Sunday, 13 February 2011

Tell Me On A Sunday!

Don't worry, I'm not about to burst in to song. I'm stuck doing the cleaning and it has put me in a contemplative mood. So, I thought I do something a little different and turn today's post into an open thread.

I think blogs are a tremendous source of information, much more diverse than magazines. I have found so many products, brands and techniques that I wouldn't have been exposed to otherwise. I think my favourite discovery is They stock so many great brands like Becca, Hourglass, Edward Bess, Butter London and of course Rouge Bunny Rouge. Most are exclusive to Zuneta and without a couple of posts from my favourite bloggers I might never have discovered them.

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So today's question is, what has been your most treasured blog discovery so far? HG product, brand or technique, it's entirely up to you. I'm hoping I might just learn something new too.


  1. Yikes just one?! I guess the "dark shadow into crease of lid to take 10 yrs off" from the MUA on amodelrecommends is the one I use most - every day - and has completely changed how I use my eye shadow. Nailactan from Lady of the Lane for my poor nails also has to have a mention, sorry for cheating and doing 2!x

  2. I remember Lipstick Rules doing something like this but pertaining to YouTube which has somewhat passed me by. I would have to say that I have learnt so much from fellow beauty bloggers, MakeupSavvy has reminded me about the highstreet, Just Nice Things has reminded me how much nails can look like jewels at the end of one's fingers and should be treated as such, BeautyMouth - well Caroline could tell me to eat dust and I would, I really would, LondonMakeupGirl has reminded me about the nicher brands and got me into Nude Advanced Cellular Repair as well as Sarah Chapman, Replica - well I just sigh at the ranges that she tries and reviews on, Lady of the Lane always makes me think - infact she often posts about what I am thinking, Big Fashionista makes sure my pelvic floor is intact regularly, So Far So Chic reminds me about fashion and the flicky eye thang, Get Lippie does that rare thing of doing a perfume post and making it both entertaining and telling one what the darn thing smells of, and you lovely keep me hoping that I can find an eyeshadow that will work....the list goes on but this could be an essay. Jan xx

  3. What a great idea for a post Jane!
    I think the greatest technique discovery from blogs for me was tightlining. I had always puzzled over this when looking at beauty shoots on magazines, but did not have a clue on how to achieve it. Since figuring it out with the help of fuzkittie a few years back, it's become the most flattering part of my eye makeup.
    I have generally profited enormously from japanese blogs, as the shape of my eyes is very oriental indeed and the usual techniques don't really work for me; the ideas copied from those blogs have proven spot-on.
    Needless to say, beauty blogs have become my preferred source of information and inspiration for all things beauty, to the extent that -with the exception of Vogue and Allure- I will only buy magazines now if they come with an interesting free gift.
    Have a great week!
    Nina x

  4. Great post - sadly I cannot narrow it down to just one thing!!! But for the most part, learning about new techniques (what goes where and over what) and new product formulations, as well as playing with different colours and finishes would be the most exciting aspects for me!!!
    And it's always wonderful to see what the other bloggers are wearing and what they love, I've discovered a few products that I simply adore thanks to them! :)


  5. It sounds incredibly cheesy but my favourite discovery has been what a nice community beauty bloggers are! It's great to be able to share new discoveries & share our product enthusiasm.

  6. @Debbie: I don’t think I’ve seen that before. Weirdly, I sometimes find that it works the other way with me when I add colour in the crease. I sometimes stick to dark on the lashes instead but that’s the old droopy eyes for you! Don’t worry about cheating either. It’s an open thread so no rules ;)

    @Jan: Great reply. You’ve mentioned loads of my favourite blogs there, I’m rather keen on the sound of the Sarah Chapman eye cream and Advanced doodah serum. If it’s going to give me Grace’s skin I’m all over it!

    @Nina: I’ve been tightlining the last couple of days since reading this comment. I’ve used the GOSH Truly Brown pencil that Grace posted about and I’m very pleased with the effect. Thank you so much for inspiring me :D

    @Tina: I love FOTD posts and just simply having a nose at other bloggers collections. I have found a lot of great products that way. It’s always handy when you find other bloggers with similar colouring and tastes, though not necessarily purse friendly!

    @SDBB: Not cheesy at all! I agree, there’s something deeply infectious about the enthusiasm other bloggers and blog readers have for passing their knowledge and discoveries on. Without the comments and the chatter I know I wouldn’t be able to keep up the blogging.

    Thank you for all your interesting comments. It’s made fascinating reading,
    Jane x

  7. For me it's been finding out about the American brands I've been missing out on for the last ten years. I can't always get a hold of them but I can always send my personal shopper (my mom) out to look.

    And obviously your lip on the web!

    A xoxo

  8. I bet it's really exciting re: American brands as you're actually able to get your hands on them via your Mum. Thank you for the lip love too. Mwah!! x


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