Monday, 17 January 2011

Hourglass Femme Rouge in Fresco

I did warn you there would be more Hourglass lipsticks to come! I decided on Fresco as I thought it was a nice everyday shade that could join my comparison collection I'd get quite a lot of use from and I had enjoyed the texture and coverage of Noctural.

This is described as a classic rose but I think of it as a rosy shade with a hint of brown. It's quite similar to MAC Cosmo in colour. I noticed when swatching it that it has a slightly sheer element to it yet it's still quite pigmented. How the shade appears does depend on whether or not I have muted my lips with foundation first. The pictures here show how it looks with my natural colour blotted out. It looks a little darker otherwise.

It's a pretty everyday colour and it pairs well with a variety of looks. One thing I find a little strange is that sometimes it feels more moisturising than others. Nocturnal was similar in this regard but I feel this has a little less slip than Nocturnal. It's definitely not as moisturising as my RBR lipsticks for example but I would describe it as feeling similar in weight and texture on the lips as my Edward Bess lipsticks. I have also wondered if it might be similar in colour to one of the new Edward Bess lipstick colours.

Laura Mercier Pink Cocoa, e.l.f. Rosy Raisin, MAC Cosmo and Fresco

Here's how it looks compared to some of my other lipsticks. Shown left to right: Laura Mercier Pink Cocoa, e.l.f. Rosy Raisin, MAC Cosmo and Fresco. It's most similar to Cosmo though hopefully you can see from the swatch that Fresco is more sheer and glossy in finish.

In this picture I am wearing Fresco on the lips, Rouge Bunny Rouge Bejewelled Skylark on the eyes and RBR Delicata blushers on my cheeks. I'm really pleased with how the colours worked together. I will post about the new RBR items later this week I hope.

Hourglass Femme Rouge lipsticks are available from Zuneta and cost £22. They're also refillable and I believe the refills will also be available from Zuneta.


  1. That is such a Jane shade, looks beautiful on you. I know its perhaps lighter than you would normally go for but I think you would like Whisper as well. The blusher and shadow really suit you, will look forward to your reviews on those x

  2. I love all three of the products used together, especially impressed with the RBR blush. I really did mean to buy it last week but got distracted by the new RBR and Edward Bess - short attention span! Hourglass Nocturnal is definitely on my list for next month.

    Have finally posted your eyeliner brush today, I also stuck in a smashbox shadow brush as somehow I ended up for 4 of those as well! Hopefully you should get it tomorrow or Wednesday X

  3. This was the shade I decided to go for when I bought one of the lipsticks as it is a colour I would get more wear out of. I really like the lux, weighty packaging as well.

  4. Really loving this colour and it looks great on you! Nice to know that it has a similar texture to Ed Bess because I'm getting my first lippie from EB this week (hopefully, if they come in stock) so its nice to know what to expect.

    Loving the look of Delicata, can't wait to read!


  5. Gorgeous and the lip and blush work really well together too. x

  6. This looks beautiful on you... I'm very tempted by MAC's Cosmo! x

  7. That does look like a very nice, versatile daily go-to kind of shade!

  8. A beautiful shade well chosen! Love the overall look too :)

  9. nice wearable shade and nice packaging...really suits you but it does look like previous shades you have tried on. i am more tempted by mac cosmo which is cheaper as well..leinti nti

  10. I do like that lipstick on you, it's a really nice shade and tone for you. Delicata looks gorgeous on you, really suits you! x

  11. Great shade on you, it looks so creamy!!

  12. @Replica: It’s funny you should say that as I was looking at Whisper the other day and wondering. I really like this colour and have already worn it quite a lot. I’m very pleased with the new RBR bits too.

    @Jennifer: Thank you so much for my package. The cards are gorgeous and I love the Smashbox brush. My friend has already relieved me of the BB brush! I was giving her a lesson in applying eyeliner. I ended up packing her off with lots of goodies.

    I’m very tempted by the new RBR creams. At the moment I am resisting the new EB lipsticks. We’ll see how long that lasts ;)

    @Meeta: I agree Meeta, the weighty feel of the lipstick is really nice. This is such a great all rounder kind of shade. I think it’s probably a really good choice for a first try of this range. Zu has been really tempting me though. She has and wears all of the shades. I bet some of the brighter pinks are amazing on.

    @Miss Merx: I think you’ll really like the EB lipsticks. I know they’ve changed the packaging and the scent but I don’t imagine the texture is any different. There’s something about them that makes me feel instantly more glam! I keep reaching for Delicata, definitely a winner.

    @Debbie: Thank you, both the lip and blusher shades are my beloved Taupe eyeshadows. Really easy to wear and they seem to work well everything!

    @Rocaille: MAC Cosmo is lovely and definitely worth a look!

    @Makeup Magpie: I’ve reached for this so much in the last week, even when I didn’t start the day wearing it. It’s such an easy to wear colour for me.

    @dempss: Thank you! All of these items have been a great investment for me. You can’t beat those sorts of orders!

    @λειντι ντι: It’s definitely similar to others that I have. The differences are in the texture (and packaging I guess), I wouldn’t say it’s better that Cosmo just different. Cosmo is definitely worth a look.

    @Grace: Thank you. Thank you also for the posts about Delicata, I’m so pleased I bought it. It’s such a great choice for a bit of definition without competing with other colours.

    @Stefanie: Thank you so much Stefanie. It is really creamy, the texture is quite hard to explain but I think that’s definitely the thing that sets it apart from other lipsticks. Can you get Hourglass in Australia or is it online only like it is for us?

    Thank you all for your comments. My apologies at my taking so long to reply, it’s been one of those weeks!
    Jane x

  13. OOh I love this colour on you. I bought the lippie in MUSE because its supposed to look good on dark skin tones but I think Im a bit too fair to pull it off properly.

    Do you think this colour would be suitable for darker tones?

  14. Thanks Imo, I think it could work on darker skin tones. I think it might look more nude than it does on me. Have you ever tried Cosmo, I find that quite similar colourwise? I have and really like Nocturnal too, that could also be quite a good one for you x

  15. Really nice shade for your colours and beautiful FOTD! :)
    You've made me very curious abt Hourglass lipsticks, I'm already planning a little (starter?) purchase thanks to you! ;) xx

  16. Hi Tina, I really like these Hourglass Femme Rouge lipsticks. Let me know if you go for it, I'd love to hear which colour you go for! xx

  17. Hi Jane
    I too have this lipstick and I adore it! Its such a pretty colour and so nice to wear but to my horror, it broke during the second time I used it!! And it's so expensive :(( I am planning to buy a new one as well as a second one in "Whisper" or "Grace"...


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