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Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers

This post has sat in draft awaiting extra pictures* for months. Today I made the executive decision to cease waiting and post my review having spotted that the Extremity Heated Rollers are currently reduced in price from £75 to £65 in the Debenhams sale. I think all of the Enrapture products are excellent but as they're a little on the expensive side, I'm happier to be able to share them when I know I can save you a little money too!

The rollers were the surprise hit of the three Enrapture tools. They're actually much easier and faster to use than I had expected. The rollers and clamps heat up in their storage box. You just plug in and they're ready to use in a matter of minutes. The rollers have a velvet coating and grip the hair very easily and the clamps cover the whole section of hair so they're not in the least bit fiddly to use. You heat the rollers, wrap a section of hair, clamp and then leave to cool. To curl my hair using these takes approximately half and hour from start to finish. The rollers heat from the inside out so they're just warm to the touch as you apply them. I felt these were probably the most gentle on my hair in terms of heat damage.





There are a selection of large and small rollers in the box and you can either use just the large rollers on the crown for volume or do a full head. Placement also affects the style. The first time I used these I opted for large rollers on the crown and smaller ones on the rest of my head but I found small ones all over work better for me. Curls tend to drop quickly from my hair so that soft waves return to straight hair within an few hours. I admit that I am overly cautious of curling it too tightly to begin with after the time I put in bendy foam rollers overnight and woke up looking like I was auditioning for Annie! These heated rollers are great for creating soft, glamourous curls so there's really no fear of an Annie accident here.

This is my final Enrapture tool review and I talked about the Jumbo Waver and Totem Stylers earlier in the year. As I mentioned above, I think these tools are not cheap but having struggled with styling tools before, I was impressed that even I could create curls with them. I do not think it's necessary to have all three. With my mid-length hair, I found some overlap in the styles I could achieve. For ease of use, I'd probably recommend for the Jumbo Wavers but both the Totem Styler and Heated Rollers may offer slightly more flexibility.

The Enrapture styling tools are available from Debenhams, Argos and Boots. The usual RRP for the Heated Rollers is £74.99 but if you're interested in these I would definitely recommend taking advantage of the sale price of £65 whilst you can.

* The missing pictures I mentioned are ones of me modelling hair curled with the rollers. I confess that I forgot to take pictures on each occasion that I used them. Yes, I am an idiot!!

Disclosure: I won all of the Enrapture tools in a competition.


  1. Curls drop quickly for me too, and I've never had much success with heated rollers. They stay in for about two hours for me (with a tonne of hairspray) but they always drop by the end of the night. Personally, I've found much more success curling with my flat iron, but each to their own. I might just have particularly difficult hair!

  2. I can't WAIT to try these out tonight! I bagged mine from Curry's today for £49.99 (also available from Dixon's at the same price). I couldn't get them online, but managed to get a Curry's employee to call around, find one and reserve it for me to collect today. I've read all the rave reviews from various bloggers in the last few months, but £75 was too steep.

  3. Always fancied heated rollers & these are the first I've tried. My hair is just below shoulder length & is layered throughout. I got better results than expected. They were so quick to heat, easier than I thought to roll my hair & the velvety finish helps hold the hair in place. I got beautiful soft curls which lasted all day - no product in my hair other than a bit of moroccan oil when I washed it the day before. I'll be using these a lot!! Well chuffed, only sad that I couldn't get any on the Curry's website so had to pay £65 at Debenhams.

  4. I bough these atvasda for a fab price of £35 last week!! Love them,trying duffrent ways of style tho and where to put the rollers.as i have waiste length hair :)


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