Thursday, 13 January 2011

Nails Inc Eagle Street

I came by this lovely nails polish from the very entertaining (and fun to shop with) Helen from Just Nice Things. I believe it was one of her duplicates. If you've seen her collection you will probably get an idea of why this happens...

My eyes lit up when I saw it, a gorgeous pale milk chocolate colour with a hint of pink. From memory it's lighter and more 'nude' than OPI Over The Taupe or Rimmel Chocolate Factory. I was impressed with the coverage too. You could almost get away with one coat. I did experience the usual problem with the Nails Inc polishes. If I don't get the application right on the first swipe, going over the colour when wet drags the polish off that I've already applied. It's one of those things that takes a bit of getting used to.

As always, you'll spot a bit of tip wear (thought oddly it was only on one hand). I must stress that this is the fault of my nails, I really am the ultimate polish destroyer! I should also say that these pictures were taken a while ago and I haven't broken my polish ban. I promse

I couldn't find it on the Nails Inc website and I believe it may have come as part of a set. You can find it on ebay though so all is not lost. I look forward to putting this back on once the ban is lifted and thanks again to Helen for the lovely gift.


  1. Lovely gift off Helen....and such a gorgeous shade too!
    It really does look the colour of chocolate milk, not that I drink it ofcourse! ha

    Also love that a shade like this can be opaque with one coat.
    I think I will have to head off to eBay now!

    Fee x

  2. Love that colour!
    I'm a bit of a polish addict..But it never lasts longer than a day at absolute most, no matter how expensive or 'hard-wearing' the polish is.

  3. Must say it is a great colour, but I do find Nails Inc such a disappointment - the colour promises so much but the execution is always deeply frustrating because the lastability is terrible. Still like the colour though. Thanks for this. Jan x

  4. Oh, I LOVE this one. I got it in a Polish Mania collection off the Nails Inc website a few months back(10 polishes for £20!) and this was my favourite shade.
    I do agree with the wear issues, but my feeble nails and hard-on-manicure lifestyle means I never manage to keep anything on for more than a couple of days. Ah well.

  5. Oh Jane I'm so jealous of you and Helen going shopping all the time. I need a shopping buddy here in Atlanta :)

  6. This is lovely on you. You should nip to Boots and pick up the free Nails Inc with 2 bottles of Diet Coke - Cool Caramel would be right up your street too! dx

  7. @Fee: I really like the fact that you could get away with one coat. Great for those times when you’re in a rush.

    @SweetLikeJelly: Thank you.

    @Rebecca Lucy: Good to know it’s not just me. I hate to give the impression that a nail varnish isn’t going to last the distance. Anything and everything chips on me too.

    @Jan: The colour is lovely. The Nails Inc polishes seem to be fairly mixed. I do find the application tricky but with this one as it practically went on in one coat it was worth the hassle of getting the application right first time. I don’t think I’ll ever get over their lids though….

    @Katie: It’s only been the once but we’re not too far away from one another. I had such a fabulous time that day, you should definitely find a shopping buddy!

    @Debbie: Thanks for the tip off. I will definitely get myself to Boots. I missed out last time thinking my local Boots wouldn’t be taking part. I won’t be making that mistake again!

    Jane x


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