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Guerlain Rue de Rivoli (plus Rue de Passy comparison)

I hope you will forgive me is this is going to be a mostly picture post. I picked up Rue de Rivoli on Saturday, I was really lucky as I got the last one at my local counter.

The palette contains a white iridescent highlighter shade, a peach champagne with iridescence, a stone shade with lilac undertone, a taupe brown, a lightly shimmery dark mink liner and the fuchsia accent colour. Only the stone and taupe are without shimmer. None of these eyeshadows are chalky, which was an issue I experienced with a couple of the Rue de Passy colours. They are nice to work with, though I find I have to work hard to get the stone colour to show up on my lid. I think this is due to my natural skin colour rather than a pigmentation issue.

With Flash

I have included a comparison to Rue de Passy especially for the lovely Get Lippie. I think Rue de Rivoli is beautiful to look at and the colours are very pretty, my favourites are the champagne and mink 'liner' colours. Without using the liner as an eyeshadow, the look you can achieve with this palette is quite light and very subtle, or at least it is on my pale but not porcelain skin. I haven't braved the fuchsia yet so maybe I'm missing a trick. I do think the colours will work nicely with other eyeshadows I own. However, out of the two palettes I would recommend Rue de Passy over Rue de Rivoli. I think the colours in Passy are easier to wear and it doesn't really require supplementary colours.

Left - Rue de Passy, Right - Rue de Rivoli
With Flash
Top - Rue de Passy, Bottom - Rue de Rivoli
With Flash. Top - Rue de Passy, Bottom - Rue de Rivoli

Bottom line? This is beautiful palette but not a must have. Especially at an eyewatering £52.50 per palette. After my experience with Rue de Passy, you can be prepared for me to change my mind of course!

Edit: I should say that I do really like this palette and I'm not disappointed with it at all. But in terms of recommending to others, I think unless you don't mind the cost, it's not an essential. These do tend to grow on me though and they really are a pleasure to use.


  1. I love the look of these palettes and the colour combination so much... but I just can't justify the price! Really lovely colours though. xx

  2. Gorgeous classy palettes, as the price reflects. I think I prefer the colours in Rue du Passy though. Looking forward to seeing how you use Rue du Rivoli in a FOTD x

  3. The palettes look gorgeous - absolutely stunning, but how much?!!
    Zoe x
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  4. Hello,
    I have a feeling it might grow on you as I like it more than I initially did. I had Liz post a comment suggesting to wear the Fushia layered with the iridescent golden pink/peach shade, so I am going to try that soon x

  5. Ouch/wow at the price tag. The colours are stunning though. x

  6. These both look lovely but I think I prefer Rue de Passy. The fuschia in Rivoli makes me nervous as I can't imagine there is a way to use it where the undertone won't make 'me look like I am ill/hungover/very tired. However, it's all academic as I can't see myself justifying a purchase. Thanks for the lovely photos and swatches!

  7. I think the design of these is beautiful, but the price... oh well, certainly luxurious. x

  8. If only that fuchsia were a red then Guerlain would have had me. They are housed in a luxurious case but the price of them makes me think twice.

  9. Thank you for the comparison! I love my Rue de Passy palette and could not justify a palette that was similar to it. I think the layering that Replica mentioned sounds like a great idea with this one!

  10. ouch at the price...but yay at the swatches. maybe rue de rivoli would suit better a lightly tanned skin? but i think now that you have darker hair, rivoli is a better contrast ie it will lighten up ur face...when i had black hair, i found shimmery, light eyeshadows were more flattering...i d love to see it on ur eyelids thou. leinti nti

  11. You are nothing if not thorough Jane :-). Thanks for the great post!
    This palette looks and swatches rather pretty I have to say...I'd be very interested to see a look incorporating the fuchsia colour as, personally, I think I'd be at a loss.
    Another good one (and, probably a bit overlooked) is the Rue des Francs-Bourgois. Great neutrals, nice colour pay-off. I'm enjoying it very much indeed.

  12. Love that fuchsia, even though it's not sth I'd go for, I'm more of a ...Rue de Passy person, haha!
    Still though a nice one to own! ;)


  13. @TBBB: The are really expensive, there’s no glossing around it. I used my £15 credit on my Debenhams Beauty card to soften the blow on this one! The colours are very pretty though and I plan to use these with other colours I have as some of them are quite unique.

    @Leanne OCD: I love Rue de Passy now, I know it took a while. I’m really hoping with more playing I will ‘get’ Rivoli too. I will post some FOTD when I think I’m getting there!

    @*Zoe*: Yes, they’re definitely expensive. I hesitate to say they’re worth the high price but 10% off events at Debenhams and points on ‘Beauty’ cards can make it a little easier on the purse!

    @Replica: I will give that a try too. I love that golden pink/peach shade, that colour and the liner shade are definitely my favourites from the palette. I absolutely think it will grow on me and I don’t regret getting it one bit. It has some quite unique shades and I will enjoy pairing them with other things rather than just using it as a stand alone palette I think.

  14. @behindtheshoes: This was definitely a great use for my Debenhams beauty card points. It was so much better seeing the till ring up thirty something pounds! The colour and the palette are very visually stunning, aren’t they?

    @Fragrant Witch: I know what you mean about the ‘hungover/tired’ look, that’s definitely my worry. I will give it a shot though, I think layering could certainly make it less scary!

    @Rocaille: The price is off putting I know. I somehow think the costs of things like Le Metier de Beaute and Chantecaille that I admire make this seem more ‘affordable’ somehow. This is probably very bad news for my bank account!

    @Olivia: They are beautiful and I had a real wobble with Rue de Passy at first, now I’m really pleased I have it. I don’t think I have ever worn a red eyeshadow. I suspect I would be just as nervous with that as a fuchsia! I’m happy to give it a shot though. I won’t necessarily be sharing the result ;)

    @Joolz: I’m so pleased you love Passy too. I reach for it often and it’s so easy to create looks with. I think Rue de Rivoli is a little harder in terms of looks but I’m keen to give the layering a try.

  15. @λειντι ντι: I agree that Rue de Rivoli could look amazing on a more tanned skin. Especially the beautiful peachy/pink champagne and fuchsia colours. I will try and do an eye of the day post soon. I’ve not been happy enough with the ones I’ve already tried to share the photos. Watch this space!

    @Nina: I spotted someone selling the Francs-Bougois on ebay and was half temtped. I have a feeling it might be too warm for me, however I do think it has some lovely colours in that palette. I will have a go with the fuchsia, it does make me nervous but I’m willing to give it a try for the team!

    @Tina: I’m nodding at all of your comments there. The fuchsia looks lovely but I’m not quite sure how to wear it. I’m going to give a try though. Rue de Passy is much more intuitive in terms of placement in my opinion. I’m willing to take a little journey outside of my comfort zone though!

    Thank you so much for your comments and putting up with my slow reply. I will try and do a post worth eye look with this very soon.
    Jane x


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