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Isola Bella - Rouge Bunny Rouge

I wanted to share with you the Spring Summer look from Rouge Bunny Rouge, Isola Bella. I think the eye makeup in particular is stunning and you can actually watch the application in the Application Guide video on Zuneta here. The aqua shade from the C Major - a Minor eyeshadow duo looks beautiful over the grey. Updated: You can see the video of the complete look here.

Here's the complete list of products used to create the look:

MILK AQUARELLE Liquid Foundation ‘Chestnut Milk Parfait’
NAKED DISGUISE Glide Concealer ‘Clio’
FINE-SPUN LIGHT Luminous Skin Wand ‘Alula’
AS IF IT WERE SUMMER STILL… Bronzing Glow Powder ‘at Neatherway Cove’

SILK AETHER Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadow ‘Batiste Grayling’
WHEN BIRDS ARE SINGING… Long-lasting Duo Eye Shadow ‘C Major - a Minor’
EYES WIDE OPEN Brightening Liner Duo (sun reflections on the bridge of the nose, temples,
under the brow bow line and inner corners of the eyes)
RAVEN GLAZE Lacquer Eyeliner
AMPLITUDE Big Lash Mascara ‘Pure Obsidian’

JOYS & DESIRES Decadent Duo ‘Tango Argentino’

The new items introduced here are the Silk Aether Long lasting cream eyeshadows. I have already been wrestling with whether or not to purchase one of these from Zuneta. There are five colours available and from their description they all sound like beautiful, very wearable neutrals. The packaging is similar to a lipgloss with the colour in a tube and a doe foot applicator. I particularly like the idea that they can be applied as a sheer wash or built up for a more metallic look.

The colours that appeal to me most are Atlas Swallowtail; a nude taupe with pewter reflections, Batiste Grayling; a medium grey and Chiffon Ringlet; a semi-sheer satin mauvish chocolate with copper reflections. You can see swatches of Atlas Swallowtail on Visionary Beauty and Chiffon Ringlet on Mookie on the Bench.

L-R: Atlas Swallowtail, Batiste Grayling and Chiffon Ringlet.

As a final note, I wanted to point you in the direction of the new RBR Application guide videos on Zuneta if you haven't already seen them. I think Rouge Bunny Rouge really took on board the comments made about the Unassailable Loveliness collection and I applaud them for that. You don't find many brands that will truly listen to their customers in such a way. As well as the video for the cream eyeshadows, the one for the Eyes Wide Open pencil is really interesting to watch (you can see my review of the pencil here). I was also really interested to see the guide to using the Mattifying Primer, I would never have thought of using it as an eye and lip primer.


  1. Well I just got my Chiffon Ringlet yesterday (along with a few other RBR goodies) and tried on a look straight away.
    In my opinion it's a very nice product, long wearing (no creasing in 11 hours, but I did use a tiny amount of UDPP as I have very oily lids) and versatile in terms of desired sheerness or strength of colour. I think Chiffon Ringlet would probably suit blue or green eyes more than it does my hazel ones though, as I found it was nothing spectacular on me...nice, but not exciting unfortunately. It will get a lot of use no doubt as it seems to layer well, but I am now slighlty regretting the investment. I have no doubt that it would look much more striking on you :-)
    Slight gripe with Zuneta btw: I find them to be slightly ungenerous with samples as of late. A sachet of moisturiser and a very small bottle of shampoo for a £95 order is somewhat disappointing for me. It would have been nice for instance to include a few RBR skincare samples, especially as my entire order was for their products. The SUQQU counter for example has a great sample policy in that respect, and many of my purchases were based on trying out samples provided.
    Having said that...RBR is always a treat!
    Nina x

  2. Most of these "collection" photos leave me a bit cold, that one actually made me go "oh" outloud, it is just so beautiful. Although wonder how much impact it would have if she was looking straight down the lens? Grey is the new taupe?? Or is that some kind of blasphemy round here?!

  3. @Nina: Thanks for your thoughts on Chiffon Ringlet, of course now I’m intrigued by what else you got ;). I’m just editing some pictures of Bejewelled Skylark and I was wondering if that is similar to Chiffon? My current order ponderings though are over what to get from SpaceNK for the GWP. A tricky one, I’m trying to decide whether to get NARS duos and treat myself to some Elemental Herbology (loved the samples) or go for broke and see if the Chantecaille Turtles is out. I even had a discussion with the Biochemist about it. He’s rather partial to the Elemental Herbology scent. Anyway, I digress..

