Friday, 11 February 2011

Betwixt Beauty in the Friday Confessional

This week, the newly titled Betwixt Beauty, aka the lovely Hannah, takes her turn in the Friday Confessional. I won't ramble on, it's been a long week and I can't wait to get to the good bit! Take it away Hannah....

Confession is good for the soul, go ahead and unburden yourself! I promise I won’t judge.

Oh my goodness where do I start?!

I rarely wash my hair. I just can’t be bothered sometimes! I am terrible at getting up in the morning and my hair hates being washed at night – it goes super fluffy. If I’m being good it gets washed every other day. If not, it gets talcum-powdered in between (don’t laugh – it works!) and a really bad stretch is probably four days between washes maybe?

No, no, it's really not what you think. It's for my hair...

As and for de-hairing my legs… I probably do it once a month? :S I’m just not that hairy and what hair I do have is quite fair. I use Veet cream so it grows back fairly soft instead of stubbly but I leave it as long as possible before tackling it again!

I am a bit OCD and wash my hands a lot so they are always really dry – especially in winter. I would probably do them and myself a massive favour if I didn’t have to wash them twice every time I actually need to wash them!

I only wear makeup once or twice a week. Not sure if that’s a real confession! I just don’t feel the need really. I’d rather spend those extra minutes in bed catching up on sleep! I’m not trying to impress anyone at work and I think I look OK without it – more or less, I am human! I also think if I save it for when I go out for an actual social event, people really notice it because they’re used to seeing me bare-faced so I get lots of nice compliments

The absolute worst thing – I bite my nails. I’ve been trying to stop since what feels like forever. I did actually stop a few months ago and had pretty long nails but they were so weak they didn’t last, especially in the stress of buying a house! I know it’s gross but it really seems to make thinking and coping easier. Yes I’m weird. I won’t mention that I used to bite my toenails then…

There, don’t you feel better now?

Umm.. sort of! People are probably thinking how disgusting I am with my nail biting and not hair washing! On the other hand, it’s nice to get these things out in the open.

Aunty Brown has a few more questions though; it’s true that I’m the nosy type.

When was the last time you visited the hairdresser?
I don’t technically ‘go’ to the hairdresser any more. My sister is a trained hairdresser so I save my pennies and go to her. I’m usually lazy with getting my roots done anyway – my hair is naturally fair so can get away with it. I’ve been wanting to change my hair for a while so this weekend we went for it and I’m now the proud owner of lilac locks! The model colour was à la Ms. Kelly Osbourne.  Hoping to get a blog and some pics up soon…

You have a choice: bad hair or bad nails?
Has to be nails because they’re always horrible and bitten so I kind of don’t get a choice until I stop biting them. My hair is a big part of my appearance for me; I think it’s one of the things people clock when they first meet you – since it’s right next to your face!

What is the oldest item of make up in your collection?
I had a purple eye dust thing that I got from my mum a good ten or more years ago – yuk! I think I threw that out a few months ago having not used it for a few years and finally seeing the light! I wore a lipstick last night though which I know I’ve had for eons. I have no idea how long but it must be over six years at least. Is that awful? :S

Fashion forward or lack of oxygen? You decide.

Which trend still makes you cringe?
I used to wear what my Dad called ‘heart failure lipstick’. It was a bluey-silver shade and I teemed it with royal blue eyeliner and mascara. I WAS cool It gets better when you look at my outfit though… Fuschia pink corduroy flares (and I mean two-foot wide at the bottom flares), a black long-sleeved top with a luvverly pink tie-dye crop top over it. Oh and some odd platform boots that looked like space boots. Those were the days!
I actually resurrected a lot of that stuff for a ‘fashion disasters’ fancy dress party recently – there is photographic evidence!

Honestly, I’m not ashamed of my tragic fashion/beauty disasters! I loved them at the time and always look back at them fondly. I probably should be ashamed but I’m not! I’d wear it all over again if I thought it was acceptable after the ages of 25

Thanks for being my therapist! xx


Thank you Hannah! I agree, I don't really think the lack of makeup everyday is a real confession. I never used to wear makeup everyday, you should make the most of your youthful skin (and the extra sleep) for as long as you can! No, no, I'm not at all jealous.....

If you would like to take a turn and unburden yourself in the Friday Confessional you can email me at It's open to everyone: if you have something to confess, I'm happy to hear it!

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  1. liked that one. made me realise that it's not only me who has beauty "sins" :) i guess we all have them - bigger or smaller ones. so it's kinda brave to confess them :) but i guess confessing them is the first step in getting rid of them. if you really want that. i guess sometimes they are not really bad...


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