Saturday, 17 December 2011

Butter LONDON Knees Up

I won Butter LONDON Knees Up in the lucky dip at the Boots Children in Need event a few weeks ago. I was thrilled as it's such a beautiful colour and rather festive too. It's best described as a metallic red with very fine red microshimmer running through it. I often struggle with metallic nail polish on my crummy nails as they are less forgiving of uneven surfaces. I found this fared better than most. I had to take a little care to ensure there were no streaks whilst applying.

Butter Knees Up14

Butter Knees Up15

It's a stunning colour on the nail. I found it chipped quite quickly though, especially around the tip. This happens often with my nails so it may not be the nail polish at fault. Although it didn't last long, I really enjoyed the colour whilst it was on.

Butter Knees Up11
From bottom left hand corner clockwise: Lancome Rouge St. Honore, Avon Golden Wine, Knees Up, Avon Wicked, CG Ruby Pumps and LMdB Kontagious Koral

Butter Knees Up1

Butter Knees Up4

CG+Ruby Pumps

I'd quite like to wear Knees Up or China Girl's Ruby Pumps on Christmas Day. To help with my decision and also to put the colour in context, I pulled out a few of my reds for comparison. I don't have anything that similar in either the finish or the colour. My other reds are either cremes or shimmer finish rather than metallic. Knees Up is quite a deep red too.

Butter Knees Up10

Butter Knees Up6

Butter Knees Up13

Butter Knees Up7
L-R: Ruby Pumps, Knees Up and Golden Wine

1. Le Métier de Beauté Kontagious Koral*
2. China Glaze Ruby Pumps (3 coats)
3. Butter London Knees Up (3 coats)
4. Avon Golden Wine (3 coats)
5. Avon Wicked

On the nail wheel I applied three coats of Ruby Pumps, Knees Up and Golden Wine. All the rest were two coats and the Lancome nail varnish was opaque with one coat. Wicked is surprisingly dark when applied. In the bottle you can see much more of the red shimmer. I'm very taken with Avon Golden Wine seeing it applied on the nail wheel, the mix of gold and fuchsia shimmer is very pretty when it catches the light.

Butter LONDON nail polishes cost around £10 - £12 each and are available from Boots, Zuneta and Powder Rooms.  Do you have a favourite festive red?

Items labelled with * were received as PR samples


  1. This is a lovely colour! I think you should wear Knees Up for Christmas, it's my favourite one of those on the nail wheel :) xx

  2. I'm into reds so much lately doll!!Wicked is a fav,Knees up look sooo pretty and I really want the GG ruby!!


  3. Knees Up is a really lovely color. I purchased it during the buy 2 get 1 free sale but haven't tried it on yet. I need to go play with it now that I see your post!

  4. I like Nails Inc Aspen or Essie Ruby Slippers. It's a lovely colour Jane and a nice prize to win! x

  5. I'm interested in everything you post. I must say, I do love these nail lacquers, especially OPI! Great! :)

  6. I love this colour! I love the name too :)

  7. I haven't bought Butter London and it's disappointing to know that it chips. It's so disappointing to buy a polish that doesn't last. I'm wearing a similar color by Nails Inc called The Boltons and not only is it beautiful but it is lasting fabulously.

  8. @Lydia: It's is lovely, isn't it? I like that is so different from my other reds.

    @Blushingloves: Reds are perfect for this time of year, aren't they?

    @Kristie: Yes, definitely give it a try :)

    @Leanne OCD: I'm going to have to google Ruby Slippers now!

    @Nikki Rae: Thank you.

    @dempss01: The Butter London names are great! Who doesn't love a good Knees Up? ;)

    @Marcia: My nails are somewhat notorious for making a good manicure look bad. I couldn't even keep a shellac on for more than a week! So, it's probably more me than Butter London. I believe they work better when you use the BL base coat though which I don't own.

    Jane x


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