Saturday, 22 January 2011

Tom Ford Lipstick in Smoke Red

I already gave you a little sneak preview of how this looked in my red comparison post. I know it's taken a little while to write this review but red isn't something I wear everyday and I wanted chance to wear it a few times before giving you my thoughts.

Despite being a red, I find this particular colour and finish make it easy to wear on a more regular basis. There's something more muted about it than a more punchy red. Somehow the colour allows a bit of my natural lip colour to peep through without it being sheer. There is some sparkle which is visible on the bullet yet I cannot pick it out in either the swatch or on my lips but I think it contributes to the slightly glossy look.

This has average wear for me and whilst it isn't the most moisturising lipstick in my collection, it doesn't sap my lips of moisture like some pigmented colours. It has a nice creamy feel too. My husband was admiring the lipstick and he commented on the subtle fragrance. It's not a highly perfumed smell, in the way that I would describe a YSL lipstick, but there's a slightly sweet almost chocolaty smell to it. For me this just adds to the luxury.

I don't have a good picture of this in the context of my face, yet colourwise I think it's helpful to see how it looks. So, I hope you can overlook the otherwise naked face. I have a feeling this picture will be replaced very soon! I do think it gives a good representation of the colour though.

I don't suppose there's any way to write a review of a Tom Ford lipstick without broaching the subject of the cost. Tom Ford Private Blend lipsticks retail at £35. That's a lot of money for a lipstick by anybody's standards. I have to admit that I actually bought this particular lipstick from Ebay for just a bit over £20. I can't say that any one thing makes this lipstick worth £35. The formula and colour is very nice but not necessarily any more so than other lipsticks at the £22 mark. The overall attention to detail though does lend a more luxurious feel (the packaging, the smell, the TF detail on the bullet etc.) and I feel very special whenever I wear this.

The bottom line is, it is by no means a must have but if you're a lover of lipsticks and like a bit of luxury, I wouldn't discourage you from giving these a try. I am very happy that I have this and I feel there's still space for another Tom Ford lipstick in my life!


  1. Haha had to laugh looking at pics of your lips whilst the "return of 'Allo 'Allo" is on in the background and they were playing J'taime just as I got to the stills of your lips closed and gently parted - appropriate I thought! This looks such a beautiful colour and texture, I looked at Get Lippie's post on her 2 TF and as I commented to her, this is the year of the lipstick I feel. Thankyou Jan x

  2. This is gorgeous! It really suits your skin and hair colour. It's such a beautiful colour, so sophisticated.

    As a student, I'm a bit wary of the price tag - MAC lipsticks seem steep to me, even at £13.50!

    Great post.


  3. I do know what you mean by there being nothing that amazing about it to warrant the price other than the attention to detail...which is how I feel about the Guerlain lipsticks I own.

    The packaging with the little flip out mirror and the shape of it just make is seem special.

    The shade really does look beautiful on you, you really can pull that kind of red off I think.

    Fee x

  4. Wow that's some price to pay for lipstick, though I'm sure it's completely worth it. You suit the colour well. Nice one x

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  5. I am a lipstick junkie therefore, you haev convinced me that I need this in my collection =D. I think Ill go for a rosey brown so I can wear it more often =D Great review

  6. I've got so many blue based reds but I think I might have to make this one mine too! Uh oh...

  7. Hi Jane,
    I think you know what I'm going to say, I love it! With Tom Ford I feel much happier wearing colours that I could not get away with from other brands. I can't pinpoint exactly, but they are just so wearable. That is how I justify the price, because I know I'll wear them far more than my cheaper lipsticks. Glad your husband likes it, obviously a man with good taste! X

  8. You look fantastic! Very chic :)

  9. I love this colour on you Jane. Your face is made for a retro red lip :)

  10. Love the colour and you wear it really well. I thought in the picture of the lipstick it looks like a little bite has been taken from the right corner ;)
    I got to see the Guerlain spring today, ended up with the eye palette and 2 lipsticks, not tried them yet as my boy no longer has a nap during the day..sighs.. but will try and get a review up soon x

  11. Very lovely on you! I am of the philosophy that if you love it- it's worth it and life is too short. Is your hair your new deeper tone in this photo? If so, it really, really suits you- it really brings out your eyes. Once again- thanks for the post x jeanie

  12. @Jan: Ha ha ha! My saucy French moment ;). Lipstick definitely seems to have become my ‘thing’ over the last couple of years. It’s really seen a rise in popularity again. Did you see my comment on Replica’s post about de-scenting the lipsticks? It might be worth a shot with the EB.

    @Lorin: Thank you. It definitely is steep and there are plenty of other great lipsticks out there that won’t break the bank. It’s not essential but is certainly beautiful.

    @Fee: Thank you. I couldn’t be dishonest and say it’s a must have. Definitely not at the price but I’m pleased I got. I still want to get one of the Rouge G lipsticks. They look spectacular!

    @CleverRabbit: Yes, it is a lot for a lipstick without a doubt. As I say, I’m not sure it is worth it unless it’s something really want. It does feel very special though.

    @Imo: I’m trying to remember all of the colours and whether there is a rosy brown. They’re grouped into Nudes, Bolds and Dramatics. I wonder if Pink Dusk would be dark enough (it’s in the ‘Nude’ group)? You should definitely take a look at a counter if you opportunity. If you’re a lipstick junkie you definitely need to take a look at least ;)

    @Jen W: It’s a gorgeous red. If you’re a fan of red lipsticks the Tom Ford lipsticks are definitely worth a look. Have you looked at an of the Julie Hewett reds? I’ve admired the collection that London Makeup Girl has.

    @Jennifer: There is something that makes them more wearable and less ‘look at you with your statement lips’! It’s hard to describe but very lovely. I‘m pleased you encouraged me :D x

    @Ki: Thank you! You’re very kind as I think I look slightly mad without the rest of my face on. I think it always helps to see how the colour works in the context of the rest of the face. I just wish I had but the rest of my face on before snapping!

    @Dempss: Thank you, that gave me a big smile!

    @Replica: It does look like a little bite doesn’t it? That’s how it arrived. I wonder if someone had taken a fancy to it before it was parcelled up! I wasn’t sure when the Guerlain was coming out. I’m going to have to resist the urge to order it, I think I have found just the thing to use that £15 at Debenhams for ;)

    @Jeanie: You’re right, life is too short to worry about it. I have it, I love it and wouldn’t say no to more ;). My hair does look quite dark in that picture, I think it’s because of the lighting. That is my pre-darkened colour though. I would really like it back now!!!

    Thanks for all of your comments, much appreciated,
    Jane x

  13. This looks fabulous on you! I am quite glad to see it with a bare face as we have similar colouring and it is really helpful. You've got ne wanting to try this and the All about Eve to the Oracle I think!


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