Friday, 28 January 2011

This week I have been mostly...

..loving these products.

Max Factor Burnt Bark eyeshadow - I bought this to try as part of my budget taupe hunt. It's a gorgeous shade, really pigmented with a creamy texture. I hope do my taupe post soon but I'm still testing a few more eyeshadows. In the meanttime, if you're in the market for a nice, inexpensive taupe shade this is well worth a look.

Lancome Hypnose mascara - Marina from Makeup4all recommended I give this mascara a try after hearing I liked the Hourglass Film Noir. I've been using it for a week or so now and I'm really impressed. It's really dark, gives lashes nice definition and it's another that doesn't smudge on me which I'm very excited about (small things eh?). It has a good brush size if you're not blessed in the lashes department like me.

NARS Laguna bronzer - Lots of people suggested that I should add a little bronzer in to my routine with my newly dark hair. It has certainly helped me look less ghostly and I've been using this one for preference. I have to admit it does feel a bit strange talking about bronzer in January! 

Hourglass Femme Rouge in Fresco and BECCA Enigma palette - I have posted about both Fresco and Enigma very recently and they are fast becoming staples for me.

By Terry Touche Veloutee - There's been quite a buzz about this product in the blogging community and being a fully paid up member of undereye concealer anonymous, I felt I had to give it a try. Thanks to the £10 credit on my N.dulge card I bought it for £23 rather than the usual £33. It's not quite HG but it is very nice.

Nephria Jade soap - It's unusual for me to use a soap these days. They're considered a bit old fashioned I suppose and have a reputation for being drying. I was sent this to try and wasn't really sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised though as it produces a nice, creamy lather and leaves my face feeling clean and soft.

Själ Mineral Källa Enery Tonic - I have been using this as a toner and whenever my skin has felt a little parched. It feels nice and refreshing and feels really pleasant on the skin after cleansing. And to use the wise Beauty Mouth's analogy, it's feels better now I have a little mayonnaise on my sandwich!

Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping Hydrator - I got a small sample of this and few other products to try after Replica piqued my interest in the Elemental Herbology range. This moisturiser feels so lush on the skin and has the most divine smell. Not perfumed in the tradition sense but I suspect the smell comes from the ingredients. It feels like a lovely treat for my face in the morning.

Pureology shampoo - I chose the hydrating shampoo from the Pureology colour protecting range in anticipation of loving my new colour....Glossing over that disaster, I have been enjoying using this shampoo. I've had mixed feelings about the SLS free shampoos I have used so far but this is one of the better ones that I have tried. It smells nice, foams well but I still find rinsing it away a little harder than with traditional sulfate formulated shampoos. It does leave my soft though which I like.

Haus of Gloi Samhain Pumpkin Butter - This was by far and away the favourite of my pre-Christmas Haus of Gloi order and I wish I had bought a full size when it was available. I find the smell hard to describe and if you want a more helpful scent description may I recommend London Makeup Girl's post. This doesn't light the Biochemist's fire but I do think it has a very sexy, earthy edge to it. It was released as part of last year's Halloween collection and I really hope it will be available again this year (I'll buy a vat next time). I look forward to more reports of the Haus of Gloi Valentine's collection too.

I have my eye on.....

I'm hoping to do a little shopping this weekend, especially as I know some of the Spring collections have been released. First on my list is the Guerlain Rue de Rivoli palette. My love for Rue de Passy was a bit of a slow burner and I wasn't sure I would consider another as they're an expensive purchase. I do like the look of the colours though and think they could be very 'me'. I'm not sure if I'll manage to use the fuchsia though.

Image from

I was also considering the Chanel Ombres de Perlees but I have been reliably informed that it's a bit of a disappointment. I shall save my pennies for NARS Spring instead and may even get one of the new Guerlain mono eyeshadows.

What are you currently loving? Do you have anything on your Spring collection shopping list?


