Tuesday, 25 January 2011

BECCA Enigma Palette

I received the BECCA Enigma palette last week and I have worn it almost everyday since. It's rare for me to do this with an item of makeup but I really love the colours and I'm also quite enamoured with how quickly I can create a smoky, yet still daytime appropriate look.

The palette contains three colours. Armure; a matte beigey grey, Silesia; a dark, sooty brown and Surah; a shimmery mushroom shade with mauve tones.  Both of the lighter shades make good lid colours on their own. I've tried a few different colour combinations and placements but my favourite way to wear this is to apply Armure all over the mobile lid followed by Surah on the outer quarter of the eye and into the crease. Then I line with the darkest shade and smoke it out towards the outer corner of my eye.

L-R: Armure, Silesia, Surah.
In the pictures below I am wearing Surah (the mauve/mushroom) and Silesia along the lash line.

These eyeshadows are nice to apply and have good pigmentation, though they're possibly not as 'buttery' as some of my other eyeshadows. They actually remind me a little of the colours and textures in the Rue de Passy palette. I have used the mini brush that comes in the palette and it works well to apply Silesia as a smudgy liner (it might have tempted me to investigate BECCA brushes too).

Enigma was released as part of the Fallen Angels collection and I believe it is limited edition. I also have the Belize line and illuminate pencil that was released with this collection but I didn't have as much success with that as I have had with Enigma. I would like to try using both together to recreate the look used in the Zuneta videos.

If you like these sorts of neutral colours this is definitely worth investigating. The palette costs £35 and is available from the BECCA Boutique in London as well as online stockists such as Zuneta and LookFantastic.

Disclosure: This was sent to me without cost for consideration for review.


  1. Lovely neutrals!
    And I think that the application technique really flatters the shape of your eyes.
    God, it's good to be back :-)))))
    Nina x

  2. No sooner have I got my hands on UD Naked and you have got me wanting something else!! These are beautiful and very very you, love them. x

  3. This looks lovely! Great review.

    My blog sale items arrived today, many thanks for the speedy service x

  4. Gorgeous palette! I need to seek this one out , I think. Have you tried the coordinating lip palette?

  5. This looks like a wicked travel friendly shadow pallette as you say it can be used to create a day AND night look effortlessly

  6. Gosh, this is very pretty. I wasn't sure about this palette, but I think you might have swayed me!

  7. You wear it like I do, looks lovely on you. I like it a lot more than I thought I would.
    Just to keep you up to date, I hit Chanel Spring today, the black pearl polish is really nice! x

  8. @Nina: I’m so pleased you’re back. I have missed you very much :). Glad you like it! x

    @Debbie: Now the UD Naked palette is something I really want but won’t allow myself (on account of it being too similar to other things I have)! Maybe I need to consider ignoring myself on that one too?!

    @Chicky Spouts: Thanks for letting me know they got there ok. I hope you enjoy them!

    @FragrantWitch: No, I haven’t tried the lip palette. On the whole I’m pretty useless with lip products in pans/palettes. I do have some of their crème blushers on my wishlist though.

    @Imo: Absolutely, this is a great palette for travelling or makeup on the go. You could definitely go more dramatic using the darker shade or just use the lighter shades for nice definition. I really want to try more BECCA products.

    @demps: Definitely take a look at it if you can. I think it’s the beautiful undertones in the shades that sets it apart from other neutral palettes for me. It’s not quite grey, not quite brown and the mauve hints are a hit with me of course!

    @Replica: I’m very pleased I have Enigma. I really did umm and ahh over this one but I think the colours work so well together.

    I’m a little jealous that you’ve already got your hands on Chanel Spring! I’m having to wait for a ride in to town. I hate waiting!!

    Thank you for all your lovely comments,
    Jane x

  9. Hi Jane,
    The sa had to scan it inside a bag so no one would see as he wasn't meant to sell it early, very strange experience! If you did get to Chanel before I do my spring post, I'd maybe avoid that Ombres Perlees palette, I've only wore it once but am really disappointed so wouldn't want you to waste your money on it x

  10. So pleased you finally got this, looks a really useful trio. I wished I'd got this rather than the MAC Holiday palette, was a real let down X

  11. Hi Jennifer, it's a really lovely palette and I wished I'd taken no notice of my OH in the first place! I only had a brief glance at the MAC Holiday palettes. I'll admit I was totally put off by the packaging, maybe that was a good thing?!


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