Tuesday, 15 February 2011

MAC Wonder Woman: Golden Lariat Swatches

The Wonder Woman collection will be released in Selfridges (and Selfridges.com) on Thursday and I thought it would be useful to share some swatches and pictures of Golden Lariat Mineralize Skinfinish. I have swatched on my fair skin and also a more tanned skin.

With Flash

The 'Superhero' size packaging compared to Northern Lights MSF

I was nervous about how this would look on my fair skin. Both Mineralize Skinfishes in this collection consist of three colours which you can use alone or blended together. It's easy to apply the colours separately, especially as the pan is large as you can hopefully see from the regular MSF comparison above. The colours in Golden Lariat are quite warm; there's an apricot coral with golden shimmer, a terracotta brown (satin) and a golden highlight shade with gold shimmer. Swirled together the colours produce a warm coral/tan shade on my fair skin.

Colours swatched separately then swirled together and applied with a brush (far right)

Swatches on a more tanned skin

In the pictures of the it applied, I concentrated the coral on the apples of my cheeks and the swirled the brush over the terracotta picking up a bit of the gold and brushed lightly from cheek to temples. I used a MAC 129 brush so the application is heavier than you will achieve with a duo fibre brush.

I was concerned that I might look overdone or that it would look too muddy on my fair skin. It's definitely more 'obvious' than I would usually go for but I was surprised how much I liked it in the photographs. I think it would work better for me paired with a warmer eyeshadow. I also think it would look stunning on darker skin tones.

I'll just leave you with a glimpse of my stylist for the 'shoot' and say thank you to my eldest for supplying his hand for swatches!

Disclosure: PR Sample


  1. I think it looks beautiful! Great for Summer. Looks like your son isn't convinced, though :P

  2. I really like it! I love the pic of your stylist ;-)

  3. It suits you really well :)

  4. Suits you nicely, but I think it could be a bit too dark for me - thinking about the Pink Power one. Love the pic of 'guest'!

  5. Love it!
    ...of course the stylist made ALL the difference (and I hope she's feeling much better now) :-))
    Nina x

  6. I am so excited about the WOnder Woman collection! I was a huge fan of the tv 'show' as a child. This looks lovely but too warm for me- maybe with a tan - so I will concentrate on Pink Power. Please can you tell 'me what lipstick your are wearing? I love it!

    Also, thanks for the taupes post- it was like cosmetic porn. ;-)

  7. @Beauty’s Bad Habit: I agree, it’s definitely going to be a good summery colour. It cheers me up to think of something other than rain! My little girl (the face pulling doesn’t make her look very ladylike there ;) ) is already quite the makeup connoisseur. She eats NARS for breakfast and can already take the lids off my Ellis Faas bullets!

    @Michelle: Thank you, she’s very particular about my look ;)

    @Ki: Thank you. Funnily enough I think it’s the darker hair which stopped it looking ‘too much’ on me.

    @too busy too stitch: I think Pink Power looks very nice too and probably is a little easier to wear with a fair complexion. I thought it would be fun to leave my guest in for once ;)

    @Nina: Thank you. Yes. The stylist is recovering well after yesterday’s drama x

    @FragrantWitch: I loved Wonder Woman too. I felt this was my homage to Lynda Carter, especially with the darker hair ;).

    I’m wearing it today and used a duo fibre brush and it’s not as obvious. I brushed it on my son’s cheek with the same brush and I could barely see it, so I do think it would be better suited for those with a tan or darker skin. The lipstick I’m wearing is YSL Rouge Volupte #3. Glad you liked the taupe post too. Cosmetics porn, I love it!

    Jane x

  8. It does look pretty on you, but I'm still not convinced. From the swatches on Temptalia, I know Pink Power must be mine. Simply can't get excited about bronzer-related products I'm afraid.

    Cassie x

  9. This looks gorgeous, Im torn between this and pink power. Do you know how much it will cost? x

  10. Hi Cassie, I think Pink Power looks very nice. Will you get it from Selfridges or wait for the general release?

    Hi Diamonds and Pearls, the MSFs will cost £26 each. Have you looked at the swatches on Temptalia and Specktra to help you decide?