  1. I started the damage with the new Meteorites compact powder. Only used it twice so far, but I love it. It seems to agree very well with the Peau Vierge (which is all the base I have been using ever since I got it), and the combination gives a luminous (but not shimmery) finish that I find quite flattering.
    I also got two of the new Armani long-wearing eye pencils in brown and green. I used the brown one today (both for tightlining and lining) and the first thing that struck me was the richness and fullness of its pigment. Going on to seven hours now (I was applying during a certain Twitter conversation that revealed a lot about your, ahem, preferences lol) and there is no smudging and no fading this rate, you can count me impressed.
    Finally, I've gone on a Trish McEvoy binge and composed a palette with eight eyeshadows and definers, as well as a blusher. Very-very nice indeed, flattering and utterly wearable.
    Wow, just putting this down in writing makes me ashamed of my spending (hangs head and goes to the naughty step).
    Nina x

  2. Very nice selection Jane, am a huge fan of Lancome Hypnose - the precious cells one, London Makeup Girl and Get Lippie did reviews and I went out and bought and have been delighted. I used my Ndulge points for the Touche Veloutee too! I think I blathered on to you on Twitter about it - haven't used it since! Thanks for this. Jan x

  3. I have heard so many ppl rave about Nar's bronzers that they deserve a try now! That Guerlain palette looks gorgeous! You could use the bright pink on your lower lash line for that pop of colour that isn't too overwhelming.

  4. I too have been very interested in Elemental Herbology after seeing Replica's posts but I have such a backlog of products to use up first. I have been quite impressed by the few By Terry items I have tried, the Light Expert foundation in particular I liked as it does give a plumper appearance although I think it may be slightly much for my combo skin as I did get shiny easily with this.
    At the moment I have my eye on the RBR cream shadows and I think I may pop over to the Cult Beauty pop-up at Selfridges tomorrow to see their ranges in the flesh.

  5. Hi Jane, I posted this comment on Replicas blog too, it may enable you into buying the eye palette!

    "For any UK folks who are interested in the palette or blush they are both available online @ Debenhams. Use code PU4P for 10% discount on selected beauty when you checkout, free delivery over £30 at the moment too. I bought the palette for £47.25 including shipping - happy days! "

  6. Hello,
    I really like the By Terry Touche Veloutee, my one has just finished but I am going to buy the VIP Touch-Expert Advanced one as that it meant to be better, we shall see! I'n glad you got some EH, I am still really liking it.
    I wore the Ombres de Perlees again today and again am very disappointed, difficult application and crease city!
    As you know I want many many things, incuding those Armani long-wearing eye pencils Nina has bought! x

  7. @Nina: Oh wow, that sounds like a lovely shopping spree! I like the sound of the Armani pencils. I was looking at Armani on the Selfridges website last night and was gutted to see that they don’t have the Eyes To Kill eyeshadows amongst a few others things I was considering with the free delivery. I have no recollection of the conversation you’re referring too, lol! ;)

    @Jan: I’ll have to try the precious cells version next. I’m very impressed with the mascara as with my stumpy lashes there are few formulas and brushes that seem to suit. You did talk to me about TV on Twitter. I wished that I had been able to swatch the no.2 shade, I got porcelain but it’s probably a bit too light for me. It’s too bad though and quite brightening.

    @Get Gawjus! Thanks for the placement idea for the pink, I’ll give that a go! It took me a long time before I took the Nars bronzer plunge but I’m glad I did. Whilst it doesn’t look at all appealing in the pan, it is a good colour.

    @Meeta: Oh, let me know how you get on at Cult Beauty if you go. I’d have loved to have visited that pop up. I’m interested to try some of the By Terry foundations sometime. I wanted to swatch some but there seemed an alarming number of different formulas so I didn’t know where to start!

    @liz: Thank you. I spotted your comment on Replica’s post last night and may well use it for something else. I have £15 on my Debenhams Beauty Card at the moment which will soften the Guerlain blow quite a bit!

    Jane x

  8. @Replica: I was trying to work out which was the new one whilst I was in SpaceNK but the hamper of my mini entourage made it hard work! I'm very tempted to try more By Terry now. Always the danger when trying a new brand.

