Monday, 10 January 2011

Comparison of My Red Lipsticks

My Tom Ford lipstick has arrived and to mark the occasion I have done a comparison of my red lipsticks. I have posted lip swatches of most of the others quite recently but here I will show you how they look side by side. As well as the colours, you can see the difference in coverage and texture more so in the side by side swatches.

The colours I am comparing are Illamasqua Box, Eve Red by All For Eve, Avon Charged Cherry, Tom Ford Smoke Red and Illamasqua Fume lipgloss. It may seem strange to include a lipgloss but the Intense lipglosses are very pigmented.

L-R: Box, Smoke Red, Eve Red, Charged Cherry

L-R: Box, Smoke Red, Eve Red, Charged Cherry
L-R: Box, Smoke Red, Eve Red, Charged Cherry. Fume lipgloss below

L-R: Box, Eve Red, Charged Cherry, Smoke Red. Fume below.
More subdued light
Under flash

Below are my impression of all of the colours. In each case, I feel the colours are a touch more blue than they appear on screen.

Box - It's matte, opaque and very pigmented. More crimson and darker than it appears in some of the swatch pictures.

Smoke Red - It has the same depth of colour as Box (despite the appearance in the bullet) but it's more burgundy/maroon. It's pigmented and glossy with great staying power.

Eve Red - It has a nice satin finish, less pigmented and more neutral in tone than the others. Still more blue based in comparison to Fume.

Charged Cherry - As the name implies, this is a cherry red so this is a brighter, pinky toned red. It's more sheer and far less pigmented that the other lipsticks. As well as the glossy sheen it has a metallic pink sparkle in it that gives a very different finish to the others.

Fume - In the tube this looks scarlet but when swatched this has no blue to my eye and looks more of a tomato red than the other colours I have.

I will leave you with a sneak peak of how Smoke Red looks on my lips. I need to wear it a bit more before I post a review but my first impressions are that it was worth the wait!


  1. They look amazing! I really need to check out fume.

    I love reds.. I have about 7 tubes, which is modest, but they all get a lot of love!

  2. Smoke Red looks lovely on you! It will definitely be the next and maybe last Tom Ford I get when funds allow. I really like the look of the Illamasqua gloss as well, never tried a full on red gloss before. I wish there was a counter near me so I could have a good browse. Like everything else, it will have to be left until I go to London X

  3. I am seriously lusting after smoke red, even more after seeing your lip swatch. So beautiful *bats lashes in Mr WBB's direction*

  4. Excellent selection here lady! There's a couple you've got there I wouldn't mind adding to my collection. Looking forward to your Tom Ford review! :)

  5. It does appear that not only was it worth the wait but also the price tag?! My heart stops when I think of spending £35 on lipstick but I cant help but admire those of you that do, it is just so decadent!! Whatever, it looks very lovely on you. x

  6. Hot Mama the Smoke Red on you! Looking forward to the full post.

  7. That red smoke looks gorgeous, still no way I could pull that off! I'll sit here being envious ;) I am hoping Tom Ford will bring out some eyeshadows soon.
    Have you seen the posts popping up for Guerlain spring, I really am liking the look of the eye palette now and think it looks quite different to my other shades. I picked up that new Dior grey quint the other day, have you seen anything you like yet from spring?

  8. Smoke Red looks amaaazing, I'm really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it in a bit more details. I'm definitely going to wear red lippie tomorrow after reading this post xx

  9. To be frank I am scared of red lipstick - there I have said it, I wore it 20yrs ago with aplomb but I have lost my panache and pazzaz and confidence to wear it. These all look great colours and I am envious not only that you have them but that you wear them. Thanks for the inspiration if not the follow through (mine that is!) Jan x

  10. @Jen W: Fume is lovely, I particularly like that you can wear it either intense or sheered out. I bet your collection is lovely Jen, 7 definitely sounds respectable!

    @Lipstick Luuvie: Thank you! Definitely have a look at the Illamasqua glosses if you have opportunity when you’re next in London. I got this one when it was reduced on

    @WBB: I hope the fluttering works! I think this would look gorgeous on you. I wore it today on the school run and didn’t feel in the least bit overdone.

    @Ms. Wedgie: Thank you! I had a lovely Rimmel red but couldn’t find it anywhere. This should tell me something about the size of my collection but I’m just going to ignore it and push on ;)

    @Debbie: I have to admit that I got this from ebay and paid around the £20 mark. Still expensive but more in line with other lipsticks that I have. It is gorgeous. I think I would struggle to say it’s worth the price to everyone. It’s very luxurious and I think I will be asking for another for my birthday!

    @Grace: Why thank you! I’m so pleased with it and love the fact that Mr MB has been admiring it ;). Thank you for planting the seed.

    @Replica: Thank you. I wore it today to do the school run and felt very comfortable. It’s not so much of a statement that I’m too scared to wear it.

    I have seen the lovely Guerlain swatches. The palette is really tempting me now and I was also admiring the single dove grey eyeshadow on The Beauty Look Book. I’m less enamoured by the blush now looking at those swatches. I have a feeling it could turn out like Petticoat did on me. I looked at the Dior quint and gave it a miss. I suspect that I couldn’t pull of the lighter frosty colours, these are the shades I have struggled with in the past. I did like the quad that Get Lippie posted about. I wished I’d looked at that on my failed Debenhams mission. I have a feeling that the points might actually last until Chanel. Hurrah!

    @Primp and Preen: Yay, did you rock a red yesterday? You look so great in bold colours. I’m wearing it today so hopefully I’ll get my thoughts together for a review shortly.

    @Jan: I have seen pictures of you wearing red and you looked hawt! I found my makeup feet later in life so I quite enjoy doing bold every now and again, It’s actually more of an everyday colour than I thought it would be which is great news.

    Thanks for all of your lovely comments,
    Jane x

  11. That smoke red is AMAZING on you! I could never, ever wear that.... sniff, sob, sniff =)

    Why is it I have no trouble (whether it looks alright or not is questionable) wearing a bruisy purple eye shadow but am afraid of red lips???? I'm afraid I like being in the nude too much x jeanie

  12. Tom Ford's Smokey Red looks a-mazing on you! It definitely looks worth the ££'s

    Fee x

  13. Hi jv, it's funny isn't it what we do and don't feel confident in. With red lipsticks it depends on the day and my mood whether or not I can pull it off. I'm very pleased with the Tom Ford.

    Hey Fee, thank you. The TF is lovely, I cheated a bit and got it from ebay so not quite as many ££'s as full price. Not sure if it will have me hooked though!

    Jane x

  14. Smoke Red red looks great when worn, despite it looking so scary!!!
    So, sounds like the TF lipsticks are worth checking out...? :)



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