Sunday, 16 January 2011

My Eyes Get The ITP Treatment

If you haven't seen Olivia's instructive step by step tutorials on Into The Palette then may I recommend you take a look. Olivia explains about placement and colours in a really easy to follow way with helpful pictures. It's very interesting to see how you can enhance specific eye shapes by tweaking colour positioning.

My eyes have been featuring in a series of how-to's for hooded eyes. Getting placement just right is something I struggle with as often I find I don't take colour high enough for it to be visible when my I open my eyes. I think the most recent tutorial on creating depth and shape will be useful to anyone that has the same eye issues. The naturally defined look for hooded eye shapes is also very useful, it was fascinating to see the difference that swapping the ivory and peach around had on the overall look.

I have heard a whisper of Eva Green eyes next which sounds marvellous. Who hasn't fancied themselves as a Bond girl? Thank you to Olivia for giving my eyes "the treatment" and taking the time to produce such great tutorials.


  1. Interesting site, when I try and do my eye placement a bit different I always seem to revert to my normal style half way through like its programmed in :)
    Do you think you will change how you do your placement in light of this? x

  2. It's such a helpful series! It's great to read something which deals with placement of colour so closely. I don't even want to think about how long all those little pictures took her to create though! :)

  3. Wow that's impressive stuff, have read it twice and think I may be getting the hang of where my corner and hinge are, but might need a 3rd read to be sure! Would love to see an EOTD that you do using this method. x

  4. Thanks for letting me do your eyes. It was great fun! :-D

  5. @Replica: I’ll definitely have a go at trying some of the placements in the tutorials. I’m really very intrigued to try to fleshy peach above the crease. I certainly get annoyed with myself after spending ages doing my eye makeup that most of the work is hidden unless my eyes are closed!

    @dempss: Oh gosh, I know, it must take such a long time to create and tweak all the pictures! I dread to think how long. I think Olivia must have the patience of a Saint!

    @Debbie: I will definitely have a go and share the results. I’d love to improve of my technique and it’s amazing to see how the subtle changes can make a big difference.

    @Olivia: Thank you so much for the tutorials. As Demps says, it must take so much effort to do, I am in awe! It’s so helpful too x


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