Monday, 7 February 2011

Prance and Unflappable Colour Comparisons

When I put Prance and Unflappable side by side, I thought they looked a little like my Hourglass Exhibition duo. I was also interest to compare Prance to the lighter shade in the NARS Melusine duos.

Although the lighter colour from the Exhibition duo looks similar to Prance in the pan, I think you will see it is quite a bit darker and more mauve when swatched. Unflappable appears more brown when compared to the dark plum of the Exhibition duo.

I think that in the picture above Prance looks quite similar to the lighter shade in the NARS Melusine duo. In the interest of checking that I really didn't have a dupe, I went back and did some heavier swatches and compared the pans.

Left - Prance, Right - Melusine
I think the differences are much more obvious in these pictures. Prance almost looks like a light peachy pink when compared to the silvery grey of the lighter Melusine eyeshadow. They are both beautiful eyeshadows and sadly I don't think my photos do them justice. The Melusine eyeshadow almost has a duochrome appearance which is stunning. If I wasn't so afraid of double shimmer, I would be tempted to wear them together!


  1. I never think any of the photos I take actually do the product justice...I sat outside in the garden for an hour on one occasion taking photo after photo of my hand! My neighbours must think I'm REALLY special! Anyway, back to the swatches! Prance definitely looks a lot warmer but the Melusine shade really stands out more to me. I love it! With my colouring warmer tones would probably suit me more but I love silvery shades! :)

  2. I agree, Prance does look warmer compared to the Melusine shade. I'm pleased I swatched the silvery Melusine shade again, it is really stunning. I did end up wearing the two shades together with a bit of Unflappable in the crease too. It's a little bit out of my satin comfort zone but pretty all the same.

    I often worry that my neighbours can see me taking endless pictures of my face. It really isn't normal behaviour, I'm sure! x

  3. From the swatches, Prance and Melusine look quite similar, with a small difference I think only us beauty addicts can spot.

    So this begs the question - how do they compare when worn on the eyes? Have you tried one eye with Prance and the other with Melusine?

    Also, I've just started writing again, so check out my blog please? :D

  4. these are my type of colours. thanks for the dupes and swatch pictures xox

  5. I love the softened look of these colours, the shimmers and the gleams and the sort of grey browns are perfect for me. Thankyou so much for these pics and words Jane. Jan xx

  6. I cannot say I see true "dupes" from your comparison photos!!! So, you chose well! ;)

    To be honest, I'm thinking of getting Dalliance from this collection, I'd love Unflappable and Centre Stage too, but I think the formula would make them not-so-ideal crease colours for someone who is in a hurry getting ready most of the time!!


  7. @Cassie: I think in the first picture the two eyeshadows look very similar but I suspect it’s a trick of the light as when I re-did the swatches for the second photo, they are certainly very different. The Melusine is very grey in comparison. I haven’t applied them separately on lids as a comparison but I did wear them together the day I wrote this and they apply very differently on the eye too.

    Thanks for your blog link, I’ll definitely take a look.

    @A Certain Vintage: Thank you, I’m glad it was useful :)

    @Jan: These are definitely soft colours, despite the metallic finish of the lighter colours I do think they’re quite everyday, wearable sort of colours. Have you managed to pop back to the MAC counter without the throngs being there?

    @Tina: I was relieved not too find any true dupes. I worry I’m going to do it as I often choose similar colours! I’m really tempted by Dalliance too after seeing Grace and Replica’s posts, it looks very pretty. I think it’ll be a really good choice for you.

    Jane x


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