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MAC Peacocky Prance and Unflappable

When I first saw pictures of the Mega Metals eyeshadows that were to be released with the MAC Peacocky collection, I was really excited. Although I'm a fan of neutrals, teals, forest greens and purples appeal to my more colourful side. I toyed with the idea of ordering online as the collection got an early release on the website but in the end I decided to wait and visit my local counter on Thursday.

I'm very glad I did wait in the end. My list had originally included Odalisque (teal), Dandizette (Navy blue), Ego (Forest Green) and Noir Plum but when I swatched them I found them to be surprisingly sheer. There is considerable variation in the level of pigmentation and metallic sheen between these eyeshadows. I found that Prance, Dalliance and Centre Stage were more densely pigmented in comparison to the other brighter colours. I'm not sure of the reason for this variation but I would definitely recommend going and looking at this collection in person before buying if you can.

Left - Prance, Right - Unflappable

I purchased Prance and Unflappable. Prance is a frosted light pinky-mauve shade and has a beautiful metallic finish. Unflappable is more tricky to describe. It's a bit brown, a bit grey and a bit plum, I think it's a really good colour for a smoky eye look. It's also a good alternative to black for darkening the crease. I find Unflappable is not as pigmented as Prance and I wouldn't describe it as a metallic finish. It's satin with a light shimmer running through it, to my eye anyway.


Left - Unflappable, Right - Prance

My apologies for the less than spectacular eye pictures. I took these after several hours wear and there is visible transfer from my eyeliner (Becca Belize). I still think it's useful to see how the colours look when applied. Here, I have Prance applied over the mobile lid and Unflappable along the outer 3/4 of the lashline, smoked out a little at the edges. Looking at the photos, I think Prance would have looked better blended out at the crease edge.

I realised these colours are similar to some others I have in my collection. I have taken some pictures comparing to the lighter colour in the NARS Melusine duo and both colours in the Hourglass Exhibition duo. I'll hopefully have that post up shortly.


  1. They look gorgeous hun xx I have been a very good girl and ignored all Mac collections so far in 2011, it was my ny resolution to stop going so 'mad fer it' every time they came out and to only buy from 2 collections this year. I hope I can!

  2. I do love the Unflappable - from what you've said here is is a very useful colour and not like anything else in my little make up box.

    Not sure about the pink one on me though ;-)

    Ali x

  3. Prance looks really beautiful. I've yet to check out this collection but am hoping to pop in to MAC tomorrow :)

  4. I got prance as well, not tried it yet, having problems trying to take a good photo due to frosty finish, your photo is spot on...steals Jane's photo.... ;P
    I think it looks pretty on you, which is good as that means it will be fine on me.
    I think I may need to get Dalliance as well now since Grace posted about it, I was tempted by unflappable but went for centre stage instead, not sure why..
    Have you seen the reviews coming in for that Nars spring trio, seems the lighter shade is a miss due to texture, I still really want to get the lilac/moss green duo though x

  5. These colours work very well together, I like the simple look and the shimmer is quite smooth looking in Prance. I got Unflappable today - it is rather unusual and one I would get a lot of use from. I was very tempted by Dandizette and Centre Stage but passed on them.
    I also swatched the NARS trio and the lighter shade is not very nice - a bit drier texture and not smooth. I think this can be duped so not really a must have.
    Looking forward to your comparisons - especially with Exhibitionist as I haven't tried any Hourglass eyeshadows.

  6. @Sarah: Good luck with your resolution. I imagine you’ll be more successful with that than I have been with nail repair resolution! I haven’t bought anything from MAC in ages. Once you get out of the habit of looking at the collection, it gets much easier. I promise!

    @Ali: I think Unflappable is a really good colour if you find black too stark or hard to work with. I’m always drawn to colours that are hard to describe and a little different. I think you could surprise yourself with the pink too. ;)

    @Beauty’s Bad Habit: I’d really like to hear what you make of the collection. Are you tempted by any of the lip colours?

    @Replica: Please feel free to nab any of the pics, you’re more than welcome. I can send you the originals if you like? Email me if you would like them. It might allow you to get on and wear the eyeshow ;). Centre Stage is lovely, I was tempted when I swatched it but decided I probably didn’t need another brown. I agree, Dalliance looks nice too.

    Jane x

  7. @Replica: PS. I totally forget to write about Calanques. I haven’t read any reviews but when I saw swatches on Café Makeup, I realised I could give it a miss. I’m still tempted by the same duo as you as well as my somewhat random interest in the blue pair!

    @Meeta: The finish of Prance is very smooth. There are a few in this collection that have a really superb smooth pigmented finish. I really wish they had all been the same. It’s good news for my spending though, I guess!

    I’m really grateful for your thoughts on the Nars trio. I’m not sure when I’ll get to see it in person but from what I’ve seen and what’s been said, I’m sure I can pass on that. I’ll have the comparison up tomorrow I think. The hourglass duos are lovely and well worth a look.

  8. Aaargh...more 'edgy neutrals' - you are very bad for my bank balance! :-) Lovely look on you, and great pics as always.

  9. I couldn't get near the MAC counter today - knee deep in tweenagers :-( I resolve to go during the week because what with your review and Lady of the Lane and London Makeup Girl, this is a collection that I am desiring very much, you have made these eyeshadows look infinately wearable for a eyeshadow phobe like me. Thankyou Jan x

  10. I still love the look of Unflappable, but am surprised that the pigmentation varies so much between the eye shadows in this collection! Lucky you held out to see them in person :)

  11. they suit you but they are too metallic/frpsty for y taste. generally frost/,etallic e/s are a bit tricky. i find they make me look older or too 80s....probably because of my colouring

  12. Neh, I'm really quite underwhelmed by the Peacocky collection. Nothing screamed 'GET ME!' so will be giving this a miss.

    Besides, with new collections every month, it's rather difficult (and expensive) to keep updated with everything Mac does!

    Bring on Wonderwoman! So happy that it'll be launching in March (although I think Selfridges will have it in Feb?) since I can justify it on my birthday wish list.

    Got to say that the colours look really pretty on you though. Good choices!

  13. @FragrantWitch: Thank you! Can you pretend you just didn’t see? Lol

    @Jan: I felt really blessed that when I arrived at the MAC counter there were only 2 other people and I had the stand entirely to myself! I do like these eyeshadows and they’re definitely worth a browse. I like the fact they have picked out a wider spectrum of colours to release too.

    @dempss: The variation is really surprising. I’m pretty sure that other vibrant colours in their permanent line aren’t as sheer. Who knows, maybe I will actually buy some wild colours this year!

    @leinti nti: Thank you. I hear you about frosty/metallic shades and I often worry about the 80s potential! I think this pair works ok as I don’t think Unflappable is really a frost. Anything more than a single frost finish in one look would have me running for the hills!

    @Cassie: It is pretty hard to keep up with all of the releases. I can’t actually remember the last collection I bought from. I’m intrigued by Wonder Woman but not sure I’ll get anything. I think it’s released nationwide on my birthday though, so maybe I’m destined to get a little something!

    Jane x

  14. Oh they are lovely - they look perfect together! I love it when you find two lovely shadows that look great together and are easy to blend but still look glam and not boring!

    I'm your newest follower by the way :)

    Jo xoxo

  15. Very pretty! I recently got Prance, but haven't tried it out yet -- I think I will wear it tomorrow to work. Unflappable is a useful color and as you mentioned it's a nice alternative to black. Thanks for the review! :)


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