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Skincare: My Latest Obsession.

When I first started this blog, it's raison d'etre was definitely makeup. My bare face shows my age and how tired I look, so makeup has been my weapon of choice. The more I blog, the more I learn, the more my fascination and interests change. One of my favourite bloggers warned me this would happen: you graduate from an obsession with one area of beauty to being fascinated with it all. Gone are the days of being satisfied with playing around with just makeup. I'm dabbling with new hair products, different skin care and even my regular shower gels aren't safe!

In fairness, I have always been interested in skin care products. It allows me to indulge my nerdy side. Occasionally I'm even willing to ignore my understanding of skin biology in favour of amazing claims. Not always you understand......just sometimes! Yet so far I'd only really used products to keep my skin clean and hydrated as well reduce the appearance of lines. In the last few weeks or so my eyes have been opened up to the possibility that I could correct some of the other issues that I had considered to be a permanent feature.

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I have patches of dark pigmentation around my eyes from pregnancy. In particular a patch just above my brow. I also have some darkened areas of scarring from blemishes. I didn't pick up on it immediately but the discolouration above my brow has definitely become less noticeable since using the sample of BIOeffects EGF serum. Now, I admit I'm sceptical about products containing EGF. I know what it can do to skin cells when in direct contact but applied topically, EGF is similar to collagen. It's just too big to penetrate the epidermis so I don't see how it can have a stimulatory effect on the cells of the dermis. However, I really enjoyed using the BIOeffects serum; it felt pleasant to apply, made my skin glow and as well as the effect on the pigmentation, I felt that the lines between my brows were softened. You may wonder why I haven't bought a full size bottle in this case. Well, firstly it's very expensive and secondly, I assume the benefits come from something other than the EGF, so could possibly be replicated by a cheaper product.

Notionally a before and after picture. The different lighting does make it look more pronounced than I think is genuinely the case.

The EGF serum was essentially my lightbulb moment. The realisation that something could actually improve the appearance of my hyper-pigmentation. Since then I have attended an Alpha H evening and realised there are other products that could help reduce the patches of pigmentation and discolouration from scarring. I'm currently using Alpha H White Gold which contains Glycolic Acid and have ordered the Shiseido White Lucency moisturising cream that Dempeaux recommended. At the same time I need to become more diligent with my use of sunscreen to prevent further damage and discolouration. After a conversation with London Makeup Girl I have been looking at some Renee Rouleau and Caudalie products. I like the look of both ranges as they seem to tick the boxes for being nice to use as well as having proven active ingredients. You can see what Renee Rouleau herself recommends for the treatment of discolouration here.

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I've always had relatively good skin and I love the idea that with an improved skin care regime, I could look better before I even start on the slap! A good night's sleep wouldn't go a miss but I suspect it will be a while before my children oblige me. The only downside to my renewed interest in skin care is that now I have an extensive list of brands and products I would like to try. Everything from Darphin to Sisley through to Oskia and SkinCeuticals. This may be the one and only time I make a list and start to make way through it! I'm sure you can expect updates along the way.

Disclosure: The BIOeffect serum was sent out for free after British Beauty Bloggers post. The Alpha H White Gold was received as a PR sample.


  1. All I'd say is don't do too much at once - that's a sure fire way to rile up your skin too! A good spf cream, an effective night treatment to target particular issues and an antioxidant/vitamin C serum for daytime are my only essentials. Renee Rouleau is an excellent range, although a bit expensive since the pound took a plummet.

    I also like the Sarah Chapman range, and Skinceuticals. In my experience, the super expensive lines have not delivered noticeably better results than the 'normally' expensive ones ;)

  2. I like Alpha H's Liquid Gold. It's good stuff and when I started using it a friends was like 'woah! what have you been doing to your skin it look marvelous!' or something like that.

    It is true... what you say about the shower gel. I never used to be concerned with what kind of shower gel I was using. But now I need to try lots of different ones! I've recently bought a Korres one in Guava. It is delicious.

    I've never tried the Caudalie stuff. It looks interesting though.

