Sunday, 20 February 2011

Chantecaille Lip Chic in Zinnia

I picked up this Chantecaille Lip Chic as part of a bundle on Ebay. I was very excited to try it as I had heard good things about the Lip Chic formula. I wasn't disappointed. This feels just like a balm on the lips, it's very comfortable and the moisturising feel lasted a long time on the lips.

The look and pigmentation is somewhere between a tinted lipbalm and a coloured lipgloss. That is to say, it's sheer but definitely adds colour to the lips. This particular colour, Zinnia, is a watermelon pink with very fine shimmer. I think it's quite a summery colour and would work well with quite minimal makeup in my opinion.

Although the feel last well on the lips, I'm not sure how long the colour lasts. On one occasion when I looked in the mirror I got the distinct impression that the colour had moved over my lip line. As much as I'd like to suggest it looked like I'd been eating berries in a seductive manner, it was a bit more Barabara Cartland-esque than I care to admit. I only spotted this the once so I'm hopeful that it was a one off, I will make sure I face check more regularly next time!

I'm interested to try more of these, particularly because of the lovely texture but at £27 I would have to be in a splurge mood. It certainly hasn't dampened my interest in those Sea Turtles....


  1. This is a beautiful colour.
    I have developed a bit of a 'thing' for Chantecaille recently and have certainly been splurging...I love the lip chics xx

  2. That looks absolutely lovely on you, LOVE it!
    £27 seems a bit excessive however!

  3. Love it on you! I've been a bit addicted to this product this week. I've work it almost daily -- can't stop reapplying either!

  4. Gosh, this is really beautiful. I'm off to stalk Ebay :)

  5. that looks so gorgeous on you. but ouch on the $$ factor... maybe when I'm feeling like rewarding myself.

    I really do want to try Chantacaille lip products soon.

  6. I really love this lippie on you and I've been wanting to get one of the Lip Chics for a while now, I just need get in the splurge mood :) x Klara

  7. This colour is so pretty on you. I sense that your blog is going to be a dangerous place for me to visit.

  8. Looks lovely on you! I had two and really liked them. Infact I have a list of lip chics I want, yes, thats right a list! x

  9. I must say this shade really does make me think of summer lips, the colour looks lovely on you, the coral is just the right side of Barbara C in my opinion ;-) Jan x

  10. Oh Jane that is gorgeous on you and might I add that is rather appealing to moi- just my type of shade- lol. I had to laugh at the Barb C reference.... I shelved many of those in my library days =) x jeanie

  11. Ooooh Ms Brown, I do like you in bright colour :-)))
    The quality of these is fantastic. I have Bourbon rose and never experienced any feathering or other mishaps...
    Nina x

  12. Ive not seen this make before but i love lipsticks that are glossy and sheer it looks really pretty xx

  13. I adore that gorgeous sheen!!!
    Definitely one of the best lipsticks you've posted!!! Droolworthy material!

    Quite random, but is there any website that carries Chantecaille?


  14. @WelshBeautyBlog: Thank you. I’ve always wanted to try the future skin foundation, I can probably go on wanting with that one too ;). From this experience though, I’m really keen to try more lip chics.

    @Cheeky Beauty: Thank you. Yes it’s definitely expensive it does feel suitably luxurious. I think it’s probably worth it if you really struggle with lipsticks drying your lips but it’s not an essential.

    @Michelle: Thank you, I know what you mean about wanting to reapply. It feels so nice on the lips, doesn’t it?

    @Dempeaux: Chantecaille is one of those things that I feel quite comfortable getting from Ebay. Definitely worth keeping an eye open for a lip chic. I think you’d really like the formula.

    @Jen W: Thanks Jen. Yes, there’s definitely an ouch factor with full price. I think they’re would be a very good choice if you have dry lips.

    @Klara: Thank you, have you decided what you’re going to get from SpaceNK at the end of the week? There's a question at the bottom you might be able to help with re: international shipping through SpaceNK.

    @Old Cow: Thanks, I’m very pleased I managed to pick this up in a bundle. I dread to think how much it would have all cost brand new. In fact, I try not to think about how much I have spent on make up in the last year generally!!

    @Replica: You’re very organised ;). Do you think you might add one to your SpaceNK order? I’m very pleased with how it feels and would really like another, need to some swatch hunting!

    @Jan: It’s very summery which is quite nice in the dreary weather! Good to hear I’m not channelling Barbara C too much! ;)

    @Jeanie: It’s a lovely colour, I think you’d like the texture too as it’s quite moisturising. Good old Barb C, I did give myself a bit of fright though!

    @Nina: Thank you! Bourbon Rose sounds interesting, I’ll have to see if I can find swatches. I have a feeling Abigail might have done it and I haven’t noticed. She has a habit of poking at my lipstick, especially with certain colours. I will definitely be more careful next time. It wasn’t my greatest look!

    @nicoletta: You can get Chantecaille in SpaceNK and I think some other department stores. It tends to get mentions in magazines for the Future Skin foundation but I’m always lusting after their palettes! This is glossy and sheer with no stickiness which I really like.

    @Tina: Thank you! Glad you like it :D. I know that SpaceNK definitely sells Chantecaille online. I seem to think they do O/S shipping and they have brilliant GWP coming up at the end of the week. I’ve just had a little look and you have to contact them about International Shipping, I know that Klara has ordered from them. I’ll have to ask her about postage. There standard UK postage is £5 so it could be awful!

    Thank you for all your lovely comments,
    Jane x

  15. Hi Jane,
    I don't know what I'll get yet - I really want the Chantecaille Vital Essence but it's very expensive, I also have some NARS products on my WL. x Klara

    @Tina: I've ordered from SpaceNK before, the shipping to Slovenia was 10GBP and they shipped very fast. I did however, have to order via telephone which I find a little bit annoying. I hope it helps. x Klara

  16. Jane and Klara: thank you girls, that was helpful! Yes, it might be a bit ennoying and expensive, but I wouldn't have any other way to get my hands on this brand here...! Thank you for the help! :) xx

  17. I love the addition of the glasses - it's your get serious look. Maybe you should wear your Chanty when you do your stint as an invigilator!

    A x

  18. Beautiful! I know I am late to this post, but I just wanted to mention that as much as I love Lip Chic (and I have several), I find the color migrates outside my lip line. I might have to get Zinnia, though, because it looks so lovely on you.


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