Thursday, 23 December 2010

A Week of Lips: NARS Bougainville

Yesterday I wore NARS Bougainville lipgloss. I'll admit that I'm more of a lipstick kind of girl but when I saw the recent NARS collection and spotted the purple lipglosses I was smitten. Bougainville is a beautifully glossy berry/wine colour and is actually quite similar to the Hourglass lipstick that I talked about yesterday. It's a little more purple than it appears in some of the pictures. It is nicely pigmented and it goes on densely however, it is possible to sheer it out if that is your preference.

Whilst it is a gorgeous colour and it made a change to wear a gloss, there were some downsides for me. It doesn't have the same staying power as the lipsticks and I had to reapply frequently. I'm rubbish at frequent touch ups so by the evening I'd given up and put Nocturnal on again. It feathered a little at the lip line too so I needed to wear a lipliner. The other thing to mention is the strange smell and I seem to think I've heard this before about NARS glosses. It's not over-powering but if you like your glosses to smell of vanilla, you'd be out of luck here. It isn't overly sticky though which is nice. To see how it looks on other skin tones, you can see swatches on Temptalia and Makeup and Beauty Blog.

Are you more of a lipgloss or lipstick person? Do you have any recommendation for other bold, pigmented lipglosses?


  1. Its nice but I think the creamy more polished finishes of the lipsticks have looked nicer on you, you are clearly too sophisticated for gloss, more old school glamour!

  2. Hi Debbie, thank you. I don't mind lipgloss now and again but I do feel more myself with lipstick. I'm sure that's why I slipped into putting Nocturnal back on in the evening! x

  3. It does look rich and glossy on you, I can't get on with their lip glosses, too tacky for me. That blusher looks pretty, which one is it ?

  4. Thanks Replica. I didn't find it too sticky, more so than Hourglass but not as much MAC. I've never used a NARS lipgloss before so I'm not sure if it's the normal texture.

    The blusher was Rockface minerals Pixie Kisses, I'm pleased you like it. I was really happy I picked it out for this look.

  5. I used to be a lipgloss girl, but now I'm more into my lipsticks. They last for so much longer!

    I like this colour, but the smell and the feathering would be a pain. Hooray for lipstick!

  6. I was really surprised at how pigmented and dark Bougainville is in person! I wore it today and did a review on my blog after reading your post.

    Hourglass Siren is a very pigmented metallic red.

  7. Hi Dempeaux, I don't think I could have imagined how much I would get in to lipsticks but it's definitely my preference now. I'm so pleased I wore Nocturnal the other day as that's become my new favourite!

    Hi Jen, thanks for the link, I'll take a look :). The feathering will be my age I guess (sob!). I don't notice it happening with lipstick though so I hadn't anticipated it. Thanks for the Hourglass suggestion, I like their glosses.

    Jane x

  8. This looks just so lovely!!! Love that berry tone, shamefully I play it safe when to lipglosses...!
    I remember liking NARS Gothika too, which is a bit darker than this, I 'd definitely opt for sth like that if I were to purchase a new lipgloss!


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