Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sue Devitt Intensifer Eye Pencils

I won these Sue Devitt Intensifer Eye Pencils as part of a Twitter giveaway a little while ago. I received the shades Zaire and Bangalore. Zaire is a beautiful plum and Bangalore is a metallic khaki green with gold. Both are really easy to wear colours that I think would suit most people.

The pencils and the other Sue Devitt items I received

The pencils are soft and creamy to apply and last well. Because of the texture and the size of the pencil, I struggle to get a fine line but to be honest, these look good as a thicker line lightly smudged with a finger. They're actually very good for a speedy eye look as one of these pencils and a few coats of mascara is enough to look like you've made more effort than you really have. I tried using the smudger on the end (if you look at the picture, you will see that I have two different styles of smudger) but I found it wiped the colour off rather than softening the edges.

Top to Bottom: Zaire, Bangalore, Zaire smudged, Bangalore smudged

Top - Zaire, Bottom - Bangalore

The Sue Devitt range is available in the UK from the QVC website. The Eye Pencils cost £13.46 which I think is quite reasonable. I'm tempted by the sound of Tanzania as it's described as a bronzy brown, especially if the finish is similar to Bangalore. My experience with the other items I received was good too so I'd be interested to try more. Have you used any Sue Devitt products before? Do you have any recommendations?


  1. These look gorgeous! Their studio blushers are very pretty! Their finish is almost undetectable and just seems like a pop of colour from within.

  2. I just posted about these as I bought Zaire & Ava on Saturday. I really love these pencils, the texture and pigmentation is consistent across all the shades. I really would like to try the black next as it is very dark black. I had no idea QVC did them so I am definitely checking the website! TY

  3. The olive colour is stunning! I've never really tried chunky eye pencils before but have started getting into them a little more lately. Never tried Sue Devitt before but would definitely be interested in it!

  4. That olive colour is great xoxox

  5. @Get Gawjus: I have a thing for blushers, the studio blushers sound lovely. Thanks for the recommendation.

    @Meeta: I read your post, Ava looks lovely! I love the texture and rich quality of the colours. I really would like another shade as they’re great for speed!

    @Beauty’s Bad Habit: It made chuckle when I read your comment. I spent ages deliberating about whether or not to call it olive or khaki. I changed it several times! It is a truly stunning colour. I think it’s down to the colour the ability to great with minimal effort on my part!

    @Stacie: I agree, it’s a really stunning colour.

    Jane x

  6. I have come very close quite a few times to ordering Sue Devitt from HN but always seem to come across a really bad review that puts me off. I feel like the style/image of the brand isn't quite me if you know what I mean. You have tempted me though, guess I just need the right nudge....and perhaps more money... ;)

  7. I love the colours you chose Jane. These Sue Devitt pencils look like great products, although I have read that they may cause allergic reactions with prolongued use (in some), but that might only apply to people with sensitive eyes to begin with. I'd buy them!

  8. I'm really interested in the bad reviews that both of you had mentioned, are they on makeup alley? I'll admit that I hadn't done any research on the line other than seeing it mentioned a few times on other blog posts. I will have to have more of a look.

    @Replica: I can imagine if there are reports of sensitivity problems, these might be ones for you to avoid. The colours are lovely but not worth risking if you think they may cause a reaction.

    @Dempeaux: I'm going to have a read of some of the reviews now. I've not had any sign of irritation but obviously with everything on major rotation, it can be weeks between use of these pencils so I guess I wouldn't see the problems caused by prolonged use. Do you know if it's a particular ingredient that's been flagged up?


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