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Hourglass Aura Cheek Stain in Rouge

I couldn't wait to try the new Hourglass Cheek Stains and put an order in at the beginning of this week. I wasted no time in trying it out when it arrived. In actual fact, the day the order arrived I couldn't wait to try both of my new blushers so I went around wearing Becca Turkish Rose on one side and Hourglass Rouge on the other. Shameful really but you know, it was all in the name of research.

I'm worn Rouge a couple of times this week and think I've tested it enough to share my initial impressions. I really like the design of these sticks. Once primed, you can use the material applicator to apply colour directly to the cheeks. I've tended to dot it on with the applicator on to the apple of my cheeks and then used my fingers to blend it out and up towards my temples. The stain has a nice texture, it's a slightly viscous liquid so has a light gel/cream feel rather than being a runny liquid. There's room for manouver too as it doesn't sink straight in. I used to have a Body Shop cheek and lip stain and that dried so quickly it was difficult to achieve anything approaching a natural flush.

The colour is a sheer pinky red. Calling it Rouge could be slightly off-putting as it suggests something darker but I find this does give a natural rosy flush and it isn't as purple hued as other cheek stains I've tried. The colour lasts very well. It's still been there when I've taken my makeup at the end of the day. I also find it works equally well whether applied to bare skin or over foundation.

The Aura cheek stain comes in two other colours: Flush, a sheer red and Petal, a sheer corally pink. I think that Petal looks very pretty and I think it would look great on more tanned skin. Hourglass also released three lip stains, Petal, Flush and Scarlet. It's possible these could double as cheek stains also but I wasn't really tempted by the prospect of a lip stain. My lips are frequently dry and I think a stain can really highlight flaws if your lips aren't in perfect condition.

This is definitely another winner for me from Hourglass. I hear there are palettes coming soon and I'm really looking forward to trying these. You can see more details here from the Adrienne Vittadini Fall 2011 show. The Aura cheek stains cost £32 each, the lip stains are less expensive at £19 and both are available from Zuneta who ship worldwide.

List of Ingredients


  1. That's very pretty. My kind of colour!

  2. It looks really natural on your skin! I like the idea of these cheek stains - I also find that every one that I already have dry down took quickly, so I'm left with stripes on my face. Not a good look.

    I'd love to try the coral/pink Petal! I prefer those kind of shades over red-based stains.

  3. Very pretty indeed Jane! I especially like how it seems somehow transparent, I find that incredibly flattering.
    I purchased the Petal lip stain and I'm pleased with it. A degree of dryness is unavoidable with stains, but the Hourglass one is by far the very best I have ever tried. Will attempt to use it as blusher as well and shall report back :-)
    Nina x

  4. Oh liking that. Is it over foundation in last 2 pics and on bare skin in top one? Whilst it works for you on bare skin I'd look like I was having a flare up, but it does look really as if its coming from within, rather than being applied to, the skin in the 2 pics worn with foundation which is lovely. Now that I have found foundation that covers my redness I am about to re-discover blusher in the way I did eyeshadow I suspect. And I have a very dodgy 80's photo of me sporting the compulsory "brown stripe down cheek" look to go with that post!x

  5. Very pretty! I was trying to ignore these really but you have to go and make it a must have, don't you ;P I think I'm leaning towards the Petal one as might be a bit different to my usual colours. Do you happen to still have the box? If so does it contain salt of any of those Isopropyl types ones, yes I am being annoying asking this.....x

  6. Replica, I've just updated the post with the list of ingredients. I hope I haven't made any transcription errors. I spotted the sodium chloride when I was typing it up though and I guess that means it's out for you?