    I know that feeling of disappointment over a big spend and samples. I remember that happened to me at the Le Metier counter when I spent around £120 and had no samples. I couldn’t work out whether or not I was being greedy. Then again, I’ve spent far less and had really generous samples. I tend to agree that I’ve made purchases on the basis of good samples and I love opening an order and finding the little extras!

    @Debbie: I know what you mean, when I looked at this image yesterday I knew I had to share it. The eyes are so stunning. Have you looked at the video. It was really interesting to see the eyes taking shape as it were. I can’t remember if she opens her eyes fully in the video. I suspect from the shape of her eyes, you would still see the effect as she looked to camera. It would be harder with hooded lids though, still doesn’t stop me fancying giving it a try ;).

    Grey the new taupe you say? Interesting. I may struggle with that as a concept!

  4. You wish is my command :-)...
    So, I got Habanera blush (big, nay, BIG love), which seems to me to be a notch up from Delicata and a bit warmer; One Long Sip lipgloss, a beautiful light browney/nudey with lots of silver-white shimmers, and Dissolved in Dreams sheer lipstick that is just a beyond gorgeous coral shade with a tiny bit of shimmer that seems magically transparent on lips although it is in fact quite pigmented...the perfect shade to lift the entire face instantly!
    There, I feel so much better for sharing :-)))

  5. One last thing and I'll stop spamming you :-)
    Yes, if you have Bejewelled Skylark, you probably don't need Chiffon Ringlet.

  6. This sounds stunning! Gosh, they really know how to name products don't they?

  7. The image is stunning!
    Thanks for sharing it.

  8. The colours they used on the promo image are striking, and this coming from a person that isn't usually a fan of pastels!!!

    And I know what you mean about the Zuneta videos, I got Batiste Grayling solely on that video and now I think that it would be a shame not to get C Major - they go so well together!!! They'd make the perfect summer nighttime look!!!

    More brands should make similar videos, you can't beat having actual firsthand "knowledge" of how the product performs!!!


  9. Now that is a beautiful promo photo although I don't think I could pull-off a pastel blue-gray look at all. I'm also glad to see that there was no fake jewellery photoshopped this time ;)
    I have to say I still like the Chiffon Ringlet very much, it's such a versatile product but I agree it might be too similar to Bejewelled Skylark (this is solely based on the swatches as I don't own it). Oh, and thank you for the mention of my blog :)
    xx Klara

  10. I like the promo pic, very serene. I like that RBR include a lot of existing products in their collection rather then releasing lots of new products. Batiste Grayling is the shade I bought and so far I am liking it (it does last well and is good neutral grey that blends well with my naturally dark lids) - I will do a post on it soon.

  11. I did watch vid and tbh was a bit disappointed to see that Grayling (the names, far too long!) was in effect the primer for the pale green, hadn't realised looking at above image that the main colour was pale green. Love how the whole thing comes together and how the Graling lines the crease but for me pale green prob not wearable. But am now seriously fancying a grey!

  12. @Nina: Your order sounds amazing. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Hourglass lip stain too. Thank you for the help with Chiffon Ringlet, I will try and decide between the other two. I feel a Zuneta order coming on!

    @dempss: Yes, they definitely do know how to name a product! I confess I cheated and did some cutting and pasting of the complete list of products ;)

    @Sparklz and shine: I agree, I thought the makeup was too stunning not to share.

    @Tina: I love the videos too, I was watching the ones for the new Hourglass stains last night and they’re so cute! I agree on C Major, so tempting after seeing this look.

    @Klara: You’re very welcome for the mention. Thank you for the advice about Chiffon Ringlet. I suspect it’s too similar to need both. I’m still tempted to try one of the other colours.

    @Meeta: I like that a collection doesn’t mean a large number of products that are only available for a short time. I’m looking forward to your Batiste post.

    @Debbie: I suspect that the grey base does alter the colour of the eyeshadow a bit. I certainly think the overall effect is stunning. I’m quite taken with the idea of a matte/satin grey. As you say, maybe it will be the new taupe?

    Jane x


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