    I had an idea that the O d Perlees might be awkward after Jeanie's initial impressions post. I think she ended up using fingers to apply. If it's going to be hard work I'm happy to skip it and get something else. I had a look for the Eyes to Kill on last night and there's no sign, then I looked at the face fabric - no light shades, face fabric blushers - none there either. I think Selfridges are conspiring against me! The pencils sound very interesting though so I will see if I can find them online.

    Jane x

  9. I want the Guerlain blush and that palette now gah I can't afford it after buying all that nail stuff haha!

  10. Quick update on the pencil(s): excellent 11-hour wear, with no smudging and, more importantly, no fading! However, removing it (especially the tightlining) was a really tough job. And by that I mean 'my eyes are now sore' kind of a tough job, even with my trusted Lancome bi-facil remover....oh well...
    Nina x

  11. What a great selection of products! And who can go past a Guerlain palette?

  12. That Max Factor taupe looks good, off to Leeds make up shopping with Em today so will add it to my list to check out. Still on a quest for my hg foundation and that my main thing at the mo, although also after another Bobbi Brown creamy lip colour, thinking Twilight maybe if its not too "foundation" lips for me. x

  13. @Sarah: I think the blush looks gorgeous but after seeing the review the The Beauty Look Book I knew it would look like a sunburn on me so that sorted that lemming out! I do think Guerlain know how to make products look very tempting. Your lamp looks very cool though :D

    @Nina: Gosh, that sounds like it has scary staying power! I hope your eyes are feeling less sore this morning. Thank you for the update x

    @Demps: I personal struggle to pass the Guerlain palettes without a little pang! Glad you enjoyed my rambling :)

    @Debbie: Have fun in Leeds (I’m jealous, I miss Leeds for the shops). I hope you’re successful on your foundation hunt, it’s such a tricky one to get right I think. Definitely take a look at the Max Factor eyeshadow. I even had a conversation with Caroline Barnes about it and it’s one of her favourites too. It stands up to my more expensive ones well and from memory it’s under a fiver.

    Jane x

  14. I'm really tempted by one of the Guerlain palettes, I still haven't caved to one of those.

    I'm really looking forward to the HoG Valentine's collection.

  15. Just a quick question...which shade do you use in the Touche Veloutee?
    (I have similar coloring to you...)
    Thanks a ton...

  16. I am very pleased that you liked the mascara. I also like DiorShow Blackout but Hypnose is still my #1 x

  17. Hi Grace! I couldn't resist the call of the Guerlain. I'm glad I went when I did as I actually picked up the last one. I'll be really interested to see how this compares to the mixed textures in Rue de Passy.

    I'm really looking forward to the HoG Valentine's fragrances. I really want to try one of the bubbling scrubs in particular.

    Hi Erin, I got the Touchee Veloutee in #1 Porcelain but I hesitate to recommend it to you as I do think it's a bit too light for me. There was no tester available for #2 so I don't know how much darker it is comparatively. Are you able to pop in for a match or are you shopping online?

    Jane x

  18. Dear Jane,
    Thank you!
    This really does help, as I do most of my browsing (and drooling) online...(particularly as the closest counter for ByTerry is in Boston...over an hour away) Also, resisting is SO much easier from a distance...I do not think I have every managed to walk away from Barneys or SpaceNK without a purchase.
    :-) Erin

  19. @Marina: You’re going to tempt me in to trying DiorShow next I’m sure. Does that one have a big brush head? I’ll have to have a little look next time I go to Debenhams. I am really liking Hypnose though. I find I can really build it up for a dramatic look. Almost unheard of for my spindly lashes!

    @Erin: I would really hold off for now. I would decant a sample for you to try but I have a feeling it might dry out in the post. Hopefully I will get chance to swatch the other shade soon and I can report back. I have heard that there is a newer formula (it has a different name) which might be worth hanging on for.

    Jane x


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