Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Paying it Forward

I received a blog award a little while ago from ketoglutarat from the wonderfully named Delicate Hummingbird blog. The idea of the award is that you pass it on to talented bloggers that don't have a huge following or they're less well known. I love this idea, I read a lot of excellent blogs that have a more exclusive readership and I thought I would take the opportunity to bring them to your attention.

I haven't passed on the award as I wanted to mention quite a few people rather than the 3 - 5 as stipulated by the Liebster blog award. So, if you got a mention you can consider yourself gifted with my own very special blog award!

I'd love it if you go and have a read of these blogs if you're not following them already. They're all a fantastic source of information (and full of temptation) and always leave me wanting more!

Makeup Merriment
Lipstick Luvvies
Welsh Beauty Blog
Mookie on the Bench
Visionary Beauty
Makeup Picnic
Reigning Beauties
Vaguely in Vogue

I hope you're all having a lovely day.
Jane x


  1. Thank you so much Jane, this means a lot coming from one of my favourite bloggers!

  2. Ooooh...I spy lil ole me on that list! Thank you so much, you've made my day! :) There are are few new names on the list of blogs I've never looked at so I'm gonna go and check them out!

  3. Oh, thank you, thank you Jane! I did a little happy dance in the office (when I was alone in the room, of course). I'm very glad that you mentioned my blog and will also check all the other blogs on your list.

    xx Klara

  4. Thank you, thank you so much, lovely Jane! Your mention warms my heart more than you know.

    There are a few blogs on the list I haven't read (can't wait to now!!!). Once again thanks so much!

    x jeanie

  5. I really like visionary beauties blog. Fantastic swatches and great commentary

  6. Thank you so much Jane for the recommendation! Very appreciated :) I am also going to check out the ones on your list I haven't seen yet.

    Meeta x

  7. Wow, that's so kind of you Jane - thankyou! Yay! I'm going to check out some of these other blogs too :)

  8. wahay! Congrats on the bloggery award thing!

    Ali x

  9. Thanks for the mention Jane!! I think of that list it was only one I was not following as I'd not heard of it so have joined that one as well now. I think this is a really nice idea as I think there are a lot of gems out there but in the mass of the bigger blogs can often get overlooked x

  10. @WBB: You’re most welcome. I love reading your reviews and looking at your gorgeous eye looks!

    @Ms. Wedgie: You’re really welcome. You deserve to be up there. No one will ever understand my clenching at ‘It’s me, Westwood’ quite as well as you do ;)

    @Klara: You’re very welcome. I wanted to share the love so to speak. I love that you did a happy dance!

    @Jeanie: You’re so welcome Jeanie. I love your blog and you’ve been such a tremendous supporter. Have fun reading!

    @Imo: Replica’s blog is amazing. I think her blog was one of the very first I started reading regularly. She’s saves me money…..and then makes me spend it! ;)

    @Meeta: You’re absolutely welcome. You have such a lovely blog and we seem to have quite similar taste so it’s a great read for me :)

    @Demps: You’re most welcome. I love reading your posts and my list of want to try items has grown considerably! Credit where credits due ;)

    @Ali: You know I wondered about mentioning your blog but I need do a different post for the non-beauty (though beautiful all the same) blogs I love! Reading your posts is such a tonic :)

    @Replica: You are really welcome. You’ve been such a great inspiration for me, I remember first finding your blog more than a year ago and spending ages pouring over your amazing swatches. To be fair, I still do spend a fair amount of time looking at your swatches for purchasing decisions. I agree, there are a lot of gems out there waiting to be found.

    Jane x


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