Friday, 21 January 2011

A Friday Confession Double Bill

It's been a funny old week and I managed to make a major blunder with my dates. I for one need a boost, so for the first time ever, I give you a Confessional double bill! First up this week is Esther from When Life Hands You Lipstick.

Confession is good for the soul, go ahead and unburden yourself! I promise I won’t judge.

Ok, I’ll admit it. I used to brush and comb my curly hair when it was dry. Only last year did I figure out why my hair was such a frizzy mass.

The first time I used concealer for blemishes, I bought a green powder. Not only did I cake that all over my face and go out in public, but the powder was sparkly! I’m embarrassed just thinking about all the people that saw my face in such a state.

A colour correcting disaster in action

When I was in middle school, I thought eye glitter was the best makeup in the world. Needless to say, my opinion has changed.

Another middle school crime: Purple lipstick was in, so I thought that it must look great on me. True purple lipstick on a person with extremely white skin and dark hair can only create one look: frightening!

I am guilty of peeling off my nail polish in class and walking around with a shoddy manicure. Ew.

I have gone six months without trimming my hair.

I used spray-on heat protectant and curled my hair before the product dried. My hair smoked and steamed. Even my mom told me my hair smelled like charcoal. Lovely.

There, don’t you feel better now?
A bit, actually, because I can safely say that I have kicked the majority of these bad habits.

Aunty Brown has a few more questions though; it’s true that I’m the nosy type.

When was the last time you visited the hairdresser?
Two weeks ago!

You have a choice: bad hair or bad nails?
Bad nails, though I do hate both.

What is the oldest item of make up in your collection?
Remember that eye glitter I mentioned? Yeah, it’s still in one of my makeup cases.

Which trend still makes you cringe?
The way I wore purple lipstick still traumatizes me. I also really hate lips so matte and nude that they are completely erased. I don’t like false eyelashes that look like spiders. I know they’re popular, but they just scare me.


Thank you so much to Esther for baring all. Your poor hair, there's nothing worse than the smell of burning hair. It reminds me of the time my sister lost her eyebrows with a can of aerosol and a lighter....

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