Friday, 23 December 2011

How organised are you?

At this particular moment in time I'm attempting to pack my makeup bag for a few days away. Three days to be precise. Three days isn't very long but somehow I've picked out so much to take with me that I can't actually zip my makeup bag up. I fear I'm being a little excessive!

Packing fail1

Packing fail2

The trouble is, I just pick stuff out at random. My clothes packing is much more organised as I plan what outfits I will wear and only take precisely what I need. I do the same thing with the children's clothes. As a family of five, space in the car is at a premium. I do wonder why I'm not as organised with my makeup. The idea of planning in advance what makeup I will wear each day is an alien concept to me. I'm not even sure I can get my head around it. Instead I tend to pick out some everyday staples along with a couple of more colourful items 'because it's Christmas'.

Do you plan what makeup you will wear the day before or for an event? Or are you like me and a prefer a more random approach to your makeup?


  1. i get ya. I keep my make up in two set a of four plastic storage drawers and have decided to just tape the front shut and take the whole lot with me for Christmas, even though I know I will probably only where the same few items as I always do!

    I have a smart car so space is also at a premium.

    Have a safe journey

  2. I used to be very very streamlined, until I became a blogger, and now have so much choice that I never know what to use!

  3. I'm totally random, I just use whatever my hand hits first.

  4. It was so much easier before I became an addict! Now I like to sit and pick out products as I get ready. No planning

  5. I pick out stuff that I use every single day, and a couple of items "just because" but only a couple. Then I use everything at least once while away, so I feel my choices were wise and justified :)

  6. I usually plan my clothes around my makeup!! I just stare at it all, get inspired and then dress around my face lol
    It's making packing to go away tomorrow pretty tricky.... I'm going on a cruise and I've got a HUGE makeup bag and so far nothing to wear.... Whoops!

  7. I am impressed that you cannot zip the bag up, I don't think we fare too well at streamlining..note to Jane buy bigger makeup bag....
    I just have a box that I rotate weekly and I stick to whats in there really x

  8. I plan but sometimes change my mind at the last minute or feel random! I'm just going to take my whole make up bag with me, I'm also away for 3 days.

  9. I don't plan my makeup the day before But I tend to form an idea of what I'd like to look like and pack from there.


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