    Apologies for being slow with replying to all the comments. I promise to be back to do it tomorrow. Thank you so much for all of you comments, I really appreciate them x

  7. Beautiful! I'm so happy there are more and more of these out on the market.

    I think I may just have to try one of these...
    ❤ Jessica

  8. It looks amazing on but what about the applicator? Does it get foundation on it/is it cleanable? Nor sure if that's a word, but i get worried about this sutff, hehe! xoxo

  9. I just wanted to say that you always write really great reviews. You've pretty much answered any questions I would've had about this product (which was quite a few) and I really love that about you and your blog :)

    Hourglass always tempts me with their products but the price tag makes me cringe, quite frankly. This blush look so lovely on you, though! I was wondering whether or not it could be applied nicely over foundation, and apparently it can! x

  10. Thank you so much for typing out the ingredients, so kind of you! You know I thought it would be unlikely to have SC in it, so wah on that as that will definitely cause me problems. I'll forget these and look forward to the eye palettes coming out instead, I have the feeling, even without seeing them, they will be must haves for us xx

  11. The cheek stains look fab, and I love that they would look great on my pale, blond complexion. Quite sheer. love them x

  12. @Charlie: I think it’s really nice and I was really impressed with the staying power.

    @25London: Thank you! The Petal looks very nice and as you say makes a change from the typical cheek stain colours.

    @Nina: I’d be very interested to see how you get on if you try Petal as a cheek stain. I’m very pleased I got this. I do have a bit of a *thing* for crème and liquid blushers as I often find them easier for a natural flush.

    @Debbie: Yes, you are right about the order. Top picture is bare skin. I do have to be careful with blushers as they can sometimes make me look like I’ve had a few glasses of wine if you know what I’m saying ;). Ah, 80’s contouring. I remember reading the makeup manuals in my early teens and learning all about the stripes as placement. Not even a hint of blending/buffing in!

    @Jessica: I really like the texture and the sheer colour. I’d be quite tempted to try one of the others colours in the lip stain to see of that works as a multi-purpose lip and cheek tint.

    @Jo: I didn’t get any foundation on it but as it is material, I imagine it’s possible that might happen. Although I tend not to take notice of the Period After Opening dates this one is only 6 months which is obviously to do with the cleanliness issue. I think you could use fingers to apply from the applicator instead or dot it on the back of your hand and take from there. As long as you have clean hands that would extend the ‘life’ if you are worried about contamination.

    @Tiffany: Thank you so much Tiffany, that makes me very happy to hear that you think my reviews are good! Yes, it’s definitely not cheap, I’m not sure of their prices in dollars. I know that some things are the same and some things are cheaper. I think the lip stain is worth considering as cheek stain. Two of the shades are the same and it’s quite a bit cheaper but I’m pretty sure it would still work well on the cheeks.

    @Replica: You’re most welcome. I was just sad when I saw salt listed. I am really looking forward to the Neo-Classical palette. I think you’re right, very likely to have our names all over them!

    @Lula: Thank you. Yes, I think they would be good for fair and blonde. In fact, I think petal could be quite a good choice for you too. The sheer colour makes them very wearable.

    Thanks your lovely comments,
    Jane x

  13. I am a newcomer to your blog and was attracted to a review that stated that you have a more natural look. It's very refreshing. I have to say that you look absolutely lovely in the cheek stain. Mind sharing what product and color you have on your lips?

    Thanks! Adrienne

  14. Fab review and pictures, now u got me really intrigued!!!
    Thanx for mentioning its staying power, this might be just the thing I need for summer (summers here are so hot and on the humid side, makeup tends to slide off)!


  15. Hi DRTVTMoi! Thank you and welcome. I do tend to favour a more natural style, some find it boring but I find it suits me best. In all the pictures I'm wearing a Rouge Bunny Rouge lip gloss in Coy. In the first photograph I used the Becca Enigma palette (not that you can really see) and in the last two, I was wearing Kjaer Weis Wisdom and Earthy Calm along with a very old eyeshadow from Marks and Spencers. The liner I'm wearing is GOSH Truly Brown which I love!

    Hi Tina, I think this could be ideal for hot weather wear. Especially as it doesn't feel sticky on the skin. Hourglass is definitely one to watch, isn't it?

    Jane xx


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