Saturday, 10 December 2011

My First Haul

I was sorting through all of my pictures files last night when I came across what I'm pretty sure would have been my very first 'haul' as I was getting into makeup. The pictures were taken a little over four years ago, I know this because I was very heavily pregnant with my second child at the time. I also note that these pictures were taken before I found the Macro setting on my camera!

1st haul5

1st haul4

1st haul1

It's interesting to look back at these pictures. It's feels like a long time since these were taken: I've lived in three different houses since then, had two more children and up sticks to live in a different part of the country. I might not be into MAC only hauls these days but I'm still in the habit of photographing all of my makeup. These photographs were no doubt taken to share on Specktra at the time. It's a little shocking to realise I've been wittering on in the internet about my cosmetic purchases for such a long time.

1st haul6

I remember these purchases very fondly and I still have most of these items as you can see above. The Northern Lights MSF is still in working order and this was my first venture into wearing cheek products. I recall it was recommended to me as a good choice for someone that wasn't used to wearing blusher (how times have changed). I felt compelled to pull it out and wear it today. I depotted the eyeshadow Mink Pink a few years ago and it doesn't look as pristine as it once did. I haven't worn it in a very long time but I suspect I've hung on to it for sentimental reasons. Macroviolet was probably my favourite item of the bunch. My love for purple hasn't wavered and I loved wearing this liner. It's no longer useable and in my stash of things to Back to MAC (can you even do that anymore?). I've toyed with the idea of re-purchasing this liner but I wear gel liner so infrequently these days.

Do you ever look back on your makeup photos or blog posts? When did you start chatting about makeup online, did you start out on forums like me?


  1. Aww! I got into makeup reading a lot of blogs including yours so it is so nice to see YOUR first haul :D my first makeup item was a maybelline eyeshadow quad that I dropped and broke a few days after getting it :P

  2. Thanks for sharing your first haul photos! :)

    I started out reading reviews on Makeupalley and then discovered blogs a little over two years ago & my makeup collection has grown exponentially since then! I've always loved makeup though--I started out wearing flavored lipgloss when I was in sixth grade and can still remember when a MAC counter first came to town back in the early 90's :)

  3. Is that Vanilla pigment too?

    I started on Makeupalley and Emakemeup in 2001, searching for reviews of Creme De La Mer. I remember taking purchase pictures to post on my rubbish dial up connection! :D

    I wore Northern Lights myself this weekend actually, it's a really pretty MSF.

  4. @Ki: Oh no, breaking makeup is always upsetting. I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

    @Makeup Magpie: Thanks for sharing your makeup internet voyage too. I've always loved makeup too but for years and years I would buy it but very rarely wear it. It's interesting that I have a picture from what was essentially the turning point. I remember going to the MAC counter to get hold of the Smoke Signals quad whilst having contractions!

    @Grace: Your comment about dial up made me chuckle. I remember the days when it really was necessary to label things as *pic heavy*!

    Yes, it is indeed Vanilla Pigment. I really like Northern Lights, I've only bought one other MSF and ended up selling it on but Northern Lights was a really good recommendation.

    Did you ever get the Creme De La Mer btw?

  5. I did buy the Creme De La Mer, but I don't rate it that highly - made me spotty!


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