Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Caress of Mink Loose Glitter Pigment

I've already shared some comparison swatches of Rouge Bunny Rouge Caress of Mink but I still wanted to devote a post to talking about this new glitter pigment. Glitter pigment sounds a little scary and glitter generally is not normally my cup of tea but this is glitter Rouge Bunny Rouge style. It looks twinkly rather than a full on sparkle-fest. 

Caress of Mink3

Caress of Mink5

Caress of Mink9

This is my second RBR loose glitter pigment, I also own Wishing for Wings. I really like how these are packaged. I'm normally wary of loose pigments as they can be very messy but I find using the sponge tip as an applicator avoids any fall-out. I had intended to have a go at mixing the pigment with some of the Seas of Illumination highlighter as they do in the Beyond the Looking Glass look video but I confess I have been too chicken to tap the product out! I'll have to get my mixing palette out at some point though as I'm intrigued to see how this changes the finish. I have wondered if Caress of Mink would look similar to the taupe colour in my YSL Chromatics #3 quad when applied wet.

Caress of Mink6

Caress of Mink2

Caress of Mink is a medium taupe brown. The sparkle is iridescent and I really like the flashes of green in certain lights. I don't think the glitter looks over the top when applied and in most lights you see a sheen rather than obvious glitter. My apologies for the size of the pictures below. I had a bit of a camera malfunction. Hopefully it will still give you an idea of how it looks applied. Here I have applied over a base of RBR Atlas Swallowtail and lined with RBR Long-lasting pencil in Lola.



I spotted that Rouge Bunny Rouge are running a competition on Facebook to win both of the new shades of glitter pigment. To enter you need to go to their Facebook page and click on the Win! Win! Win! tab. Something else I want to share with you is Visionary Beauty's lovely review of Caress of Mink and Embrace of Cashmere. Replica owns six of the seven pigments and in her review she shares swatches of her complete collection. In fact, if you're ever undecided on a Rouge Bunny Rouge product I would recommend searching Replica's archives for her side by side swatches of their lipsticks, eyeshadows etc. Her swatches have helped me with many shopping dilemmas!

I bought Caress of Mink pigment from Zuneta.


  1. Really lovely. It suits you a lot. I loved this on Replica too.


  2. Oh no!! Oh NO!!!! I want...I NEED!! See what you did?

    This is a wonderful colour on you.

  3. Wow not at all what I would have expected from the name, as you say more twinkle than sparkle and it is very lovely on you, have yet to go down the loose pigment route due to the fall-out issue but am increasingly tempted!

  4. This looks lovely on you! It suits your skin tone nicely :)

  5. Really great review Jane, it looks really good on you, a very "Jane" shade, I do think you need Embrace of Cashmere as well though ;)
    Thank you so much for the mention, much appreciated, I'm pleased to have helped with any makeup dilemmas :) xx

  6. Gorgeous. I just got mine in the mail but I've got so much to review that I'm putting these off. Of course I may soon change my mind after seeing your pictures.

  7. @Jamilla Camel: Thank you!

    @Nazia: Thank you Nazia, I thought it looked lovely on Replica too.

    @Old Cow: Oopsie :D. I'm so pleased I got this shade.

    @Dawniepants: It's nice, isn't it?

    @Debbie: The RBR packaging is good for avoiding fallout. I have a couple of other loose powders and tend to ignore them because of the mess. The word glitter makes me think of the mess that occurs crafting with children. Thankfully this is nothing like!

    @pretty addicted: Thank you very much. I'm glad you like it.

    @Replica: Do you really think the other shade would suit? I wasn't sure. You're most welcome for the mention Miss enabler ;)

    @Marcia: Let me know what you think when you've given it a try. I think you're going to love it!

    Jane x


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