Thursday, 16 December 2010

My 20 Questions over on Just Nice Things

Today, I'm answering 20 Questions on Just Nice Things. I'd love it if you went along for a read and if you're not already following Helen and Sheenie's lovely blog, I urge to take a browse. It's a great read but be warned, you will come away with some new nail varnish lemmings! I had the pleasure of an afternoons chat and shopping with Helen recently and I don't mind admitting that I made a serious increase to my nail varnish collection that day. Here's the evidence!


  1. Hey! We have the same taste in music! I listen to Zero 7 and Air when I blog. I've seen Zero7 live several times gave you?

  2. Hello! I bet it was great to see them live. I have to admit, I don't get to see much live stuff. Crowds scare me a bit. I was lucky enough to get a free pass to V97 though and I fought the fear for that ;). One of my favourite memories was the Daft Punk set in the Dance tent. Great stuff! x


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