    Jane x

  11. Jane, I think this looks very beautiful on you. And there I was thinking that you were a cool toned sort of person like me!
    Lovely to see your children too.

  12. Thanks for the review, it does look pretty, although I know it would be too much on my fair self, I have a feeling there is an ingredient in the Mineralize Skinfishes that I don't get on with, but can't think what it is. I love that your boy let you do swatches on him, good to have a helper! x

  13. Thanks for these Jane, I am going off this release I think, not because of your swatches I really do think the shades are flattering on you, but I don't know, maybe it is the packaging, and I like WW, maybe it is the general ho hum about MSF, probably when I go and have a mosey I may change my mind. Thanks though. Jan x

  14. Hey- this looks lovely on you, maybe a tough dark?

    I am with Jan, as in , I'm not interested in this collection at all, the packaging has put me off totally..
    But also £26 for a MSF, I just think it's too much!! For Mac anyway ;)

    Love your daughters face there, not too impressed hee-hee!

  15. Hi Jane,

    I'll prob be getting it in March since that's closer to my B-day and will probably make it feel more special. It'll be quite easy to pop into Mac before lectures and grab it on the first Thursday in March!

    Really can't wait! The way the supersized items plus prices makes it really tempting for me to splash all out and convince myself it'd be a 'saving'...

  16. It is quite a strong blush, but I think it looks fab on you. I think your 'stylist' wants a change of style for your hair for this shoot :)

  17. @Simone: Thank you. I do generally consider myself a cool toned type generally so I wasn’t sure how it would look. I thought it was only fair to let the small people behind the scenes get a moment in the spotlight ;)

    @Replica: I wonder if it’s the glitter/shimmer itself that causes the problem? I am generally nervous of the MSFs because of the finish. This is not as ‘metallic’ as some of the others that I’ve had. I think overall the Pink Power will be the better choice for the fair skinned but I think it’s useful to see how it looks on a pale-y. The terrible Mummy that I am, I actually applied some to J’s cheeks to see how it looked. It was really subtle on him. I just couldn’t bring myself to share a picture of that!

    @Jan: As I said in my other post about WW, I do think these sorts of collections divide people. The packaging definitely won’t appeal to everyone. I’m still keen to try and get hold of Marquise D’ this time round.

    @Cheeky Beauty: Yes, it is probably a touch dark. It was more subtle with the duo fibre brush but making the comparison to how it looked on J (yes, I really did put it on his cheeks ;P), I would say that this colour will be best suited to those with darker skin than mine.

    For me, the biggest price shocker is the lipsticks. I’m sure they’re regular size so the price hike from £13.50 to £15 doesn’t really seem fair. From memory, I don’t think LE packaging was incurred an extra cost. I wonder if the differences in price will put people off buying as many items?

    @Cassie: It’s my birthday the day of the national release ;). I think it’s interesting that you see the larger items as better value. I know they *are* better value but it’s so rare for me to hit pan I find it harder to see the benefit. I felt the same way about the Mega Metals eyeshadows. I realise that it’s my own fault for having such a big collection though ;)

    @Jen W: Thank you. It is definitely ‘obvious’ on my fair skin. I thought it would useful for those considering purchasing this one but I think this would be most suited to darker skin tones than mine. My stylist is right about the hair. Definitely in need of an overhaul!!

    Jane x

  18. LOL at putting it on his cheeks, mind you my little man is always trying to get me to put makeup on him, he has actually obtained one of my lip balms now (he wanted the most expensive one), he just sits there putting it on saying how he has to have his lip balm and how important it is. I can't help but feel that there is something inherently wrong about a toddler having such a "need" for a Sisley lip balm ... ;)

  19. Ha ha!! I think we're creating monsters. Baby with her penchant for Ellis Faas and your little boy with a preference for Sisley. What have we done?! x

  20. Your cheeks are a true eye-catcher and your little son is too cute!! This post made me happy :-)
    Love, Sam xx

  21. Thank you Sam! I hope you are keeping well?
    Jane x


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