Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Recommended Reads and a Ramble

I recently discovered a lovely blog thanks to one of my other favourite bloggers, The Non-Blonde. Glossed in Translation, written by Elizabeth, is a wonderful read and full of very lust-worthy and interesting Japanese brands that are completely new to me.

Elizabeth recently posted some wonderful comparisons and reviews of her Hakuhodo brush collection, especially to help those interested in making an order before the 1st January price increase. I'm extremely grateful for theses sort of review posts, especially as I know how time consuming they can be to put together. Taking good pictures at this time of the year is hard work!

I recently took part in an International swap with one of my favourite bloggers, Lipstick Rules. Michelle posted about our swap yesterday and I wanted to point you in the direction of her lovely post. Her kind words really touched me and, especially after reading some fairly harsh (and unfair) criticism of bloggers, it's good to be reminded how lovely the beauty blogging community is. I agree with Michelle that what we get out of it goes beyond the cosmetic(s). I tend to think that people who criticize beauty blogs for being unprofessional and containing 'hairy armed' swatches, aren't real blog readers and don't truly understand the space that blogs fill. Beauty blogs aren't a replacement or extension of magazines. They're written by real women who love makeup and want to share their passion and possibly help others. I have no journalistic aspirations but I love sharing my daily ramblings with you and will continue to do so, hairy armed swatches and all!


  1. Very well said Jane!
    To some, blogs are about business. To me, they are about community and people. Live and let live I say :)
    Nina x

  2. Hairy armed harpies united! ;)
    Very well said indeed xx

  3. Thanks Jane. I was finally able to read that blog post and agree with you 100%. A lot of the negativity stems from fear I think that bloggers and their influence can no longer be ignored -- hairy arms and all.

  4. Thank you (I think) for leading me to Glossed in Translation. What a great guide.

    And if we have hairy arms, so be it. At least we aren't afraid to show them in public.


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