Friday, 9 December 2011

Stila Autumn Collection

I know, I know, Autumn collections are so last month and I'm supposed to be writing about Christmas. Well, I confess I'm usually a little rubbish when it comes to the Holiday collections. I've no problems with being festive but I don't have any parties to go to and glitter and big lashes would be a bit over the top for the school run. So, I'm still enjoying the Autumn/Winter collections whilst I can.

A couple of weeks ago I went to Boots in Milton Keynes and spent a little while browsing the Stila stand. There were two lipgloss trio sets, one warm and one cool. I purchased the cool set and you can see the swatches below. Although the lipglosses don't look particularly small they aren't full size, containing 1.5ml of product each. I'm very happy with this as I don't wear lipglosses often and I find they're one item of cosmetic that does go off quite quickly. I've been wanting to try the Stila lip glaze formula for a very long time unfortunately I find the formula feels quite sticky on the lips. I find it more sticky than say a MAC lipglass. I do like the colours in this set very much. Especially Seashell and Raisin.


Top to bottom: grapefruit, seashell and raisin
Left to right: grapefruit, seashell and raisin


The other thing that caught my eye was the palette of neutral eyeshadows. There are actually two palettes available: In the Light and Natural Beauty. I only spotted the In the Light Palette at the Milton Keynes stand. I know that everyone has gone crazy for the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette but I believe it isn't released until January in the UK. If you're looking for a neutrals palette and can't wait till January, I would recommend taking a look at this. In the Light costs £25 and contains ten eyeshadows, including the ever popular Kitten and a Smudge Stick eyeliner in Damsel (a matte chocolate brown). Why didn't I get this palette? Partly because I couldn't justify anymore neutrals and partly because I was accompanied on this shopping trip by my husband. I know you know what I'm saying here!

In the Light

I think the Custom Colour blush in Coral might also have been released as part of this collection. I only saw the pink version on the stand but I spotted the Coral blusher is available on I was really taken with this blusher when I attended the Stila event earlier this year. The colour apparently adapts to your skin pH to create a unique colour (does anyone else remember the trend for the green colour adapting lipsticks of the 80's?). I was quite surprised to see these blushers cost £13 which is less than I had expected. In fact, overall I think that Stila is pitched at a lower price point than it once was. The lipgloss set cost £10 and I was surprised that the Convertible Colours costs £16 rather than the £20+ I had assumed. It seems that Stila is one of the few things that has been unaffected by inflation!

What have you been swatching on your shopping travels?


  1. Definitely going to try and pick these up in the Boots jan sale! those lip glosses look lovely! xx

  2. well at least you can now say you have a tried a lip glaze :) I did like the look of the in light palette, mind you I quite fancy the one they are bringing out for spring with the blue in it. I don't know what Boots are doing as I would have thought they'd have those gigantic winter round palettes in by now.
    I still haven't got the UD Naked palette but was wondering if the 2 one would be a better option, problem is that both seem to contain some really warm colours which I'm not sure we would like x

  3. @City Girls Fashion Box: I love the colours. They're stickier than I expected but I can forgive it for the experience of finally getting my hands on a lip glaze :D

    @Replica: I wondered if the Christmas round sets were online only. I know that Boots only have a limited range of the convertible colours. I would have bought another of the CCs if the other half hadn't been with me ;)

    I've never caved on the Naked palette. I keep on looking but the warm, shimmeriness of it puts me off. Like you, I think that there are still too many warm shades in Naked 2 for us to really enjoy it. I understand why they are popular palettes but I think this is one we can miss out on without losing sleep! Having said that, I'm certain that UD are on the list of OK brands in terms of CF.

    @Dawniepants: Thank you.

    Jane x


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