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Undereye Concealers

My undereye concealer stash!

I can't take credit for the idea behind this post. It actually came about from a conversation I had with Dempeaux on Twitter this morning. I mentioned that I'd had another broken night of sleep (to be honest it's the norm for me) and I joked that concealer would be required! I have alluded to the fact that I feel undereye concealer is an essential part of my routine before and I am forever on the hunt for 'the one'.

Touche Veloutee #01

My most recent acquisitions are the By Terry Touche Veloutee which I bought in the shade Porcelain 01 and Lancome Teint Miracle concealer in shade 02 which was sent to me for review. The other concealers shown here are RMK Super Basic Liquid Concealer in shade 01, Benefit Erase Paste in 01 Fair and MAC Moisturecover in NW20.

After a little breakout (never, ever use face wipes, not even in desperation) I decided to skip foundation and just apply concealer. Having worried previously that I had picked up Touche Veloute in shade that was too light for me, wearing it without base highlighted just how wrong the match was. It's very light and as it's quite pigmented it shows up clearly as you will see below.

Natural light

I was surprised when I swatched all of the concealers together just how much variation there is in the shades. The RMK is very yellow, the Lancome quite pink and MAC NW20 is very dark and peachy but with the exception of the Touche Veloutee, I think they all look OK once blended.

Touche Veloutee on the left
Touche Veloutee

Teint Miracle

L- Touche Veloutee, R - Teint Miracle

L- Touche Veloutee, R - Teint Miracle (with flash)

I find that the Touche Veloutee is only wearable when I apply it over foundation. It has a brightening effect that way but I only need tiny amount and as one click dispenses enough to cover a quarter of my face, there is a lot wastage. I find the Teint Miracle has a similar brightening effect without looking too light or obvious. The Teint Miracle is quite similar to YSL Touche Eclat so it's more sheer than the By Terry.

L - MAC Moisturecover R - RMK Super Basic Liquid
L - MAC Moisturecover R - RMK Super Basic Liquid (with flash)
MAC moisturcover and the RMK are the concealers I tend to choose most frequently. I think their undertones work better with my skin as they're not so pink. The RMK remains my favourite for both match and coverage, I still find it surprising that it works for me considering how yellow it is.

L - Erase Paste, R - Nothing
The Erase Paste is my least used. It's quite a 'sticky', thick formula and I find it's another that can look a little obvious on my skin. I think it does a good job of covering up the purple under my eyes though which I think you can see in the picture above.

As always I have a little list of other concealers I would like to try. Most notably RMS 'Un'cover Up, Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer and Becca Compact Concealer. What is your favourite concealer for the undereye area? Is it a product you rely on too?


  1. On your arm swatch (which doesn't look far off your facial skin colour) the Erase Paste looks like the best match on my monitor. You know I love the rms best, but I used and liked Becca before that, when my dark circles were really really bad (when C was a baby).

  2. I love the By Terry concealer - it works really well for me, but I can see from your photos the colour is definitely too dusty for your skintone. On the other hand the RMK one looks great on you! It's definitely something I'm keen to try out.

    Bobbi Brown concealer is still my favourite!


  3. Hi there, I have only just come across your fabulous blog. I agree the RMK concealer is the most natural looking and the coverage is amazing. I think i am going to have to try this one too. I have been using the Estee Lauder double wear concealer for a number of years as I don't have time to reply concealer during the day. Jude xx @jadlgw on twitter. www.jude-jadlgw.blogspot.com

  4. I really don't love Erase Paste, I find its awful for sinking into and emphasising my lines.

    I really might have to investigate the TOuche Veloutee!

    I think the RMK looks best, but also I didn't know there was a Teint Miracle one so I ought to look at that as it looks pretty good on you.

    Thanks for this post.

  5. I have very thin skin under my eyes, so I have to be really carefull with concealer. If they are the slightest bit too thick, it looks a mess. The main two I use are Dior Nude and GOSH Touch Up. Both are so light and give me fantastic coverage.

  6. I switch between my touche voloutee and my Laura Mercier secret concealer, I like the peach/orange tone of the LM one better I think mostly because it helps disguise my purple under eye area :)

  7. Oh! I think I need an under eye concealer....I dont use one at the moment and it's painfully obvious that I really ought to.

    Great post!

  8. I have just posted an essay which has got lost in the ether. Nevermind, maybe for the best. The gist was that BBB gave DiorSkin Nude Concealer the "I wasn't Out Late Last Night" award last year and that could be the one. Agree that it is not easy and I don't even have dark circles particularly. Would not rec Becca, the stick foundation is not bad, but the compact concealer has a very unforgiving consistency. Good luck. Jan x

  9. I need something for my bags - nothing seems to make them disappear! Perhaps surgery?!

    Ali x

  10. Interesting.

    Dark circles can sometimes be cured by iron supplements, I find if mine get too bad, I take iron for 2 weeks and they disappear!

    With regards to products, for me personally I can't use thick and cakey products, as they look obvious, and I don't use the concealer to hide anything as such, more as a skin evener!

    So I have found, for me that a light product is more effective.

    I tried the Dior nude concealer, but wasn't particular taken with it, and gave it away in a inter-blog-swap ;)

    On you the teinte miracle looks a great match :)

  11. Thanks for this post - it's very timely! My not- quite- 2 year-old is in the process if giving up her nap which results in some very early bedtimes and some very early wakings-4:15 anyone? The RMK looks excellent. I am NC15 and you look close to that so will have to give this a close look.

