Thursday, 2 December 2010

Super Smoocher Review is a website that sells a dazzling array of lip balms as well some other lip and body products. All of the products stocked are SLS, parabens petrochemicals and artificial fragrance free. I was really pleased when I had a browse to see that there is no charge for delivery. Many of the products are inexpensive and I know I would be really naffed off to buy a £4 lip balm only to have to pay postage on top. They also accept Paypal which is something else I look for when shopping online.

I was sent a few things to try. I received Crazy Rumors HibiKiss lip colour in Breeze, Figs & Rouge Balm in Rambling Rose and Burt's Bees Super Shiny lipgloss in Pucker Berry.

Figs & Rouge Balm in Rambling Rose

I've really enjoyed using this. It's has a very delicate rose scent that reminds of real Turkish Delight. It feels nice as a lip balm but it doesn't last all that long. I found it excellent for use on sore, dry skin. I have used this on the dry patches on my hands and it feels lovely and moisturising. This is definitely a handy item to have in your handbag. I really like the little tin too. The Figs & Rouge balms cost £3.45 and come in two other scents.

Burt's Bees Super Shiny lipgloss in Pucker Berry

I have mixed feelings about this lipgloss which is funny as it's the one item I expected to like the most. The colour when swatched is amazing. It has a mauve iridescence which is stunning, however on the lips there is no sign of any colour at all. The other strange thing is the little beads which you can see in both the hand and lip swatch. I have no idea what their purpose is as there's no mention of them in any  description I can find. They're not exfoliating neither do they burst on contact, so obviously they marr the look of the gloss. The lipgloss itself feels nice on the lips, it's moisturising with a nice shine though it doesn't last very long. Out of the three items I think this is the only one I wouldn't purchase again. These glosses cost £6.25

Crazy Rumors HibiKiss lip colour in Breeze

I really, really like this product. It feels nice and moisturising and adds a decent amount of colour. The colour is sheer but buildable. I really like this particular colour too. There are a few different shades but unfortunately there are no swatches so you have to guess the colour from the outer label. I think both Coral and Tropical would also be nice colours though.

The HibiKiss lip colours cost £4.75 and at that price I'm keen to try more. Like the Figs & Rouge lip balm, this is a handy product to have in your handbag especially at this time of year as it's a good half way house between a lipstick and lipgloss.

Something else which I'm interested to try from this website are the Hurraw! lip balms in particular the tinted versions. Again, these are reasonably priced and are especially appealing at this time of year.

Disclosure: Products were provided without charge. As always the links in the post are not affiliate links. 


  1. Will have a nosey on their site :) I have been eyeing up the Figs & Rouge lip balm for a while now, im sure they do another scent not sure if its Geranium, but anyway great review hun x

  2. Ohh I love that one in the last picture. It's nice with a bit of colour to a lip balm.
    For some bizarre reason though, whenever I use tinted lip balms, they leave me with such a dry mouth (Yeah weird I know?!)- So I tend never to use them..

  3. Thanks for the post Jane...actually didn't know about this website and love that it's free p&p.

    Just spotted afew lovely Burt's Bees lip balms that will make a nice gift for my sister for Christmas :)

    Fee x

  4. I have that exact same Burts Bees Gloss and mine also has the funny beads! Pretty colour but just a weird texture isn't it?!

  5. Hi Sherrie, you're right there's a Sweet Geranium version. It sounds lovely. I really like the little tins. I think it probably doesn't last as long due to the fact that it's not petroleum based. It does feel nice though and the delicate scent is very nice.

    Hi Cheeky! I know exactly what you mean about them drying you out. I have that problem with lots of moisturising lipsticks. Whenever I use the Rouge Volupte lipsticks I have that problem. Fortunately I didn't have that problem with the HibiKiss which I think is probably why I've liked using it so much!

    Hi Fee, I love that it's free P&P. I think it's quite an important thing when the items aren't very expensive. They have quite a few things that I fancy trying.

    Hi Emily! I'm glad it's not just me. I have no idea what the beads are for, no doubt it's supposed to be more moisturising but as they don't burst it just looks silly! I really wish the colour would translate to the lips too.

    Thanks for your comments,
    Jane x

  6. I've got the Figs and Rouge in rambling rose... bit of an odd taste on lips, not too keen on it but I don't mind a tiny dab on top of lipstick when my lips are really dry. It's brilliant though, as a balm on your nose. Seriously. I've got the mother of all colds at the moment and I keep putting it around my nose... it doesn't mess up make up too badly (powder up a bit at lunchtime and you're good) and for once my nose isn't raw, peeling or bleeding. Also brilliant for cuticles.

  7. Right I need to go and check out this site, they all look lovey!

  8. Hi PeachBellini! I can't remember if I've tasted it. I totally agree that were it excels is as a multi purpose balm. I hadn't thought to use on cuticles but I will give that a go. Thank you!

    Hey Charlie, yes it's definitely worth a look. There a lots of tempting balms and little treats.

    Jane x

  9. Thank you for bringing this site to my attention!
    I love that they accept paypal & offer free p&p - more sites should take heed.
    Off to have a little browse now :) xx

  10. I really like the look of the Hibikiss one, I will have to check this out as it looks like it has a good amount of colour for a balm.

  11. I like the Figs and Rouge balm. I don't know why, but I'm always drawn to lip balms in tins. The HibiKiss lip color looks really nice on you as well :)

  12. @WelshBeautyBlog: I totally agree. Free postage and paypal are a huge plus point for me. I'm much more likely to consider a purchase when that's the case.

    @Meeta: The HibiKiss is definitely my favourite and I'd like to get one of the other two colours that I mentioned.

    @WillWorkForMakeup: Me too, I like tins better than jars. For nothing more than aesthetic reasons! The HibiKiss is nice and I would like to get another as I like the fact they give a nice amount of colour and do the job of a balm.

    Jane x

  13. That hibikiss lipcolour looks gorgeous I am on my way to their site now!

    I love companies that pay attention to the ingredients in their products.

  14. Hi Jen! Thanks for reading and commenting. Although I don't tend to seek these things out, I'm always very happy to find products that have dispensed with the "nasties" and still work well. The hibikiss is definitely my favourite of the three items.
    J x


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