Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Shu Uemura ME 850 and IR 800 eyeshadows

I've been interested in trying some more Shu Uemura products for a while and once I heard about the 25% off code before Christmas, I couldn't resist placing an order. I had originally ordered three eyeshadow but unfortunately P 860 was out of stock once my order was processed.

One of these is a winner for me and the other was a bit of a surprise. ME 850 Brown, is often discussed as the replacement for the very popular and discontinued ME Silver 945. I can't comment on whether or not ME 945 is a dupe for MAC Satin Taupe but I can say that ME 850 isn't similar enough to be a dupe to my mind. I don't know why I didn't think to add a swatch of Satin Taupe as a comparison. I think ME 850 is quite similar to the limited edition Style Snob but the Shu eyeshadow has a much smoother finish. I will do an updated taupe comparison if anyone is interested? I think it's about time I include some cheaper brands too for colour comparison. Anyway, I digress...

ME 850

ME 850 is lovely. It has great pigmentation and is smooth and easy to apply. It has good staying power too. It's a metallic silvery brown and although frosty, it's not overly so. This looks equally nice as a lid colour or crease colour. I'm going to get a lot of use out of this, especially as it's simple to use as a wash of colour using a buffing/crease type brush when I'm short of time.

IR 800

IR 800 is described on the www.shuuemura.co.uk website as an iridescent beige. I thought this would make a change from the satin finish beiges that I often use. When it arrived it took me a while to realise that this was the 'beige'. To me, this looks and swatches as a pale gold. It's quite yellow based and had I seen it in person, this is not something I would have picked up. Athough this colour isn't for me, the eyeshadow texture is the same pleasure to apply as the ME 850. It's so easy and creamy to use. I have included a picture of it applied to my lid so that you can see how it translates on the eye (apologies for the lack of mascara).

I'm keen to try more Shu Uemura products, in particular the blushes and maybe more eyeshadows. I intend to have a browse and swatch at a counter next time as I struggled to find many swatches online. Let me know if you have an favourites or colours you think I should take a look at.

I should mention there were a few issues with ordering from the website. The order took a long time to be dispatched and I didn't realise that one of the items was out of stock until my order arrived. An email had been sent but I never received it and I'm aware that this happened to a few others. There was no invoice in the package either for me to check. However, I was very impressed with their customer services department. They dealt with my query really quickly and in a very helpful and pleasant manner. Based on my experience with their customer services I'd be happy to use the website again (once I've checked out the colours in person).


  1. I don't think they have got the site service up to speed really going by the two orders I had placed, I had the stock and email issue with my first order I blogged about and for my second one, took a long time to arrive and then the money wasn't taken out of my account for almost a month. Like you I'd like to get some more shadows but swatches are hard to find, if I come across some good ones I'll let you know! x

  2. These colours look lovely, and the shadows look like they would be nice and buttery. If I didn't own a million colours like this I would check it out.

  3. I haven't bought from Shu in a while but I really enjoy shopping from the Covent Garden store (I quite like the feel of the store). For some reason I have never bought any of the eyeshadows even though I've tested out some nice shades. I have a few of the blushes that I love and some of their tools which they do very well. I want to get the painting liner next.

  4. Interesting post. The first eyeshadow looks lovely, the next one could nayve be used as a highlighter?
    I didn't know (hadn't checked ) that Shu now had a website
    I used to call the covent garden store and ask for whichever products and they'd post it to me :-D At a cost obviously ;)

  5. These look really smooth and lovely, I agree that the beige is a bit light, could be nice just on the inside corner of your eye lid to make it pop with a darker shadow all over. The taupe shade is lovely with just enough shimmer. Re the Taupe comparison - please please please!! dx

  6. @Replica: The site definitely needs more work. I hope to have a swatch of some blushers and eyeshadows next time I’m in Selfridges. I almost ordered one of the lipstick you posted about. I’d been keen to hear if you ever find any good swatches.

    @Kelsey: That was my reasoning not to get any of the eyeshadows……until the money off code came up of course! I really like the texture.

    @Meeta: The store sounds nice. I’ll pay a visit if I’m ever passing. I’m especially interested in trying the blushers. I couldn’t make a decision on which one to try when this offer was on though. After I placed the order I realised I should have added the lash curlers. Shamefully, I still don’t have any!

    @Cheeky Beauty: I had heard the Covent Garden were really good at posting items out. I almost did that when I was after the brow pencil. I’m not sure about the ‘beige’ as a highlighter. I think this will be one to swap or sell on to be honest. Ah well, you can’t win them all!

    @Debbie: I’ll definitely do another comparison. I’m hopefully going in to Superdrug and Boots later (I’ll leave my empty pots at home) and hopefully I’ll be able to find others to add to my taupe research!

    Jane x

  7. Taupe comparison! Can never get enough lol x

  8. I picked up a few the other day and realised I also have a Bourjois one that I bought a while ago. Testing will start shortly! x

  9. Hello, please answer me by mail,
    I would like to place order at Shu Uemura Covent Garden but I need a big discount.
    25% off would be amazing!!

    Can someone give me their e mail because I don't undersatnd them by phone and nobody speacks french.

    and can you please give me a GOOD voucher?

    please please please. I am desperate, here it is SO EXPENSIVE THAT WE CAN'T AFFORD a brush :(

  10. Hi Hanounaa. I'm really sorry but I am not aware of any current discount codes. They have a website - http://www.shuuemura.co.uk/ but I couldn't find any information about international shipping. I found this email address for the store but I'm not sure whether it works, you could give it a try though shunealst@lpdstore.co.uk. You could try service@shuuemura.co.uk too which I believe is their customer services address for the web store.
    Good luck!

  11. thank you I did not see your answer in my hotmail mail.
    I will try.
    Yes the uk website don't ship to France, neither does the us website :/
    Here it is sooooooooo much more expensive!
    Many thanks.


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