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Splurge vs Save: Hair Treatment Oils

The splurge versus save features have always been one of my favourite magazine reads. Whilst it doesn't mean to say that both items are identical, it's nice to see the different options available depending on your budget.


Here we have two hair treatment oils from opposite ends of the price spectrum. VO5 Miracle Concentrate (£4.99) and Ojon Damage Reverse (£22) Both are designed to smooth and repair damaged hair. There are some obvious similarities: they're both packaged with a dropper to dispense the product and you are advised to apply a couple of drop to wet hair before drying.


I've written about the VO5 Miracle Concentrate before and I still like it very much. It does an excellent job of making my hair feel soft and smooth. It's perfumed and I believe the fragrance is similar to Chanel Chance. I wanted to compare the ingredients in the VO5 to the Ojon Damage Repair. The first thing you will notice is that the VO5 ingredients is rather small compared to the Ojon, not that this is particular indication of how good a product is. It contains Argan oil and silicones as it's functional ingredients. I'd probably describe it as being more synthetic than the Ojon Damage Repair (although the Ojon also contain silicones) but I find the upside to this is that the product transfers to my hair and I don't experience any oily residue on my hands.


Miracle Concentrate

The Ojon Damage Reverse contains 50ml of product like the VO5. As you can see from the long ingredients list, it contains a number of natural oils. Including sweet almond oil, olive oil, palm oil, jojoba oil and sunflower seed oil. The natural oils give this a beautiful smells, it's a rather hippy scent rather than a perfume like the VO5. As well as the oils it also contains silicones and wheat germ extract, which will help to smooth the hair. The Ojon feels quite rich so I have to be careful not to be heavy handed and concentrate on the lower lengths, as otherwise it can weigh down my fine hair. It gives my hair a lovely shine once dry and I find the scent lingers on my hair for most of the day.

Damage Repair

I am a bit of a grouch when it comes to believing that treatments like this can repair hair. In my brutal scientist mind hair is inert and once damage is done it is permanent, unless we're talking about a keratin type of treatment. However, I am happy to concede that you can make the hair look better at a cosmetic level and both of these products do this very well. 

I like both of these hair oils and I think which you choose will depend on your budget and probably your hair type. Those with fine hair might get on better with the VO5 Miracle Conentrate but if you like the idea of a more natural fragrance, I would recommend the Ojon Damage Repair.

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  1. My faves are Morroccanoil (only on wet hair before drying) Kerastase Oleo Relax (after drying) and Kerastase Elixer Ultime every other day on dry hair.

  2. I do like the sound of the Ojon better, it would be nicer if it didn't contain the silicones though as I am trying to move away from them in my haircare. Thanks for the review,its really helpful seeing the direct compare of products of a different price range x

  3. @Jamilla Camel: Moroccanoil works really well on my hair but I don't get on with the scent unfortunately. I haven't used Kerastase for years but I like their products very much and I'm intrigued by the ones you've mentioned.

    @Replica: It is a shame that the Ojon still contains the 'cones. It seems hard to find any of the hair smoothing treatments that don't contain them.

    Jane x

  4. I bought the V05 one after reading your last review and I do like it as it doesn't feel heavy on my fine hair. I would prefer a pump as I accidentally knocked the dropper and spilled a 1/3 of the bottle! I do have the Kerastase Elixir too and that feels very similar to the VO5 and smells equally gorgeous.
    Next I am going to try just using pure argan oil and see how that feels.

  5. @Meeta: Yes, I can see how easy it would be to lose a lot of product if it got knocked over. You have reminded me that I have some pure argan oil. I ought to give it a try! x

  6. @Meeta: I meant to say this before but forgot until I used the VO5 this morning. I think the reason that these oils don't come in a pump is due to how the oils behave. They're generally quite light and it's possible that it would just run straight out of a pump and be impossible to control. You'll probably notice that it tends to run quite freely from the dropper anyway.


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