Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Nars Rajasthan

After being so pleased with NARS Melusine, I was interested to try more of the NARS duos. I had toyed with getting Rajasthan a while ago and it seemed a logical choice when the SpaceNK event was on. We'll gloss over the fact that I ordered Kalahari first of all and then called to change my mind!

I must apologise for my hand swatches. At the point I was trying to photograph these, I had one very grumpy baby. Taking good close ups of one hand whilst cuddling a baby is pretty much impossible. I will update with better pictures when I can.

That said, the picture does go a little way to explaining the colours and also the issue I had with the darker shade. The lighter shade is a beautiful golden, sandy taupe colour. It's actually similar to Patina but with better pigmentation. It also lean more brown than Patina. The darker shade is a bit of a conundrum. I've seen it referred to as blue but for me this is a dark teal and is more green to my eye. At least it is in the pan. In the swatch and on my eye it's very difficult to get it to show up as anything other than dark. I know Replica at Visionary Beauty experienced similar problems so I had been warned!

So here's the first of two eye looks. In the first attempt I applied the lighter shade all over the mobile lid to just above the crease. I find this shade very easy to apply and it has a lovely creamy texture. I applied the darker colour to the crease. In most lights this just looked muddy, I'm not sure if this is the result of layering over the golden taupe.

Another one of my clashing lipstick mistakes!

I mentioned on Twitter my disappointment at the darker colour and Amy at Cafe Makeup suggested I try using it as a liner and the smoking it out. I tried that today and I had a little more success at getting the "colour" but it's still not quite as I expected. It reminded me that my angled liner brush has disappeared though!

I wore it with the Know What Lies are For lipstick today and I'm much happier with this pairing. I think I need to have a play with the darker shade and try applying over a liner or another dark base. I would really like to bring out the peacocky aspect of the colour. If you have this duo I'd love to know how you wear it. Despite my disappointment, it hasn't put me off trying more of the duos. Feel free to tell me which is your favourite NARS duo.


  1. Definitely prefer the darker shade as liner, smoked out! Really pretty.

    But really do like the other shimmery taupe shade...really suits you.

    Fee x

  2. This is a duo I would have been drawn to as well! I agree with you - I think the second look works better, and I love it paired with the TWLAF lipstick. By the way, I have Kalahari and I love it!

  3. looks lovely on you! I've been wanting to get this from ages now but keep forgetting.

  4. I really like the eye looks you have created, but I understand what you mean. The true colour of the teal shadow doesn't seem to translate on the eye.
    The goldy-taupe colour is VERY similar to one half of the kalahari duo, I think you'd really like it.

    I tried to pick up Rajasthan today and it seems to have been discontinued already, I'm devastated!
    I wish I hadn't put it off for so long.

    Keep persevering with the teal shade, maybe try it without layering it over the paler shade? xx

  5. That's such a shame that the gorgeous complex teal that you see in the pan doesnt translate on the eyes.

    Maybe try it layered over the top of MAC Delft paintpot or something similar?

    boo hoo I was so looking forward to getting Rajasthan I might reconsider now.

  6. Hmm it does look like the taupe might be canelling out the blue/green notes. Turning it to olive? I'd try pressing it over some black cream liner to see if it would make the teal pop out. definitely worth a play! x

  7. I love the golden colour but I'm not so keen on the darker colour. I think I am like that with all NARS duos, I only ever like one of the colours.

  8. Despite seeing you mean about the teal, I absolutely love the look where you've used it as a liner! I actually think that this technique opens up your eyes more and also gives them depth and gradation. And, yes, the lipstick works so much better with this look...
    Big thumbs up!

  9. ...ahem 'despite seeing WHAT you mean' even...

  10. I love both Rajasthan and Melusine, you're a woman after my own heart! I love the look where you've used the teal side as a liner and smoked it out, I haven't tried it like that. I used the darker shade over MAC Sharkskin Shadestick as a base to bring out the shimmer and the peacock tones, but that obviously makes it quite a dark look too. x

  11. I like both on you and will have to try using it as a liner and then smoking it out. I think its a good thing that the lighter shade is so pretty otherwise we would both be a bit miffed!
    I want to get the other duo that came out with that collection as I have seen some really pretty looks with it, think it might be one for you as well x

  12. @Fee: I really love the shimmery taupe (no surprise there really), I do like using darker shades like that as a liner. With my hooded lids it can be quite flattering.

    @dempss01: You’re tempting me with Kalahari. I really think it’s one I would like but thought I’d dip my toe in with a bit of colour. I was so much happier with the lipstick with the second look. Glad you like :)

    @Get Gawjus: Thank you. It seems to have vanished off the NARS website, from whar Welsh Beauty says below, I’d snap it up if you see it.

    @WBB: Thanks, I do think I’d have more success if I didn’t layer. Sarahloolaa gave me a lesson in NARS eyeshadows and I’ll do as she suggested and apply the dark first. I do think Kalahari would be a good choice for me too.

    I had a quick look and I can still see Rajasthan on SpaceNK but it’s disappeared from the NARS website. That’s weird as I thought they always had the LE items on there, just like they have the palettes. I hope you manage to find it. I have a feeling you would have more success than me using the darker shade.

    @Jen: I don’t have Delft but I have a very dark green MAC pencil as well as some teal liners so I’ll give them a try. I’ve also been told that applying the dark colour first rather than over the taupe will help give the true colour.

    @Sparklz and Shine: I bet you’d have more success with the colour than me ;). I do think the layering isn’t working well in this case. As well as trying it over a liner I would be interested to see how it looks applied straight on to the lid.

    @Kelsey: It’s quite often the way isn’t it. You’ll like one but not both. I have that problem with palettes quite a lot too!

    @Nina: Thank you. I agree, I think this placement is a little more flattering on my eye shape. I often do that with my Suqqu and Hourglass duo. Maybe I should do it more often generally? I really liked the lipstick with the darker eye look too. It’s a keeper!

    @Missy Ellie: Melusine and Rajasthan are definitely tempting me to try more. I like shade pairings in both. I’m going to give it a try over a green or teal based liner but also want to try Sarahlooloaa’s suggestion of applying the dark first rather than over the taupe colour. Glad you like the liner placement. I was pleased with how that looked.

    @Replica: Is that Tzarina? I was told it was quite shimmery but I haven’t seen it in person. I think I need to do a bit of swatch research ;). I really do like the lighter shade, like Melusine, I can see me using it on it’s own or paired with other colours.

    Thanks for all of your lovely comments. I’m sorry that I’ve been slow to reply too, I had a job interview today and it’s made me a little distracted!
    Jane x

  13. Hi jane

    that is a gorgeous duo for sure. You probably already tried this but sometimes I play a bit with a cream shadow as a base with these darker tones. It can sometimes help that flash of color come to life. I might try a tealish color under to see if that helps. Worth a try anyway. Lovely look on you though, as always. x jeanie

  14. Thanks Jeanie, I haven't tried using a cream base but really want to give it a try. I've had a few suggestions for how to get the best from the dark teal and hope to have a play soon. It would be great to get the best from the colour x


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