    I use ESPA skincare stuff at the moment. It's rather indulgent :-)

    Nice post x

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  3. That is a really good point. I know that too much all at once will send my skin in to melt down. I try never to swap and change too much so it will be a slow amble through the list! I see a lot of the super expensive brands tend to have samples pop up on ebay (some being sold for quite bonkers prices!) so I'd try samples first before really splashing out ;)

    I will really enjoy researching which are the best products to try. I managed to snatch a couple of minutes with the Caudalie testers on Saturday. I don't know why I was surprised but the Premier Cru cream had been totally emptied. I wondered if someone had brought in their own empty pot, lol!

  4. I love skincare as much as makeup. Even though I am sceptical of claims, I have great belief in what good products can do for you skin. I have a long list of skincare that I would like to try including the Alpha-H but as commented I don't want to rush and try everything and break out (especially since my skin is behaving itself at the moment).

  5. Oh yes, skincare is essential. Not so much fun (for me) as playing with colours, but the best possible canvas cannot be obtained otherwise.
    I personally appreciate Skinceuticals, Kanebo Sensai, Shiseido and Darphin. And, of course, I agree with Grace: prevention (in the form of SPF and anti-oxidants) is the best strategy.
    Keep us posted on results Jane...

  6. Will follow this with interest as skin care has always been of key interest to me because of my sensitive red skin. I would HATE to have your knowledge though, fancy knowing that something is not capable of producing the results claimed on the packaging because its not biologically possible. What a trauma, I am so glad that for me ignorance is bliss and I can kid myself all those outlandish claims might be based on a smidgeon of truth!x

  7. Totally agree with your first statment about how a love of makeup and blogging can really make you just as interested in anything beauty related!

    I'm definitely much more interested in what I'm using on my skin now even though I've always loved skincare!

    Though I don't know how it has happened - I can only guess it's down to other bloggers!

    Fee x

  8. It is skincare all the way for me. Makeup is the necessity to enable small children and dogs to pass me by without fear! Not bothered about the wrinkles but the discolouration is a complete bummer - I look at my daughter's skin (she is 15) and it is the same even tone from collarbone to hairline and I spit with jealousy. Sorry for the vitriol but I would love more than anything to go back and appreciate my even skin tone before it went. Jan x

  9. This is a great post, and I can completely relate to the obsession with skincare! I have a list too, and I'm slowly but surely working my way through all the products I've earmarked to try. I'm still loving that Shiseido White Lucent. I recently tried a serum that I suspect broke me out, but as soon as I returned to the Shiseido it pretty much restored my skin overnight. I hope it works for you :)

  10. @Meeta: It’s definitely not worth rushing and overloading the skin but at the same time, there are so many skincare temptations. I even picked up some Caudalie yesterday, it was reduced in Boots in a clearance bit. I figured it would have been wrong not to!

    @Nina: It’s definitely not as fun as colour but I do really enjoy a lovely night time skin care routine, it can be so relaxing! I really need to work one my use of SPF. I have always chosen moisturisers with SPF15 but I’m outside so much these days, once a day probably isn’t enough.

    @Debbie: The ‘knowledge’ is a nightmare sometimes! On the whole I’ve tended to accept that nothing has more than a temporary effect on the skin. Very nosy question but is your skin sensitive or do you have Rosacea? I know that both Beauty Mouth and Welsh Beauty Blogger have good results with the Darphin Intral range. Might be worth seeing if you can get some samples at SpaceNK next time you go in to Leeds?

    @Fee: It’s definitely the influence of other bloggers. I feel more exposed to different things, in a good way of course. I don’t think I would have even considered anything other than a pedestrian polish before blogging. I’m very pleased to have re-ignited love for good skin care!

    @Jan: I’m always fascinated by your skin care reviews. I’m not sure whether I was the same colour all over, I suppose memory is possibly doing me a forgetful favour! I would love to make my skin look better and more even though, that way I could bypass the foundation matching issue. Maybe not but a girl (?) can dream!

    @dempss: I’m really looking forward to trying the White Lucent. I picked up the Caudalie Vinoperfect cream too as it was reduced. I look forward to reporting as I go!

    Jane x


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