes before when I should have been writing! Is the end in site?

    The Avon is nice but I had a few challenges. The point wears down quite quickly so it’s a little tricky to do fine lining. I have quite watery eyes, especially in this weather and that seemed to result in movement. I’ll be interested to hear how you find them. I didn’t realise there was a bronze, that sounds tempting!

    Hello Replica, thank you! I was nervous when applying Splash but it seemed to go on OK. I didn’t blend out too much, I see what you mean about it drying quickly. Splash and ST are quite similar so I thought putting them together would be good to prevent the colour dulling and make sure it stayed put. I didn’t factor in the liner moving round though!!

    Hi Blushingloves, thank you. It was exciting to be able to get dressed up to go out. I really like Satin Taupe too.

    Hi Jen, thank you. Your going out make up sounds lovely.

    Jane x

    You've done the brush washing too? Oh, I feel so much better now I know I'm not alone... My deadline is on 17 December and that means 8000 words on 2 different subjects (∗wails, beats chest, pulls hair, feels better∗).
    Most of the research and reading is done, but it will be touch-and-go.
    What's really annoying is the fact that in the meantime I'm going back home to Athens for five weeks on the 12th and I shall have to finish my last paper over there, hence having to carry on the plane with me a ton of books and note pads and all that malarchy...
    The one thing I really miss is Twitter! I've had to impose a complete ban as it's so easy for me to get totally sucked in and lose track of time.
    And that is officially the end of my moaning, as I'm waiting for my Zuneta order with Island Love (? the name sounds wrong, but you know the one I mean, as you own it) and Intimate hehehe...can't wait.
    Hmmm, thinking of it, maybe I need to wash those brushes again before they get formally introduced to Mr Bess......?

  17. Late to the party here but OMG! You look stunning! I love the stronger eye on you!
    I am getting Satin Taupe now if it's the last thing I DO! I am bad- most of the time I do evening look for day but that's the drag queen in me. lol xoxox jeanie

  18. I just got Splash so you've made me so excited to try it tomorrow. That looks so beautiful and I have those eye shadows!

  19. Hi Nina, yes, best give them another wash ;). I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the EB. I don't have any of eyeshadows and have considered Intimate before. How annoying about having to take all your work with you. It will be so weighty. I bet you'll be glad to get it all finished up?

    Hi jeanie! Thank you so much, you made me laugh with your drag comment. I bet you always look gorgeous.

    Hi Marcia, I hope you got on well with Splash today. I'm really pleased I picked it up.

    Jane x

  20. Ah, trusted Satin Taupe, huh? :)
    You did a great look with it, it looks different than the usual ones ppl make with this eyeshadow, yours is a lot livelier if I may say that! I 'm guessing it's thanks to Splash, but whatever the case may be, beautiful look, well done! :)xx

  21. Thank you so much. Satin Taupe is definitely an old favourite. I actually have quite a dip in it. I loved wearing it over Splash and will definitely be doing it again.
    Jane x


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