  12. The RMS does look the best, in both types of light as well. The eraste paste looks good as well. I have this in 3 which is a good tone for me but I don't use it as often as my other concealers as it is a bit heavier.

  13. I love the look of the lancome one. I have quite a few concealers but my laura mercier and my mac pro longwear are two of my favourites xx

  14. Laura Mercier, definitely. I used to be keen on Erase Paste but now find it, as you say, quite thick and difficult to blend in, although it still does the job if I need a bit more help and have time to get it looking right!

  15. So interesting to see the shades next to each other. I have tried a ton of products but I hate anything that looks too obvious so the By Terry works best for me, but then I have a lot of pink in my skin. I tried Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier and find them both too greasy and slippy for me. I love the sound of the RMK but it looks much too yellow. I got the Dior Nude recently but have only used it on spots so far, will have a try on my dark circles tomorrow. Like you, I feel I need all the help I can get at the moment (puppy is keeping us all awake at the moment!). Really great post x

  16. Yeah the RMK looks the best. I need to get this... or some sleep XD
    Stacie xoxox

  17. RMK looks best, hands down IMO. Haven't tried it, but I really like both their liquid foundation and their (old) primer.
    My own choice is the Kanebo Sensai concealer which is a lovely light consistency, with nice coverage and brightening effect (although I must note that my problem is puffiness, not circles) and never, EVER sinks into my fine lines. A fantastic, high quality product.
    Thanks for the interesting post Jane!
    Nina x

  18. This is so interesting! Thanks for writing this post! Like everyone else, I find it interesting that the concealers are such different colours. The ensuing discussion about concealers in the comments is very informative too. I think I'll have to read this a few times to get all the info!

  19. I think all of us are constanstly in search of 'the one' when it comes to undereye concealers! I've been using the Bobbi Brown concealer for about a year and I get on quite well with it. The MUA on the counter originally applied it with a brush which was way too thick and 'creasy' but if I dab it on with a finger it works just fine! As much as I like it...I still believe the 'ultimate' concealer is still out there waiting for me! lol :)

  20. What a bum the Touche Veloute is too light, great match for me but you know how pale I am, can you use it as more of a brightener on cheekbone, brownbone and temples?
    I got rid of my RMK in the end, was just too yellow for me. I had a lot of the Becca base products when they first were big over here and found the concealer too dry for my undereyes, and showed up lines I didn't know I had.
    I am very tempted by the RMS 'Un'cover Up, but not sure if it will be hardcore enough for me.
    ....All face wipes are evil.....

  21. I've tried most of these and Touche Veloutee is actually my favourite (i'm super pale so that's prob why!). I really dislike erase paste, i find it far too think and the colours aren't light enough for me. I prefer to add a couple of layers of a lighter concealer.

    Oh, i would pass on the BB creamy concealer if you EVER have problems with creasing. Looks awesome for about 5 minutes then - HELLO FINE LINES! I just can't get it to work right for me!


  22. Looking all of the photos, I think the Benefit and RMK one look the best on you, despite the different undertones.

    Personally, I use Erase Paste too, I'm really satisfied by it, despite the fact that it takes a while blending in it! There's always the risk of applying more product than you need, which will inevitable lead to creasing - so I just blend some more!


  23. Ooh, I'll definitely have to give the Lancome concealer a try when I'm done with YSL touche eclat... and maybe I'll get my hands on some RMK over the summer :)

    Thanks for the comparison!

  24. I'm so sorry, I keep coming back to this to try and reply but I was so overwhelmed by the response I can't do my usual in replying to all of you.

    Thank you so much for all you interesting replies. I think that undereye concealers are obviously a key purchase for many of us. I do hope the pictures of the different concealers are helpful. I do think it highlights (pardon the pun) how different they all are and that what you go for will depend on your colouring and the type of discolouration that you have.

    Very interesting comment about the iron Stina, I haven't taken iron supplements for a while but certainly with so many pregnancies, I think I've been robbed of more than just my sleep! Maybe the multi-vits I'm taking will help a bit?

    Thank you again, no doubt there will be more concealer research in future!
    Jane x

  25. Great article/comments - I struggle with undereye concealers big time, though think I've found my 'one'. (I must have over a dozen I've tried & not got on with that I just can't throw away ... just in case!) I love the Bobbi Brown tinted eye brightener pen & have it in 2 shades - bisque to brighten & med-dark bisque which is the peachy colour a lot of MUAs advise to disguise dark circles... and boy, does it? I really love both shades. I suffer more from fine lines than dark cirles so things like Erase Paste just go cakey & make it look worse. Best of all there's an Estee Lauder outlet shop near me so I can buy it with 30% off - result! Having read the article & above comments I really want to give the Touche Veloute a go some time soon as well.

  26. Hi Alibee, thanks for your comment. I'm wondering where you are now as I have an EL outlet nearby too (Bicester). I haven't been for ages though, I maybe ought to rectify that, for reasons of research of course ;)

  27. Ah, now I know which one you're near! I have been to that one too. I actually forget that I have two to choose from!
    Jane x

  28. Great swatches! Thank You so, so much, this post is really helpful!

    And I like your blog, is very interesting! I can't stop reading:)


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